Private Hypnobirthing Classes

Private Hypnobirthing Classes

The only silly question is the one you don’t ask. So drop me a line & let’s see what we can do.

Private Hypnobirthing is all about you. What you need, when you need it.

Singer Jerome Arab nurturing his newborn son

Just an hour

Birth coaching, deep rest & reset, hypnobirthing top up or time to ask all those questions.

Call me for last minute emergencies

Session length: 1 hour

Investment: £75

Private Refresher Hypnobirthing

A Hypnobirthing Refresher. When you’ve done Hypnobirthing with me in a previous pregnancy.

Course length: 2 hour class

Investment: £120

Private Hypnobirthing

A Full Hypnobirthing course in the comfort of your own home. Nice & easy. To suit you. And it’s online (in person in your home not currently available).

You will learn all the secrets of a calm, connected birth. And how to keep positivity & confidence with you through any type of birth.

Please contact me to confirm your dates & times before making payment below.

Group hypnobirthing classes £229

Course length: 10 hours over 4 classes

Investment: £700 online.

Private Mini Hypnobirthing

A short Hypnobirthing course to cover your main need-to-knows. And although it’s rarely too late for my full hypnobirthing course, you may feel differently. This is not a full hypnobirthing course. Online only at the moment.

Please contact me here to confirm your chosen dates & times before making payment below.

Course length: 5 hours over 2 classes

Investment: £400 online.

Private Hypnosis for Birth

This luxury option goes all in on your beautiful hypnosis!

Hypnosis for birth is POWERFUL. And this is bespoke to YOU.

Read more about hypnosis for birth here.

You will be asked to book into my diary before making payment.  Single sessions of Hypnosis for birth can be booked for £150.

Course length: 4 one hour sessions

Investment: £450

Private Mindful Breastfeeding

An antenatal breastfeeding class that recognises the need for self awareness, connection with baby and mindfulness to enhance your breastfeeding journey.

Online group course £79

Course length: 3 hours over 2 classes

Investment: £299

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