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Welcome to my peaceful hypnotherapy practice near Oxford.

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Hello, I’m Steph

I’m Clinical Hypnotherapist & Hypnobirthing Teacher with a passion for helping people. And I’m delighted to say that I work with some of the loveliest & most inspiring people in Oxfordshire!

I want to help you make the changes you need so all my work is bespoke. After all, you all have different hopes, aspirations and schedules. You are all unique. And I want to help you make the changes you want.

Most of my clients have tried other therapys before. Then they come to me on personal recommendation because I can help.

I am an experienced Hypnotherapist and have trained with some of hypnotherapy’s great names. And I’m lucky enough to work with some of Oxfordshire’s loveliest & most inspiring people. I’ve had a life long career helping people – using psychology, NLP, coaching and support (to name a few).

I can help with a range of issues from anxieties, low mood, addictions, bad habits, to sleep, fertility, childbirth and more. If you feel that your issues are in any way linked to your mind, then hypnotherapy can help. And positive change is easier with advanced hypnosis.

“Problem talk creates problems, Solution talk creates solutions” – Steve de Shazer

I make it easy for you. My convenient & peaceful Horspath Hypnotherapy practice is on the edge of Oxford near Wheatley & Headington. The Treetops Hypnotherapy Practice overlooks a delightful wooded nature reserve. Easy parking is private and plentiful. And because I don’t book clients back to back, you will have no need to wait. The number of sessions required depends on you. Your sessions are client led. This means that every hypnotherapy sessions is bespoke to you.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a trance or daydream like state that we naturally go into throughout the day. Hypnosis is a very relaxed state of mind, in which we have complete control. So what is Hypnotherapy?

When even small things start to go wrong we can change the way we think. And the way we think effects the way we feel. So often ‘the problem’ is a merely a symptom of something else. 

And whilst old fashioned therapies still investigate the problem, modern research shows that Solution Focused therapy is more effective . Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses SF therapies and Hypnosis to bring about positive change & restore balance. 

“In the 1970s and early 1980s, a startling discovery was made that almost every problem contains an element of solutions” – Insoo Kim Burg

I use a number of modalities including solution focused therapy, psychotherapy, CBT, ABT and Mindfuless. And of course Clinical hypnosis. Hypnosis helps the mind bring about the positive change you want. (I describe hypnosis as the jet pack behind your therapy!) 

hypnotherapy helps with:

Work & Life

Anger, Anxiety & Stress
Social anxiety & public speaking
Fears & Phobias
Addictions & Bad habbits
Low mood
PTSD, CPTSD or trauma
Exam /Interview / Board nerves
Weight management


Natural Fertility
Unexplained Infertility
Bereavment & Loss


Pregnancy & Birth

Hyperemesis gravidarum
Breech Babies
Antenatal & Postnatal depression
Birth trauma

Rewind Technique

Known as ‘Closure without disclosure’, the Original Rewind Technique (RT) is a fast and effective way of resolving trauma, PTS, PTSD & CPTSD. This technique is helpful for anyone who has experienced a traumatic, life threatening or extremely stressful event.

Rewind Technique has the benefit of non-disclosure. So you don’t need to talk about happened. Which has obvious benefits. And very few therapy sessions are required. This can be booked alongside other hypnotherapy sessions or as a standalone therapy. Contact me for more information.

Hypnosis Therapy

Hypnotherapy utilises modern talking therapies with hypnosis. As a result, there is no need for ‘past’ or negative talk.


Clinical Hypnotherapy can help bring about change in a short space of time

Rewind technque

The Original RT can quickly help release the trauma of PTSD & CPTSD

Parts Therapy

When the problem is a symptom of something else

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