Hypnobirthing helped my Cesarean at the Oxford JR!

Steph McGee

I’m a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist on a mission to help. And hypnosis feels like a magic wand. But in truth? The real magic is you.

Hi Steph, this is my positive birth story!

You were wonderful in giving me the confidence to approach whatever was thrown at me during birth with a quiet calmness. This was never more so than when mine became a high risk pregnancy as my placenta was too low (placenta previa).

Hypnobirthing through my Cesarean at the Oxford JR

Instead of using the Hypnobirthing techniques Steph had taught me during labour, I used them in the anxious, scary waiting period before I went into theatre for a cesarean.

Stress when my cesarean was bumped back

A lady who was on the list for later that day, went into labour so she went ahead of me. It was stressful but l just kept focusing on the Hypnobirthing relaxation tracks over and over. Keeping my breathing even and steady. I really had to work hard to keep myself steady and centred. The time went very fast though.

Hypnobirthing in theatre

While waiting my turn in theatre I lay on the bed listening to the hypnobirthing scripts you had given us, over and over.

I began to panic as they did the first cut. It didn’t hurt at all, but I was suddenly thrown out of my steady thought process.

The panic must have been written all over my face as the anaesthetist sitting next to me focused on my eyes, and ran her fingers up and down my arm. So by focusing on that gentle sensation and keeping my eyes locked on hers I was able to calm down & really notice the sensations I was feeling.

It was more interesting than frightening. The tugging and the pulling, as they brought my son out. Then they lowered the sheet so l could see him and took photographs for me so I have pictures of him just as he was born.

I didn’t ask for my hypnobirthing music though they did say they would play whatever I liked.

Instead I wanted to talk to all the clinicians, finding out exactly what they were doing, when etc!

At this point I was very relaxed. The whole birth went very fast.

The midwives and theatre staff were helping me to use my Hypnobirthing techniques to relax in theatre. This meant I was able to focus on what was actually happening and what I could feel. Rather than panicking.

In fact, the midwives were very excited to tell me how steady my blood pressure had been during my baby’s cesarean birth. And how little blood I had lost.

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Was I in Shock after my Cesarean?

Despite this I think I was still in shock a little bit over night (my blood pressure did go up).

They weighed my baby. And I made sure Mum went with him since I guessed he might recognise her voice from being inside me. He came back to me very quickly and stopped crying when he heard my voice.

Then we went back to recovery. And I was starving. I hadn’t been able to eat for such a long time. So I immediately ate too many Pringles and threw up. They had to give me more anti sickness drugs!

Once those kicked in they moved us both to the overnight ward.


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On the postnatal ward: Hypnobirthing after my Cesarean

And while the other mummies in my bay chattered all night, I lay there listening to them. My son lying on my front. Ignoring the advice not to have your baby on you after a cesarean section.

I felt that after the stresses of a high risk birth, hearing my heart beat would be soothing for baby. And having baby’s weight on me would comfort me.

I knew that there was no way I was going to go to sleep. I was feeling completely wired at this point. So felt he was totally safe.

During the night I used the hypnobirthing centred breathing techniques which wasn’t difficult. I centred on the warm body of my son lying on me and my steady breathing.

I also just relaxed into listening to the other two mamas chatting away – letting their voices wash over me.

I relished being able to drink as much water as I wanted without needing to get up to the loo as I had a catheter in! I really didn’t want to get a UTI. I kept asking for jug after jug of water!


Mobile the day after my Cesarean!

The next morning I was feeling better and was even up and doing things for the other ladies in the bay. I was surprised how mobile I was given that I had just a cesarean. Those ladies I now keep in touch with & see each other regularly.

That day we transferred to a local community birth centre for a night where it was a lot cooler (the hospital ward was incredibly hot).

And best of all, my baby & I had a small ward to ourselves. It was very relaxed and I felt so well that I found myself happily loading the dishwasher in their kitchen before we went home!

Many thanks,

B x 


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