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So maybe you just googled Free Hypnobirthing?

Or Hypnobirthing for free.

Maybe you want to invest in a Full Hypnobirthing Course & want to try it first?

Or maybe you’re already doing Hypnobirthing with me and want some free relaxations?

Then sign up for my Free Hypnobirthing Classes. Unlike Free taster classes (which you can find everywhere) the content of my free classes varies. So sign up once and come to as many classes as you like!


Free Hypnobirthing classes – seriously?

Yes!  A calm, nurturing space for just you & your baby bump. Join me on the first Wednesday of each month at 8pm.

You’ll learning hypnobirthing tips, relaxations, affirmations, breathing for birth & more. Look out for extra classes once you have signed up!

Birth partner(s) are warmly invited to some of these classes as well. Once you’ve signed up – just keep an eye on your inbox to see when they can join!

Answers to your FAQs:

  • Classes are taught by me (Steph) in Oxford, England, UK.
  • Classes are live on Zoom
  • You can come to class from anywhere in the world, Most popular are the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India & Europe.
  • Contact me by phone, WhatsApp or email with any questions.
  • Classes are not recorded. Catch any repeats in our private FaceBook group.


What Hypnobirthing tips will you learn?

It varies. But if you didn’t join us in 2020, here’s what you missed:

  • Serenity Hypnobirthing relaxation
  • Float away stress relaxation
  • Birth confidence relaxation
  • Gentle fear release relaxation
  • Hypnobirthing scripts
  • Up breathing
  • Down breathing
  • Rectangular breathing
  • 7-11 breathing
  • Bubble breathing
  • Bumble bee breathing
  • Mindful breathing


  • Stress response & sequencing
  • Managing fear of lockdown birth
  • Hypnobirthing resources
  • Positions for birth
  • Hypnobirthing affirmations
  • Colour anchoring for birth
  • Hypnobirthing practice tips
  • Hypnobirthing MP3s
  • Home birth
  • Hospital birth
  • And more!

Do you want a positive birth?

Then join my classes for Effortless Hypnobirthing

Taught by me. Supporting you.

Is it really Free Hypnobirthing?

Yes! These are free online Hypnobirthing classes. Live online classes taught by me.

And to get really good at hypnobirthing? I suggest you sign up for a Hypnobirthing Course as well!  It’s is a 12 hour modern antenatal course with a heap of hypnosis for birth (my speciality!) plus hypnobirthing book, hypnobirthing MP3s, scripts, affirmations, notes and ongoing support – you’ve got me on speed dial!

By signing up fully? You’re motivated to do your hypnobirthing. Committed to layering your hypnobirthing practice. And you’re investing in a better birth.


Does free Hypnobirthing work?

Yes! All the Hypnobirthing practice you do will help!

One study showed that free hypnobirthing only gave 50% results. Why? Because free Hypnobirthing is shorter than the 12 hour course. And it’s thought that people don’t invest in their hypnobirthing practice when their classes are free.

For more free hypnobirthing – look up your local NHS courses. They usually teach free Hypnobirthing or free Mindfulness for Birth as well.

But like an Olympic athlete won’t win gold by sitting on the sofa (or doing ‘a little bit’ of training).

For a great Hypnobirthing experience? I recommend you invest in yourself & your birth. And do a full Hypnobirthing course as well!

This is a nurturing space just for you

Your free classes are a calm space held for just people with bumps. A nurturing space just for pregnant women, pregnant trans men & pregnant non-binary people. I will occasionally run free classes that you can bring partners to – so keep an eye on your in-box!

An alternative?

If you want to do a full course & your income doesn’t allow it? Ask your favourite hypnobirthing teacher if they can help. In most cases, if they have a place spare? I’m sure (like me) they will.

Free Online Hypnobirthing classes

Via Zoom 

Investment: Free

Date: First Tuesday of each 8-9pm

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the session last night. And how much I gained from it. My husband said I was glowing when I finished & I genuinely felt that it calmed me. I especially liked the breathing technique  using the hand. It was very powerful & I can see a use for it hether pregnant, with a newborn or a testing toddler! An excellent hypnobirthing skill.

Jenny, Oxford

The session tonight was lovely, thank you very much. It was really nice to meet you in person (though virtually). I hadn’t realised how long it has been since I relaxed properly!

Verity, Oxford

Free class FAQs

Can I bring my partner?

Sorry. No. Free classes are pregnant people only. Pregnant women. Pregnant trans men. Pregnant people. So if your partner is pregnant as well? They can join.

You can bring your birth partner to my paid Hypnobirthing courses though. They are encouraged to come along. The science behind being a good birth partner is amazing & they will benefit just as much as you!

When should I do Hypnobirthing classes?

My Free hypnobirthing & relaxation classes – after 12 weeks.

Hypnobirthing – Between 25 and 35 is most usual. With 30 weeks being the average. Most people book their place after 20 weeks.

But I’ve worked with women at 17 weeks and 41 weeks! So whatever works for you.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can reframe your thoughts on birth. The sooner you can feel more confident & perhaps even excited to give birth!

And those that start later? Wow are they motivated to do their Hypnobirthing practice!

Is Hypnobirthing dangerous?

Good question! Short answer YES. For a very small number of people. Before booking Hypnobirthing or any pregnancy mediations/relaxation class you must contact me if you either:

  • Suffer with Psychosis
  • Have a needle phobia

Neither of these conditions will automatically exclude you from Hypnobirthing. But it is vital you speak to me (or any other hypnobirthing teacher you want to work with) before booking.

In Hypnobirthing we teach the BRAIN decision making model:

  • Benefits
  • Risks
  • Alternatives
  • Instinct
  • Nothing

So it’s only right that you should apply this to Hypnobirthing as well!

Like anything there are risks with Hypnobirthing. But the risk is very low. And you must ask to your Hypnobirthing Teacher about them.

Is Hypnobirthing LGBTQ+ friendly?

Absolutely! Please see the above FAQ as well.

I’m delighted that such a good proportion of my clients have always come from within the LGBTQ+ community. Typically, you book private & group hypnobirthing classes in equal measure.

 And please? If you would like. Tell me your preferred language. Preferred titles. Preferred pronouns. We are all different and use of words is personal to us all.

 Some examples from past clients:

  • Wife not birth partner
  • I want to be acknowledged as a Mummy, not a supporter
  • I’m a birth partner and want to be with the dads
  • We’re both birthing mummies

Me? I’m Steph (as preference to Stephanie) and my pronouns are she & her. 

I'm already doing your Hypnobirthing course. Can I come?

Yes. These were created because of client’s like you! This is a chance to do something a bit different. And an easy option for hypnobirthing practice and relaxation.

If it's on Zoom, do I need to have video on?

Yes. Just for security we need to see your face. You can turn your camera/microphone off once hypnobirthing relaxations start if you like. 

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Hypnobirthing requires time & practice. But with the right teacher? It’s easy!

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