Group Classes

Online Hypnobirthing courses via Zoom.

Want to feel GOOD about birth?

Get yourself:

Fully prepared with hypnosis techniques

Confident with Knowledge

Tooled up with pain hacks

Supported by your teacher

FULL REST with hypnosis for birth



Relax: This photo was taken less than an hour before birth!

Online Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is the most proactive way to prepare for your baby’s birth.

And everything you do. Starting now…

Can make a difference.

The real foundation of Hypnobirthing is more than ‘learn to relax’ and you’ll be fine.

The biggest studies into hypnobirthing showed that relaxation, breathing techniques, knowledge and crucially – hypnosis for birth – led to better birth experiences.

My live online hypnobirthing course gives you all the tools of real hypnobirthing – including hypnosis for birth. 

Autonomous Hypnobirthing is a 10 hour Hypnobirthing programme spread over 4 weeks. 

My course includes everything you’d expect from hypnobirthing with the added magic of Hypnosis for Birth and the pain science hacks you’d be horrified to be without.

So if you are the kind of person who likes to know HOW? WHY? And what can I do for PAIN?

Work with me.

You deserve a good birth

Birth deserves to be the best day of your life. You deserve to feel relaxed in your pregnancy.

And you need to be prepared. You need to feel confident. You need Hypnobirthing.

So if you’re the kind of person who likes to prepare, think things through and feel ready?

You’re in the right place.

I’ve never walked into anything with the confidence I did that day.

Birth was the most calm, loving and empowering experience of my life. It went smoothly with zero complications, zero ‘pain’ relief & zero tears! Not once did I wish it was over. I loved every second.



Do you want to be good with pain?

There is no such thing as ‘pain thresholds’ or other people being ‘better with pain’ than you are.

Pain hurts.

But pain is a perception. And as a perception there is A LOT you will learn that can help.

So let’s get geeky and turn pain on its head.

Physical pain and emotional pain are essentially the same thing. The same area of the brain lights up whether you are suffering from hurt feelings, anxiety, stress or full on injury style ‘hurting’ pain.

So you need more than just Hypnobirthing relaxations to help.

Hypnosis has been used for pain for thousands of years!

They used it on battle fields ya’ll!

Yep. You read that right. Before the invention of needles. Hypnosis was used to treat soldiers on battle fields.


And I’ll teach you to literally think yourself out of pain.

But if that sounds too geeky?


This honey jam brain over body thing works wonders for anyone.

Single, coupled up or up to your eye balls in doulas or drugs

Everyone deserves this pain science hypnosis autonomy & control.

The birth was amazing!!! And so positive!!! Just a tens machine and hypnosis!!!

My mum is a retired midwife and she’s blown away with pride for Claire. She keeps saying she in AWE of her!



Calm is closer than you think

Everyone. Everywhere. Who’s ever had a baby?

Wants to feel calm.

And you also want control.

You want to feel prepared. And have a full tool box.

Ready with mindfulness, hypnosis & hypnobirthing techniques.

Hypnobirthing classes that are the real deal. So you know you’ve got it all for your first baby. Or maybe you want hypnobirthing thats more hard core than you did for your last baby. A smoother birth this time. Tips and tricks up your sleeve. Not panicking. Mind calm. Still. Quiet.

And you can feel knowledgeable. Prepared. Grounded. Connected with your baby. Ready for anything.

Let’s make this a positive birth experience. Turn your fears to turned into strengths. Feeling positive about labour.

And feeling empowered

Knowing you can make the best choices for you. And birth can be magical instead of painful!

Go straight to my hypnobirthing course dates.

Good births start here

Good birth matters. It’s good for you. It’s good for baby. And it’s good for partners.

Feeling the pressure? You’re not alone.

Truth is?

Good birth is different for all of us.

And there is one single question I will ask that will change everything.

Because once you know the answer to this question? You can make your hypnobirthing happen anywhere. Whatever birth you choose.

You can have a positive birth experience whether you choose a homebirth, an induction or an unplanned cesarean.

If you want to be confident, looking forward to birth, enjoying your pregnancy & knowing with every bone in your body that YOUR BIRTH WILL ROCK?

My virtual hypnobirthing course dates are here…

NCT class. We were asked to line up in order of birth confidence. James & I were 10/10. Everyone else was 2 or 3. It felt so good. Being that confident!



 So have a calm birth.

But choose an online hypnobirthing course that will give you the geekery to be as calm & in control as you want.

This is Hypnosis for Birth & Hypnobirthing.

(Not the ‘modern hypnobirthing machine’)

Learn how to make ALL of your mind feel calm

Let’s face it.

Your subconscious mind knows when you can’t do this yourself.

And you subconscious knows when you are not prepared.

Then that deep rooted knowledge sits there like a little worry worm.

Because your subconscious mind knows when there’s something missing. Or when your reliant on something that might let you down.

So if you only learn the ‘modern’ hypnobirthing methods:

Your subconscious knows


Your subconscious knows


But if you want full calm and control that keeps your whole mind happy?

Learn hypnosis for birth in your hypnobirthing

Learn glove anaesthesia 

Learn to switch off pain with your own mind and even your eyes!

Use your OWN mind to switch off fear. And choose to work with your subconscious instead of in spite it.


And calm is wherever you need it!

I just breathed my baby out! Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy & birth! It put me in a positive, calm & accepting state of mind which was so important. Especially because this was my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to expect from labour!

Namvula Renee

Singer, Oxford

Online Hypnobirthing Classes


Preparing for my first baby’s birth. I admit I was worried. But day by day, with Hypnosis for birth? I created something so amazing… that in labour? I would be able trust implicitly.

And it gave me a birth beyond my wildest dreams.



So imagine this…

Labour starts & you feel GOOD.

You feel confident knowing how to:

  • Dial down pain easy as 3.2.1.
  • Stop spontaneous fear in it’s tracks
  • Have the birth you really want (whatever happens)
  • Feel good about your choices (even if theres an unexpected twist)
  • Gently and confidently tell your midwife what you want
  • Feel really good that you get to GIVE BIRTH
  • Use real Hypnobirthing that can carry you through



So if you’ve looked elsewhere but the ‘Modern Hypnobirthing’ machine leaves you wondering…

  • Where’s the HYPNOSIS in hypnobirthing?
  • Relaxation won’t be enough for ME
  • How will this EVER help with pain?

You need to do my Course

I was induced with oral prostaglandins to comply with French law on max pregnancy time. It was otherwise a natural birth. Super fast in 3hrs from the start of noticeable contractions. Intense but pain free! No stitches. Thank you for all the classes x



What you get


4 Themed classes

Class 1 – Birth Works

Train your body to be better at birth starting NOW (and I’m not talking perineal massage!). How to get the birth you want with one important question! Hypnobirthing works. But Hypnosis for Birth feels like magic. Birth works. Your brain works. Why your brain can get it wrong (especially if it’s been filled with horror stories). What you need to make birth better. The hypnosis myths. Real hypnosis for birth. The truth about pain & why everything you’ve been taught is wrong.

Class 2 – Big Easy

Advanced hypnotic techniques to find your calm, give you pain relief, fear release, and full rest even in established labour. How to be pain free – with just your mind. Meet your Breathing Queen. Why affirmations are anything but naff. And the SUPER POWERS of Hypnobirthing anchors.

Class 3 – The Game Changer

Where did physiological birth go? Did you hear you can give birth by yourself!! How to loose fear in a few seconds. How to use the sensory nature of pain to be happy, healthy even pain free. Pain relief…the magical and the medical. Navigate the birthing system. Keep birth positive during unexpected change or medical concerns. Stay at the centre of your choices, your relaxed medicalised birth, positive induction or gentle cesarean section. Use hypnobirthing & hypnosis with confidence whatever birth you choose (even if it get’s real noisy!)

Class 4 – Hello Baby!

How natural labour unfolds & the possible variations of it. Birth place palace – home to MLU to hospital – and how to manage their subconscious effects on pain. Nurture yourself in latent labour. Listen to your body & natural instincts in established labour. When to call the midwife. Trouble shooting those curve balls. Birth itself. The golden hour & your first taster of mindful breastfeeding.

Plus hypnobirthing relaxations & birth hypnosis that we build on & craft each week. So you can be confident with your decisions, techniques, affirmations, breathing, Hypnobirthing MP3s, and free flow hypnosis.

Go straight to my online hypnobirthing class dates

And More

A 30 minute private session

A 1:1 zoom chat worth £40. Let’s set the intention & talk through your hopes, fears, need to knows & what you can do to get your hypnobirthing off to a great start…even before your course begins!

Ongoing support

Not to be sniffed at. Most teachers only give this to their private clients. Sure, you might not need it. But it’s priceless if you do.

Hypnosis for Birth

You get all the usual Hypnobirthing relaxations. But you’ll learn hypnosis for birth as well. Week by week we’ll develop your skills, your confidence & your own internal hypnotic birth journey.

The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves (Optional)

Not essential. Just an optional extra. We’ll move on to the real HYPNO in hypnobirthing in class! 

Course folder of notes & posters

I’ll email these pdfs before you start. The folder contains useful links so please have a browse!

Email Drop

Throughout your course I’ll send you gems like:

The calm & comfort email: A list of all the gorgeousness your class conjures up in class 2

The birth film email: Confidence boosting (hand selected) positive births films with everything from free birth to hospital birth & positive epidurals

The cesarean hypnobirthing email: Inspiring natural cesarean births & person centred cesareans

The Resources email: Links to all the knowledge bases no birther should be without without

All this with a full antenatal hypnobirthing course, hypnobirthing relaxations, affirmations and breathing techniques as well as progressive & free flow hypnosis.

I whole heartedly say there is no way my birth would have turned out the way it did without you. I can’t thank you enough for your support at such a vulnerable time being pregnant. Thank you Steph, for empowering me to tap into my instincts and being an amazing teacher.



This course is for you if you:

Like to know why?

Are an over-thinker, over-worker or over-achiever

Procrastinate or worry

Fear pain (or birth)

Suffered a previous difficult birth

Just need something to help



If you’re ready to invest in your birth experience?


Course Dates

Suggested due dates are just that. It’s never too late to start Hypnobirthing!

Scroll further down for payment packages.



May Online Hypnobirthing

Wednesday 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th May 7-9.30pm

Investment: £239

Suggested for late June/July due dates.



June Online Hypnobirthing

Tuesday 21st, 28th June & 5th, 12th July 7-9.30pm

Investment: £289

Suggested for August/September due dates.



September Online Hypnobirthing

Tuesdays 13th, 20th, 27th & 4th Oct 7-9.30pm

Investment: £289

Suggested for November/December due dates.



November Online Hypnobirthing

Wednesday 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th Nov 7-9.30pm

Investment: £289

Suggested for January/February due dates.

Want to spread your Hypnobirthing Course payments out?

Whilst I ask you to pay in full if you can? I also want the right people to be able to work with me. When you book in advance, you can spread the payments out over 3 payments. Drop me an email here.


Do you want the confidence that comes with knowing that everything you need for birth is right there inside you?

Class by Class you’ll be creating your own hypnotic journey that you have complete control over. No matter how dynamic or noisy birth might get? That space (that inner space) is so well defined and familiar that you don’t even need to close your eyes to fully relax.

Hypnosis and our knowledge of neuroscience and pain have been stripped out of mainstream hypnobirthing. But Autonomous Hypnobirthing gives all of that back. Putting you firmly at the centre of your very own birth. And so pleased with yourself you’d give birth twice over if you could!

 And Autonomous Hypnobirthing is autonomous…


Because what matters most is choosing your own path. Having your own birth calm. Creating your own safe, relaxed, supported brain space to give birth. Being listened to & supported in your own birth decisions. And knowing how to confidently use your Hypnobirthing whatever happens. Whoever you’re with.


“Remaining in control in labour & birth means being able to adapt calmly & peacefully to a sometimes rapidly changing situation, having the ability to refocus at each twist and turn without fear or distress but with calmness & confidence.” – Vanessa Jane King-Hodge


I believe in Autonomy & Birth Hypnosis

Before we had Hypnobirthing?

We had hypnosis for birth.

So hypnobirthing (when it first started) was hypnosis for birth plus good quality antenatal knowledge & birth empowerment.

Hypnosis was the foundation of Hypno-Birthing.

But when I trained in main stream Hypnobirthing, the first thing I noticed?



Surprising, right?


But hypnosis is a specialist area. Hypnosis is an art & a skill that takes time for hypnotherapists to learn – years.  And hypnosis for birth has a stack of evidence behind it. Hypnosis is powerful, It’s the game changer.

But relaxations are easy. Hypnobirthing relaxations are easy to teach. And anyone can teach it. Which means mainstream hypnobirthing has been stripped back to just the basics.

Don’t get me wrong. Mainstream hypnobirthing is good. But Hypnobirthing that teaches you hypnosis for birth? Is a game changer.


So that’s why I teach Autonomous Hypnobirthing.

Hypnobirthing with hypnosis for birth.


Because hypnosis makes a BIG difference.

Hypnosis is an art.

Hypnosis is a game changer.


Hypnosis has been used to treat pain (and fear) for thousands of years.

So as well as Hypnobirthing. I’ll guide you through building your hypnosis. Finding your flow. Trusting your subconscious. Discovering the deep control that comes with your own hypnotic space and knowing how your brain works.

I’ll be honest about birth. I love it!

What does a calm birth look like?

Birth is work.

So if someone’s promising you calm & confidence?

Is that just setting you up for failure?

So we’ll talk about real birth. How to navigate it. And you to use your Hypnobirthing.

We’ll talk good birth and positive birth.

How to have a good birth if you’ve been told your body or you choices are no good or ‘too’ much.

And how to prepare incase your best laid plans go out the window.

So you can find a more gentle path through birth

Let’s make this easy for you. My support is on going. And I’ll go the extra mile to help.

Sign up and relax. You can start enjoying your pregnancy. Start to feel prepared & relaxed about birth. Be confident in yourself, your birth partner(s) & your plans.

Take me back to your course dates!

Free Hypnobirthing

Join the 1000s of pregnant people working with me!


First Wednesday of each month on Zoom

Plus a Private Facebook group


Hypnobirthing Content

4 classes. One private session. 11 hours of Online Hypnobirthing.

For full flexibility of class times & dates? Take a look at my private hypnobirthing course options.

  Class One

  • Hypnosis
  • Hypnosis & Mindfulness
  • Hypnobirthing logic
  • Mindset of birth
  • Birth hormones
  • How births works
  • Stages of labour
  • Surges
  • Hypnobirthing effect
  • Colour Anchor for pain
  • Birth environment
  • Neuroscience of fear/stress
  • How to get better at birthing right now!
  • Your first Hypnosis

 Class Two

  • The logic of breath
  • Up breathing
  • Vagal Tone
  • Visualisations during surges
  • Relaxation scripts
  • Glove anaesthesia
  • Anchors
  • Instinctive Pain Relief
  • Comfort measures
  • Birth environment
  • Home birth
  • MLU birth
  • Hospital birth
  • Hypnobirthing in hospital
  • Optimal position
  • Breech babies
  • Back to back babies

 Class Three

  • Due date fallacy
  • Knowledge & Choice
  • Navigating the system
  • BRAINs
  • Tens machine
  • Water birth
  • Gas & air
  • Opioids & Epidural
  • Membrane Sweep
  • Induction of labour
  • Instrumental birth
  • Gentle C-section
  • Hypnosis for a busy birth environment
  • Observational looking
  • Sequencing for pain reduction
  • Reduce Tearing
  • Gentle fear release hypnosis

 Class Four

  • Birth place choices
  • Home birth
  • Early labour signs
  • Fake false labour
  • Birth environment
  • The car journey
  • Vaginal examinations
  • Established labour
  • Mobility & instinct
  • Why wee wee
  • I want to go home
  • Transition & Crowning
  • Adrenaline
  • Down breathing
  • Golden hour & bonding
  • Mindful Breastfeeding taster

Hypnobirthing FAQs

When should I start classes?

Starting a hypnobirthing course between 25 - 30 weeks is the most usual with 30 weeks being the most popular. Hypnobirthing gives you knowledge & skills to use in pregnancy and birth so increasingly, people are starting earlier. This gives you plenty of time to practice & make full use of my ongoing support. Plus if you miss a class, we have time to catch you up on the next course!

But ultimately it's your choice. I've been booked to start from 17-41 weeks!

It's never too late for Hypnobirthing & it will always be helpful.

Free classes classes can be attended at any stage of pregnancy.

On Zoom, should I have my camera on?

It's up to you. If you want to turn your camera off? Turn it off.

Personally? I like the camera on. It's reassuring to know I'm talking to a real person. And it's easier for me to teach when I know you're enjoying class.

But this all about you.

So do whatever makes you most comfortable.

Can my partner come to class?

Birth partners are encouraged to attend your hypnobirthing course with you. There is no additional charge for them and they will learn just as much as you.

Free Hypnobirthing classes & Prenantal Pilates are for pregnant people only - no partners.

Is Hypnobirthing dangerous?

Good question! Short answer YES - but only for a very small number of people. Before booking Hypnobirthing or any pregnancy mediations/relaxation class you must contact me if you:

  • Suffer with Psychosis or;
  • Have a needle phobia

Neither of these conditions will automatically exclude you from Hypnobirthing / Pregnancy Meditation. But it is vital you speak to me (or any other hypnobirthing teacher you want to work with) before booking. And you will be advised to speak to your medical provider.


In Hypnobirthing we teach the BRAIN decision making model:


  • Benefits
  • Risks
  • Alternatives
  • Instinct
  • Nothing

So it's only right that you should apply this to Hypnobirthing as well!

Like anything else, there are risks with Hypnobirthing. The likelihood of being at risk is very low. But if you don't notify your hypnobirthing teacher of any contraindications?  The risk of hypnobirthing may become high.


So please tell your Hypnobirthing Teacher if you suffer with psychosis or have a needle phobia (many needle phobics are excluded from this risk group but we need to speak with you to be sure).

Can I do Hypnobirthing classes alone?

Absolutely. Clients come to class alone for various reasons.

If you have a partner who can't come to class but intends to be at the birth, I suggest you pass on what you've learnt. Get them involved with your hypnobirthing practice. They would also benefit from reading The Hypnobirthing Book.

Some people bring a parent or friend who is going to be at the birth. And again, if not coming to class, just tell what you want & what you'd like them to do on the day.

Hypnobirthing works just as well if you don't have a birth partner. After all, this is about you! Whilst some hypnobirthing relaxations are designed with a birth partner in mind, there are lots of variations & alternatives.

Private or Group Hypnobirthing classes?

Group Classes are a nice way to make new connections and are more cost effective. If you can't make a class, hop onto another course or upgrade to a 1:1.

Private Hypnobirthing Classes are 100% bespoke. YES we cover the Autonomous Hypnobirthing content but we have more time to focus on what matters most to YOU.  Book your classes whenever you like & frequently or far apart to suit your diary. Private classes include the luxury of being in your home & focusing on just your pregnancy.

Support is ongoing whatever course you choose. So make the most out of it!

Does Hypnobirthing help birth trauma?

What a good question.

A difficult or complex  birth does not automatically lead to birth trauma. Simply feeling safe & supported during birth can make the difference between a traumatic birth & a positive birth.

If you've experienced birth trauma, yes, hypnobirthing can help reframe that but some people need more and find Hypnotherapy and in particular - The Rewind Technique - beneficial.

Are your hypnobirthing classes LGBTQ+ friendly?

Absolutely. I'm delighted my classes are so popular with parents & couples within the LGBTQ+ community. Hypnobirthing is a fabulous tool to use during your baby's birth.

Whether you opt for Group Hypnobirthing classes or private classes its useful to know your preferred words, titles & pronouns. My name is Stephanie but I use Steph (she/her).

I'm a student midwife, can I observe your classes?

Yes! I love birth workers who want to learn about hypnobirthing.

But please don't sign up to my free classes. We need to adhere to UK law.

Please email me direct telling me what you want to observe & when.

I will request consent from all course/class participants before you observe. 

During busy times (students are like buses) you will be added to my waiting list.


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