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Evening & weekend Mindful Hypnobirthing classes. Oxford, Witney & Thame.  Plus a new Mindful Breastfeeding class!

I love giving birth! And yes, I get some looks when I say that out loud! I had my first hypnobirth over 10 years ago and am so grateful a seasoned hypnotherapist recommended I give HypnoBirthing a try. Hypnobirthing transformed what might have been a scary & painful experience into the best night of my life!

Hypnobirthing was created by an American Hypnotherapist over 27 years ago then Katharine Graves (also a hypnotherapist) created a course more suited to the British market.

Hypnobirthing is rooted in sound birth knowledge, confidence & empowerment but I also insist on high quality hypnotherapy skills & hypnotic techniques. 

So relax! I’m an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness practitioner & Trauma therapist. And best of all I’m a 3x hypnobirthing mama! My baby’s births were all natural (yet none of them went entirely to plan!) and hypnobirthing made them enjoyable and amazing. 

I’ve used & trained in different Hypnobirthing methods, so I know what works really well & what doesn’t! 

I share all my experience & give you the WHYs. So you learn deeper hypnotic skills for the birthing mind. And advanced hypnosis and fear release techniques. The fastest way to switch off fear & stay relaxed in the craziest of birth situations and more… 

Most importantly – Everyone receives post course support – group or private hypnobirthing.   You’re an individual and your journey is unique so I am always here for you.


Class 1 – Hypnobirthing

  • Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – an introduction
  • The Power of words
  • Hypnobirthing – the logic of KG Hypnobirthing
  • Hypnobirthing MP3 & affirmations – tips for use & practice
  • Birth physiology & hormones – this is amazing
  • The mind – an it’s role during birth
  • Fear, Tension, Pain
  • Hypnosis – calm trust

Class 2 – Body & Mind

  • Breathing – Up Breathing
  • Soften relaxation
  • Calming touch
  • Stroking relaxation
  • Short relaxations
  • Breech, back to back – and optimal positioning
  • Complimentary therapies
  • Pelvic Floor Exercise
  • Perineal massage
  • Preventing tearing 
  • Hypnobirthing for cesarean – gentle c-section


Class 3 – Birth choices

  • Decision making
  • Due dates
  • Induction & Hypnobirthing – including membrane sweep
  • Inducing labour more naturally
  • Taking responsibility for birth
  • Birth partners – questions & partner’s role
  • Midwives & Obstetricians
  • Early signs of labour
  • Hypnosis – for confidence & power


Class 4 – Your hypnobirth

  • Birth place
  • Homebirth – the benefits of birthing at home
  • Note to midwife – setting the scene 
  • Hypnobirthing birth plan – writing a hypnobirthing birth plan
  • First stage – early labour, established labour, the transitional stage 
  • Second stage – what to expect, Hypnobirthing & birth partners role
  • Third stage – Hypnobirthing, birthing your placenta and more your partner can do to help!
  • More on birth partners
  • Hypnosis – visualisation of a calm, confident birth


Mindful Breastfeeding

Another course option: Mindful Breastfeeding can be booked as a standalone class or alongside any hypnobirthing course. I hear my mamas exclaim how amazing childbirth is – but wow! Why is breastfeeding so hard?! So I offer a solution – Group classes are £45 and a private 1:1 class £94. Birth partners are encouraged to attend.

You will discover how important the brain is in breastfeeding and how mindfulness techniques can help release you from limiting beliefs & emotions that many new mothers encounter. You will learn relaxation & mindfulness techniques that are useful before & after birth – Giving you the confidence to connect with your baby on an even deeper level.

You will learn:

  • How breastfeeding works
  • How to get breastfeeding off to a good start
  • Positioning & attachment
  • Common breastfeeding problems
  • Low milk supply & supplementation methods
  • Expressing & responsive bottle feeding
  • Early parenting neuroscience
  • The role of oxytocin in breastfeeding
  • The importance of self care
  • To trust your body & your baby
  • Learn to connect more deeply with your baby

Witney Hypnobirthing – October

1 place left!

Witney Methodist Church is in the heart of Witney & right next to your midwives! And I have a fab cross-service offer with a Witney pregnancy yoga service – ask me about it!

Investment: £229 – no charge for birth partners

Dates:  Saturdays 5th & 12th October 10-4pm

Horspath Hub – October / November

Also known as The Old Methodist Church this is a spacious and welcoming venue. And best of all, it’s conveniently close to Oxford, Abingdon, Headington & Thame. 

Investment: £229 – no charge for birth partners

Dates: Mon 14, 21 Oct & 4, 11 November 7-9.30pm

Horspath Hub – November / December
Also known as The Old Methodist Church this is a spacious and welcoming venue. And best of all, it’s conveniently close to Oxford, Abingdon, Headington & Thame.

Investment: £229 – no charge for birth partners

Dates:  Monday 25 Nov & 2, 9, 16 Dec 7-9.30pm

Mindful Breastfeeding 

 £45 – no charge for birth partners. And a special price for my hypnobirthing mamas!

Date: Next group date TBC


Mindful Breastfeeding!

Trained by Anna De Grange IBCLC, this course can prepare you for Breastfeeding with ultimate knowledge & confidence.