Can Hypnotherapy help you get Pregnant?

Have you heard of it? Using Hypnotherapy to get pregnant? I mean – of course you need the other usual ingredients but have you considered that Hypnotherapy could actually help your fertility.

Does Hypnotherapy for Fertility work?

Hypnotherapy certainly seemed to be that key that unlocked my fertility. But may I be completely honest with you? There much research or evidence out there to prove if Hypnotherapy for fertility works! Sure you’ll find articles, posts & pins on the subject. And it won’t take you long to discover my favourite – Zita West. Because she has a well known London IVF Clinic & actively promotes Hypnotherapy to her clients! I read her Guide to Getting Pregnant twice before realising I needed Hypnotherapy! 

But good quality research on Hypnotherapy for Fertility? Let me know if you find it!

I love the way London Hypnotherapist Zoe Clews puts it:

“Although fertility is usually perceived as a purely medical issue, the mind and body are intrinsically linked and enough anecdotal material exists to suggest that psychological issues are a contributing factors to fertility issues in some women.”

To repeat – psychological issues are (I’d prefer to say “can be”) a contributing factor to fertility issues in women. And I agree. Based on anecdotal evidence of course!

But can Hypnotherapy help with Fertility?

Yes! Because having been there myself. Having worked with people going through their fertility journey. And having worked with pregnant people who’ve had countless rounds of IVF and or loss. Fertility can be stressful.

It’s like grieving for someone you’ve not yet met. It saps you energy. Steals your joy. Your biological clock is ticking louder and louder. And worst of all, everyone says it’ll be fine – just stay positive! Fertility problems lead to worry & stress. And every single person you meet? Is pregnant.

And this is where Hypnotherapy helps. So first, let’s talk about your noticing bias.

Why is everyone else pregnant?

Because you’ve developed a noticing bias. The truth is, everyone else is not pregnant. But with a bias for noticing pregnancy & new babies, you see them wherever you go and have stopped noticing all the people who aren’t. You are like a homing pigeon!

It’s like your friend who doesn’t like bees. In the summer they complain about the ‘bees attacking them’ saying ‘its only me they ever want’. But the truth is, they only notice bees when they are bothering them. They fail to notice when the bees are bothering someone else. And they don’t notice when there are no bees around. And this noticing supports their inner dialogue  of “Bees don’t like me!”

Hypnotherapy can help to change your focus. A solution focused conversation helps you notice what else is happening in your life. What is working, how you are coping, what strengths you are using & what you might even be enjoying. And when you notice those pesky pregnant people? What else do you notice? What else is going on in that moment that you otherwise would have ignored?

Is it subconscious?

We’re coming back to Zoe Clews here aren’t we? There’s a theory that we can subconsciously sabotage our chances of getting pregnant. It may be an unwillingness to change old unwanted habit that we know won’t help our chances. And no, I’m not just talking alcohol & cigarettes. It could be working excessive hours. Avoiding sex. Being underweight, overweight or just spending everyday in the jacuzzi (I wish!). Ultimately, when we are self sabotaging we usually know. And a bit of hypnosis? Can help.

But then there’s the deep subconscious. On first glance, you’re unlikely to know if this is a factor. But if you’ve spent years trying not to get pregnant?

Unwanted pregnancy is a scary thought. You may have been trying to protect your career, your studies, your reputation or your wallet. You may have experienced loss or trauma. Or you may have doubts about your ability to parent. And it can be difficult to shift that mindset. Difficult to get rid of those past thought patterns or self limiting thoughts.

Again Hypnotherapy can help. The techniques we use will depend on you, but parts therapy, two roads, arrow or rewind technique may all be useful within your sessions.

Could it be the stress?

I know this one can be an irritator. And no one is calling you a stress head – not least of all me. But I know that the process can be stressful. This study and others, demonstrate that not only do infertile couples experience more daily stress – across the board – women experience that stress more.

Whether it’s the exhaustion of trying to naturally conceive. Your husband whining “I am not a sperm bank!” Your wife wondering if she could get pregnant faster than you? Sex has become a process and a chore (for those of you who have a partner). The temperature checking, the mucus checking, the healthy diet & woeful lack of alcohol. Disappointment after disappointment. Expensive rounds of IVF & it’s gate keeping frustrations. Travelling half way across the country each month to visit your sperm donor. Or struggling to decide if sperm or egg donation should be the next route? It’s a lot to place on anyone.

And the trouble with stress? We produce stress hormones! Adrenalin & Cortisol – the pesky catecholamines that tell us to fight, flight or freeze. And being in this state for a prolonged period of time is exhausting. Our bodies function differently – prioritising our survival over reproduction, sex, digestion, happiness or even breathing steadily.

Can I explain the brain? Work with a moment will you?

Oxford Hypnotherapy helps fertility because infertility is as stressful as staring at a tiger

Imagine your staring at a Tiger!

That’s right. You’re in a room staring at a great big Sabre Tooth Tiger. No part of your mind or body cares about conceiving a baby right now! You’re body & mind want to RUN, HIDE or FIGHT. And all of your physical & mental resources will work to that aim. Because you need to survive!

But the brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination & reality. So whilst you don’t have a tiger in the room, you do have infertility. And fertility is tiger territory! So yes, same physiological response. Life stops. We go into lockdown. Staring at nothing but the tiger aka fertility. Fun stops. Laughter stops. Relaxation stops. And proper lovemaking (or masturbation) stops. All of which is still just as important & beneficial when using IUI, IVF or ICSI!

And the thing about wanting a baby? Is that when other people are day dreaming. Dreaming of making plans. All you are thinking is baby.

You’re mind doesn’t get that brain space. It doesn’t get that mentally healthy opportunity to drift and dream. Wandering into that space where ideas are built and solutions are found. And best of all, stress is reduced.

So again, this is where Hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis is a state of trance in which you are guided into that mentally healthy state – like a healthy day dream. Where you can find space, calm, ideas & solutions. Strengths & resources you’d forgotten you have.

Stress levels can be reduced and your focus can be adjusted. And whilst Hypnotherapy cannot promise a pregnancy. It can certainly help to bring your balance back.

So let’s sum up Hypnotherapy for fertility

Hypnotherapists give no promises. No talking therapy promises 100% Other than to help. In my Oxford Hypnotherapy practice you will find gentle therapies that can help along your fertility journey & life. What ever your goal. And although every bone in my body is wishing you success. My promise is we shall work session to session. Gently finding your solutions. My hypnotherapy sessions are available for everyone; singletons, individuals, couples, LGBTQ. A peaceful space on the edge of Oxford where calmness can be found (next to your private parking!). Or join me for online Hypnotherapy.

What are you waiting for?

Hypnotherapy can make a difference, so let’s make that first step