Hypnobirthing Script – Face and Pelvis Relaxation

I love a good Hypnobirthing script.

They are like little bursts of Hypnobirthing magic!

The more you practice with a good hypnobirthing script the more familiar it becomes. The more familiar it becomes the more your brain likes it & the more you can relax into it. The more relaxed you feel the more resources & energy you give to the muscles of your birthing body. 

And WOW does your birthing body love that!

Plus, if you have any fears or worries about birth? Hypnobirthing scripts can help you reframe them so you start focusing on what you do want, instead of what you don’t want.


What was my biggest fear in my first pregnancy? 


(of that little space)


And when we get scared? The jaw tenses and the pelvis tenses with it.

Not ideal when a baby needs to come out!


But here’s the thing…

When you relax your face, your pelvis relaxes too!

So it’s a birth NO BRAINER is to learn to relax your face. Smiling & kissing have the same effect. (And please don’t mis-read that to mean you have to smile and kiss at the same time…can you IMAGINE?!!)


And if you want to be fully prepared with mind-body tools and techniques for mental and physical deep relaxation during the ‘Down & Out’ phase (aka the pushing or crowning bit) or Eek…’Ring of Fire’ take a peep at my one off Down & Out Hypnobirthing Class here.

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Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for:


A Hypnobirthing Script I’ve written to help you gently support the connection between your face and the pelvis.

To help relax your pelvic area with your FACE. 


 Practice regularly in pregnancy to relax more deeply & automatically with this script in labour.

 Face & Pelvis Hypnobirthing Relaxation


Settle yourself into this gentle practice, by just making yourself comfortable…however your comfort guides you…letting your eyes close softly and gently and allowing yourself to become quiet… relaxed…and still…

Just take a long and gentle breath as you quietly begin to focus in ward for a while…

You can acknowledge sounds coming and going and let them be whatever they are…

Use my words…merely as pointers to your own…quiet… internal… experience…

Notice your breath…not controlling your breath…just letting your breath be whatever it is…

And bring your experience to the sensation of your face…

Noticing the temperature of the air is rests against your skin…

Noticing your face…how it feels in this moment…and gently allowing your face to relax…allowing your face to release

Noticing how soft your face feels…as it softens and settles…

Noticing your forehead relaxing gently…eyes so soft…eyelashes resting so softly on your cheeks…and your cheeks gently relaxed…even your ears gently relaxed…thinking down…to your lips gently relaxed…so soft… whether closed or gently parted

Your jaw gently relaxing too…relaxing and releasing…tongue gently relaxing and teeth gently relaxing too

Shoulders dropped to their natural level


Just noticing every part of your face…how it feels…how gently relaxed it can feel….so soft…so settled…so easily…so effortlessly…just by focusing inward for a while….

Tuning in to your own inner wisdom…acknowledging the deep connections within your body…seen or unseen…known or unknown…deep connections that run deeper…and deeper…between your emotional and physical self

Deep connections between thoughts and feelings

Deep connections between confidence and trust

Deep connections between autonomy and birth

Deep connections between birth and your baby

Deep connections between face and pelvis…connections that mean that as you gently and naturally relax the muscles of your face…you gently and naturally relax your pelvis…gently and naturally relaxing the muscles of your pelvic floor…gently and naturally softening your perineum

Because even without even trying…that connection…that connection between your face and your pelvis…that connection that works…for you…for your birth…for your benefit…for your confidence and trust…

Gently softening, relaxing and releasing your pelvis… just by relaxing your face

And now…feeling that inner wisdom…that effortless connection between face and pelvis…that connection that can be used by you…to your highest benefit… so whenever you relax your face…you can relax your pelvis…and allow that connection to grow…gently and naturally… without even trying

So you can allow your pelvis to soften and release…relaxing gently and naturally…

Just as it will when your birth your baby

So take a moment now…notice with curiosity…

With no effort at all…these natural internal connections…combining…working…gently relaxing…so naturally…so easily…softening…settling…relaxing and releasing

Each and every time you choose to practice this mindful hypnobirthing relaxation…to find a moment to soften gently

Deciding on certain times in the day…knowing the more regularly you do this…the quicker the connections will grow…the more gentle and natural they’ll become…the more you’ll feel yourself softening, setting and releasing

Now in your own time…start bringing your awareness back towards the here & now…listening to the sounds around you…noticing not just your face…and your pelvis…but your whole body from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

Opening your eyes, softy and gently…feeling confident in your own internal journey and your ability to gently soften and relax your pelvis when you softly and easily give birth to your baby.

If you want to read more about this face-pelvis connection take a look at this post by Judy Rossi PT – What does my pelvis have to do with my jaw? Or better yet (sorry Judy) this post by Align PT – The mysterious Connection Between Your Pelvis and Jaw And if you want to do a slightly weird but funny demo you can do that here with Katherine Graves.


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