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Welcome to my peaceful Hypnotherapy practice on the edge of Oxford.


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Online Hypnotherapy available

Clinical hypnotherapy & all classes are available online. Popular with my non uk clients this is also popular with my Oxfordshire clients.


Clinical hypnotherapy is a gentle & effective way to help resolve life’s challenges. Modern talking therapies & hypnosis combine to bring about the positive change you deserve.

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Rewind Technique

The Rewind Technique is a versatile tool that can help with fears, phobias, traumatic memories and PTSD. And better still, you don’t even need to tell me about the trauamtic event.

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Birth Trauma

If giving birth was traumatic or you are suffering from birth trauma I can help. Hypnotherapy, Rewind & if pregnant again, Hypnobirthing can all help to build positive change.

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Hypnobirthing is widely regarded as the most modern & effective way to prepare for childbirth. Because we want to feel confident. We want be informed. And we want to optimise our chances of having a positive birth.

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Mindful Breastfeeding

Think Hypnobirthing for breasts! Discover good quality breastfeeding knowledge and how to use support your mind-body-baby connections through mindfulness.

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