Hypnotherapy for fertility

I am passionate about Fertility Hypnosis! Your fertility story is important. And your journey is unique to you.

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

The mind has a powerful role in fertility, infertility and conception. And the subconscious mind can play an amazing part in your ability to get pregnant. Hypnotherapy for fertility can help whether you are; 

  • Optimising your chances of getting pregnant
  • Worried about your ability to get pregnant
  • Have been trying to get pregnant for time
  • Experiencing unexplained infertility
  • Having IUI, IVF or ICSI
  • Experiencing extreme stress or trauma as a result of infertility 

Fertility is often considered a purely physical or medical event, but I’m sure you’ve heard all the stories from men & women who say their mindset has helped them get pregnant? 

After all the subconscious mind can hold out of date beliefs about conception, pregnancy or even birth & parenthood. Many of my clients describe how they feared pregnancy while building their career or spent much of their life believing that a pregnancy would hold them back in some way. Of course, these feelings are completely normal. But for some, these pregnancy fears seem to run a little deeper or be hanging around long after they are needed.

“Problem talk creates problems, Solution talk creates solutions” – Steve de Shazer 

I make it easy for you. My peaceful Horspath Hypnotherapy practice is on the edge of Oxford. Parking is private and plentiful. And because I don’t book clients back to back, there is no need to wait! The number of sessions required depends on you. And every hypnotherapy sessions is bespoke to you & where you are at. Online Fertility Hypnotherapy is also available.

The Infertility Mindset

Whether you’ve just starting trying for a baby. Have been trying to get pregnant for a long time. Are using a variety of natural fertility methods. Or are having fertility treatment. It’s very normal to worry. But the subconscious mind can hold out of date beliefs about conception, pregnancy or even birth & parenthood.

After all, most of us have spent most of our lives trying not to get pregnant. And my clients have busy lives & accomplished careers. But with so many past successes, it can come as a shock when getting pregnant isn’t easy. And fertility worries start to rise. The grief & pain of infertility is indescribable (I’ve been there). People treat you differently and you start to behave differently. Infertility changes you. And the constant fear of infertility means it often becomes the only focus.   

“I first approached Steph after 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles. Throughout the whole IVF process I’d been anxious and unhappy. And the more I thought about my lack of pregnancy the more these negative feelings increased. I knew something had to change but I wasn’t sure what? After working with Steph, everything feels different. I just feel ready. ” – Sofie

Hypnotherapy can help give you back your freedom. Hypnosis is a gentle, relaxed state of concentration in which relaxation become achievable again.


Parts Hypnotherapy for fertility

Parts hypnotherapy is a light state of hypnosis in which we focus on the subconscious mind. The subconscious often presents itself in the form of stories, metaphors, shapes or colours. These can hold the key to changing deeply held beliefs that have become out of date or unhelpful.

During my own fertility journey I increasingly thought I would never get pregnant. My husband and I tried a range of natural methods. Which eventually led me to acupuncture & chinese medicine with the renowned Herbalist Michael Macintyre. After treatment Michael assured me that my body was fine. But with no pregnancy I decided to look to my mind. After my first two hypnotherapy sessions I felt different. I felt calm. And I felt hope. Parts therapy gave me confidence in my body and mind. And best of all, I became pregnant! 

Let Hypnotherapy be part of your success story