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Welcome to the Original Free Hypnobirthing!

Are you worried about giving birth?


Do you want to feel calm, knowledgeable & supremely confident?

(Maybe even feel this relaxed minutes before meeting baby?)

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You’ve got ONE life babe

And you only get to birth your baby ONCE

So the decisions you make NOW?


And feeling calm, prepared & knowledgable helps too!

Can you teach yourself Hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing is a mindset, mind & body hack – GENIUS antenatal course.

But don’t need a licence to do Hypnobirthing… there’s no pass mark and no exam…although labour is the practical!

So you CAN teach yourself Hypnobirthing if you want to…

And you CAN do Hypnobirthing on your own!

The internet is full of free hypnobirthing resources, free hypnobirthing guides & free hypnobirthing techniques. So unless you want the support and guidance of a teacher like me, you don’t have to spend a penny on Hypnobirthing!

To accompany my free online hypnobirthing classes I’ve created my own free hypnobirthing resources for you. And I am finding the best free hypnobirthing resources online to share on my Pinterest pages. So give me a follow! (My pins are popular but my followers are few –  no one thinks of Pinterest for Hypnobirthing!!).

And sure. If you are particularly worried or feeling anxious about pain?


Go straight to my most popular Hypnobirthing Resources & Guides here

So this is how I help:

I LOVE giving birth & I want you to LOVE it too!

You deserve a good birth

You deserve to be birth confident

And you deserve to be FREE from all those niggling fears & intrusive thoughts that are keeping you stuck

Free Hypnobirthing is a gift

My Free Online Hypnobirthing classes began as a gift to my hypnobirthing class clients who bought my course. The pandemic was hard. And at a time when fear levels were high & we all felt so isolated? Free hypnobirthing was a way for me to support my tribe –  more connections, more support, more calm and a lot more laughs.

The feedback was amazing, the word spread. And now my free hypnobirthing classes are reaching people all over the UK, Europe and the United States.

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2023 Freebies:

I’m taking a well earned break from freebies at the moment but they’ll be starting again soon. Past classes have included:

Jan – How does Hypnobirthing Work?

Feb – Birth fear, why it’s not the enemy you think it is

March – Breathing for Birth (How to nail Up Breathing)

May – How birth relaxations work

June – How to be a good Hypnobirthing Partners

July – Hypnobirthing Affirmations

October – What are Hypnobirthing Anchors?

November – Hypnobirthing for C-Sections (just incase)

December – How does Hypnobirthing help with PAIN?

Do you want to make hypnobirthing easy?

Then work with me!

My luxury Private Hypnobirthing classes are delivered by me, online, to you.

  • Learn from the comfort of your home
  • Scheduled perfectly to fit around your busy diary
  • Discover calm and confidence you never knew you had
  • Techniques adjusted perfectly for you
  • Continuous support, right when you need it

open your eyes to hypnobirthing - it's free!

What my clients say before Hypnobirthing

I can’t do this

How will I know what to do in labour?

My birth partner is scared

I’m worried I’ll tear!

I’ve been trying to teach myself but I can’t relax

I don’t know where to start!

What they say after my courses

I’ve learnt way more than I expected

The science makes sense, it blew my mind!

I feel so much BETTER

And I feel ready for BIRTH


About Free Hypnobirthing

Your Free Hypnobirthing classes are once a Month

Live & on Zoom

Sign up for full details, class schedule & weekly tips

Enjoy my free content

Enjoy the rest of the best on my Pinterest pages

Relax with Free Hypnobirthing Scripts including my:

Free Up Breathing Visualisations

Free Down Breathing Visualisations

Face & Pelvis connection Hypnobirthing Script

Easy Colour Anchor Hypnobirthing Script (perfect for pain!)

And tool up with Free Hypnobirthing Resources including my:

How to Practice Hypnobirthing

When to do your Hypnobirthing Practice

Complete Guide to Hypnobirthing Anchors

This is NOT a Hypnobirthing taster class –  the content VARIES!


We’re making positive birth experiences happen


One new parent kindly sent me her positive hypnobirthing birth story after she taught herself Hypnobirthing!

She came to NINE of my online hypnobirthing classes, watched all of my facebook lives, followed me on Pinterest and practiced most of the things on my hypnobirthing practice list.


Read her beautiful birth story when you sign up and be inspired!

Are you a birth worker?

Please leave these classes for Pregnant People & thier partners – they need it more. But Email me if you want to know about Hypnobirthing.

Why you need my Hypnobirthing course

My courses are different.


I teach autonomy. And I teach real hypnosis. Because the hypnobirthing evidence says that birth hypnosis works. And hypnosis for birth gives you control. Complete control over your own internal thoughts, feelings and physical sensations. But if your hypnobirthing teaches only teaches you relaxations? And your hypnobirthing teaches you to be reliant on someone else for your practice? You’ve got no control.


So I give you Autonomy.

If you have a birth partner they can be part of your hypnobirthing journey. They can support you on every level. But you need to be confident in yourself first. So I give you autonomy and choice.

I’m a brain nerd – I teach the cool insider tricks other teachers don’t

And I won’t sugar coat Hypnobirthing with toxic positivity

You are amazing

And I KNOW IT even if you don’t – YET

What you get when you book my course

Real Hypnosis for birth

It’s the magic key to control!

A true understanding of you

Deeper connection with yourself & your baby

Confidence in body and birth

Control over your thoughts

Freedom from your birth worries

And a bunch of clever brain & birth jacks to cut through stress & fear FAST

If this sounds good?




  • Do you teach it yourself Steph? Yes! I am a small, one woman business! So by investing in my paid hypnobirthing courses & buying my Etsy hypnobirthing resources you are helping me to support people who really need free Hypnobirthing.


  • Is Free Hypnobirthing for anyone?  As long as you are pregnant! And you are welcome to bring your birth partner (or birth partners) if you have one. You’ll be in good company.  Pregnant people sign up from all over the world including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Europe.


  • Can you send me a recording afterwards? Sorry, classes are not recorded.


  • I’m stuck with something, can you help? If it’s medical speak to your midwife/OB. If it’s hypnobirthing? Sure! Ask me in class or book a chat.

Note to Midwives, Doulas, Hypnobirthing teachers etc. If you would like to learn about Hypnobirthing or develop your teaching skills please feel free to use the free hypnobirthing resources on my website (please don’t take up a pregnant person’s space in class).


What Hypnobirthing tips will you learn?

It varies. But here are a few things we’ve covered:


Want to create a positive birth?

Then join my classes for Effortless Hypnobirthing

Taught by me. Supporting you.

Is it really Free Hypnobirthing?

Yes. These are free online Hypnobirthing classes. Live online classes taught by me.

But to get really good at hypnobirthing? Invest in my 4 week online Hypnobirthing Course as well!

It’s is a 10 hour antenatal hypnobirthing course with a heap of hypnosis for birth and mindfulness (my speciality!) plus hypnobirthing book, hypnobirthing MP3s, scripts, affirmations, notes and ongoing support – you’ve got me on speed dial!

By signing up fully? You’re motivated to do your hypnobirthing. Committed to layering your hypnobirthing practice. And you’re investing in a better birth.


Does free Hypnobirthing work?

Yes! All the Hypnobirthing practice you do will help!

One study suggested that free hypnobirthing only gave 50% results. Why? Because free Hypnobirthing is a shorter course. And it’s thought that people aren’t paying? They don’t do their hypnobirthing practice.

For more free hypnobirthing – look up your local NHS courses. They usually teach free Hypnobirthing or free Mindfulness for Birth as well.

But like an Olympic athlete won’t win gold by sitting on the sofa (or doing ‘a little bit’ of training).

For a great Hypnobirthing experience? I recommend you invest in yourself & your birth. And do a full Hypnobirthing course as well!

This is a nurturing space just for you

Your free classes are a calm space held for just people with bumps & their partners. A nurturing space for pregnant women, pregnant trans men & pregnant non-binary people.

Birth workers & medics wanting to learn from me can email me anytime.


A clever idea?

If you want to do a full teacher led course & your income doesn’t allow it? Ask your favourite hypnobirthing teacher if they can help. In most cases, if they have a place left? I’m sure (like me) they will consider offers.

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session last night. And how much I gained from it. My husband said I was glowing when I finished & I genuinely felt that it calmed me. I especially liked the breathing technique  using the hand. It was very powerful & I can see a use for it hether pregnant, with a newborn or a testing toddler! An excellent hypnobirthing skill.
Jenny, Oxford

The session tonight was lovely, thank you very much. It was really nice to meet you in person (though virtually). I hadn’t realised how long it has been since I relaxed properly!
Verity, Oxford

Free class FAQs

Can I bring my partner?
Yes!! This is an inclusive space and the more you learn, then better you’ll feel.
Can you send me a recording?
Sorry, no. These are live classes, not webinars so I can’t record them (GDPR and all that). If you miss a class join the Facebook group for any catch ups.
When should I do Hypnobirthing classes?
My Free hypnobirthing & relaxation classes – after 12 weeks.

Hypnobirthing – Between 25 and 35 is most usual. With 30 weeks being the average. Most people book their place after 20 weeks.

But I’ve worked with women at 17 weeks and 41 weeks! So whatever works for you.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can reframe your thoughts on birth. The sooner you can feel more confident & perhaps even excited to give birth!

And those that start later? Wow are they motivated to do their Hypnobirthing practice!

Is Hypnobirthing dangerous?
Good question! Short answer YES. For a very small number of people. Before booking Hypnobirthing or any pregnancy mediations/relaxation class you must contact me if you either:

  • Suffer with Psychosis
  • Have a needle phobia
  • Any other condition that might contraindicate Hypnobirthing

These conditions will not automatically exclude you from Hypnobirthing. But it is vital you speak your designated medical professional before starting Hypnobirthing. And then inform me of any safeguarding plan before booking.

You can expect all Hypnobirthing teachers to take the same safety precautions.

In Hypnobirthing we teach the BRAIN decision making model:

  • Benefits
  • Risks
  • Alternatives
  • Instinct
  • Nothing

So it’s only right that you should apply this to Hypnobirthing as well!

Like anything there are risks with Hypnobirthing. And you must ask to your Midwife/Obstetrican about them before advising your Hypnobirthing Teacher.

Is Hypnobirthing LGBTQ+ friendly?
Absolutely! Please see the above FAQ as well.

I’m delighted that such a good proportion of my clients have always come from within the LGBTQ+ community. Typically, you book private & group hypnobirthing classes in equal measure.

And please? If you would like. Tell me your preferred language. Preferred titles. Preferred pronouns. We are all different and use of words is personal to us all.

Some examples from past clients:

  • Wife not birth partner
  • I want to be acknowledged as a Mummy, not a supporter
  • I’m a birth partner and want to be with the dads
  • We’re both birthing mummies

Me? I’m Steph (as preference to Stephanie) and my pronouns are she & her.

I'm already doing your Hypnobirthing course. Can I come?
Yes. These were created because of client’s like you! This is a chance to do something a bit different. And an easy option for hypnobirthing practice and relaxation.

Hypnobirthing Blogs

Hypnobirthing requires time & practice. But with the right teacher? It’s easy!

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