Is Emma the fastest hypnobirthing mummy in Oxfordshire?

Read her guest hypnobirthing blog to find out…Because not many hypnobirthing couples can say their baby’s hypnobirth was as high speed or at as many miles per hour as Emma & Adams! But they certainly practiced the hypnobirthing techniques I shared with them and they certainly got the fast, natural birth they wanted. It was in stark contrast to the birth of their first child which involved several trips to the hospital and being sent home, labour stalling on more than one occasion, leading to augmentation and further interventions…But baby number two’s entry into the world was slick, a bit too slick perhaps?!

My hypnobirthing journey really started I would say as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Eliot, which was May 2016. I had already decided that I wanted and needed my birth experience to be different from the fairly awful time I had had with Miles, my first son.

Oxford Hypnobirthing gorgeous baby EliotI joined an aqua-natal group and I instantly recognised Steph who was an ex-colleague of mine and pregnant with her third baby. She told me about her career change to hypnotherapy and when asked, confirmed that yes, she did hypnobirthing as well! It was something I wanted to try; Steph was very passionate about it and told me how she had used the techniques whilst giving birth to her two older children.

I completed Steph’s KG hypnobirthing course with my husband Adam

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