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It’s all in your mind.


Have you heard of mind-body connection? Or the body-mind connection?

Of course you have.

So whatever the problem? If it’s linked to your thoughts, feelings or behaviour?

Your subconscious can help. 

And so can I.

“I’d tell people about Steph, but she’s my secret weapon!”

– Michelle

“I honestly believe you have helped my (teenage) daughter find a positivity that will stay with her for life”

– Sheena

“I was amazed at how the traumatic event and memory were no longer at the forefront of my mind. It was no longer raw & all consuming”

– Louise


Clinical Hypnotherapy is a gentle way to help resolve life’s challenges. Modern talking therapies & hypnosis techniques combine to help create positive change. Read more here.

Rewind Technique

Trauma Rewind Therapy is a fast & effective tool for resolving PTSD & Trauma. And you don’t even have to tell me what happened. Read more here.

Rewind Trauma Therapy imagine of a calm sea

Birth Trauma

If giving birth was traumatic or you are experiencing birth trauma then hypnotherapy can help. With a range of tools including Rewind & Hypnobirthing the path to positive change is bespoke to you.


Group classes can be booked as usual. Hypnobirthing is regarded as the most modern & effective way to prepare for childbirth. And you deserve a positive birth.

Choose from a range of pregnancy services including: Group or private hypnobirthing courses; Hypnosis for childbirth; Pregnancy hypnotherapy or free hypnobirthing classes.

Mindful Breastfeeding

Think hypnobirthing for breasts! Gain reassuring breastfeeding knowledge & skills. Support your mind-body-baby breastfeeding journey with mindfulness. Recommended in third trimester.

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