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Your subconscious mind is wonderful. But sometimes it needs a little help.



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It’s all in your mind.

97% of everything you do happens subconsciously

So most of what you do?

You do it without thinking!

And whilst these subconscious thoughts, behaviours and actions try to help?

The subconscious mind doesn’t always get it right

So whatever the problem? Whatever the cause?

And whatever problem you are experiencing?

Hypnosis can help your subconscious

“I’d tell people about Steph, but she’s my secret weapon!”

– Michelle

“I honestly believe you have helped my (teenage) daughter find a positivity that will stay with her for life”

– Sheena

“I was amazed at how the traumatic event and memory were no longer at the forefront of my mind. It was no longer raw & all consuming”

– Louise


Clinical Hypnotherapy is the smart way to release your anxieties. Loose your fears. Build your confidence and set yourself free.

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Rewind Technique

Trauma Rewind Therapy combines with Trauma Informed Hypnotherapy to give you a fast & comfortable way out of Trauma & PTSD. Talking about your trauma isn’t even needed for success.

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Rewind Trauma Therapy imagine of a calm sea

Birth Trauma

If giving birth was traumatic or you are experiencing birth trauma then hypnotherapy can help. With a range of tools including Rewind & Hypnobirthing the path to positive change is bespoke to you.


¬†Where Hypnobirthing gets it’s boots on! Tool yourself up with the magic of hypnosis and hypnobirthing. Read the course content here.

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