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Positive Birth

The Positive Birth Movement’s Milli Hill agrees that a Positive Birth does not have to be ‘natural’ or drug-free. And as Katharine Grave’s says? Hypnobirthing always makes a difference!

But however you birth? Birth is a big deal! And aside from your life-long memories of giving birth – studies have shown that Hypnobirthing can have profound and positive effects on both you and your baby. With benefit of lower c-section rates & reduced need for pain relief as well as increased feelings of confidence, control and comfort. Plus higher Apgar scores for babies. So the value of a good birth is immeasurable.

Birth in 2 hours!

Baby arrived today and it was the perfect hypnobirthing experience! I had her at home in 2 hours with no pain relief. I’m overjoyed I was able to do it & can’t send enough thanks to you for helping me, it made the world of difference. Thank you Steph, we’re ecstatic & I don’t have another birth trauma to get over!!

Thanks again,

Nancy in Bicester


I'd felt nervous about birth

I’d been induced before was worried about a “natural” birth without the epidural!! I decided to give hypnobirthing a go and I’m SO GLAD I did!

Induced again I had an entirely positive experience. It was incredibly helpful for my husband too.  He was more involved & helped remind me of what I’d learnt.
I really liked Steph’s balanced approach. I loved how she was realistic, talking about cs, induction & hypnobirthing.
I would encourage anyone thinking about Hypnobirthing to give it a go.  I wish I’d known about it earlier!

Judith in Headington


We took it in our stride

Steph’s Hypnobirthing classes helped us stay calmer through pregnancy & birth and to feel more confident & informed. It was wonderful to hear such a positive & empowering perspective on birth. My husband knew exactly  what to do to support me as my birth partner.

In early labour my contractions were only about 1 minute apart from the beginning but the hypnobirthing breathing & visualisations allowed me to keep my energy up and my focus positive.

Katy in North Oxford


I just breathed my baby out! Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy & birth! It put me in a positive, calm & accepting state of mind which was so important. Especially because this was my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to expect from labour!

Namvula Renee

Singer & Songwriter, Oxford

Hypnobirthing prepped me with the tools to go! As a result, it made me feel more confident & efficient during my partner’s labour. Meeting Steph taught me that a calm environment is essential for birth. I know the process helped my partner as birth was just over 8 hours.

Jerome Arab

Rapper & Songwriter, Zimbabwe

A perfect birth for my 2nd

Steph is absolutely amazing. I had a difficult & stressful first birth so needed lots of support going into my secod. Steph gave me the power to believe in myself, my mind and my body and gave me the gift of a perfect birth for my 2nd. I would never have believed I would feel so positive and so confident about birth.

I would witout doubt go further than to recommend, I would urge you to hire Steph, it was the best thing we ever did. Thank you Steph, will forever be so thankful.

Nina in North Oxfordshire

My views changed dramatically!

I wasn’t sold on the idea of Hypnobirthing but after the course with Steph my views were changed dramatically. It’s been really great for me to have a tool to help my wife & feel like I can support her more through her pregnancy.

I would and have been recommending the course to mums to be & partners. I believe what we learnt will not just be used in birthing but everyday life too.

Mike in Bicester

I birthed on my back!

Super quick note to say we had our little boy this evening in the lovely dark room at the JR Spires. I had no pain relief (including no gas & air or paracetamol!). The first half of labour was back to back which was incredibly challenging. I laboured in the birth pool then wanted to deliver lying on my back(!!).

I loved the whole experience and can’t thank you enough for helping us prepare. Within half an hour I said I wanted to do it again!

Catharine in Oxford

I used the techniques before theatre

Steph was wonderful. Giving me the confidence to approach whatever was thrown at me during birth with a quiet calmness. When mine became a high risk case, instead of using the techniques Steph had taught me during labour, I used them in the scary, anxious period before I went into theatre. The midwives & theatre staff then help me use the same techniques during theatre.

Later the midwives were excited to tell me how steady my blood pressure had been and how little blood I had lost.

Ellie in Thame

Hypnobirthing Reviews – your birth stories

These birth stories will inspire you!  Reading about good birth helps to reframe your thoughts on birth & is a useful part of your Hypnobirthing practice.

Because Hypnobirthing is all about layering!  So read these hypnobirthing reviews, do your Hypnobirthing practice & use your hypnobirthing anchors  to reframe your mindset of birth – consiously & subconsiously.

And please keep these great birth stories coming!

That Darn Due Date

That Darn Due Date

Siri just popped up uninvited (yet again) so I asked "When will I have my baby?" "Interesting question, I might have to get back to you" she replied. Good answer Siri! But it seems everyone else knows. The due date negotiations At my 10 week booking in appointment, my...

7 easy ways to loose your mummy grump!

7 easy ways to loose your mummy grump!

Do you have your grumpy trousers on?I'm only asking, because I have. Or rather I did. Only for a day but believe me, feeling grumpy or moody even for just a day (or two) is not nice. I knew there was a problem when everything seemed to be getting on my nerves. You'd...

Should I change to please my husband?

Should I change to please my husband?

"What's that?" Apparently not the comment to make when your husband has just gleefully told you he's bought two tickets to Depeche Mode. After grappling with the horror of my ignorance, he explained and I begrudgingly understood. It was going to be UB40 all over...

Hypnotherapy, Sleep and The Nickelback Effect

Hypnotherapy, Sleep and The Nickelback Effect

I observed the darnedest thing yesterday. And I'm not sure what was stranger. What I observed or the fact that I was surprised by it? I'll give you the background - as fast as I can. I'm a Hypnotherapist I know, but stay with me a mo. The power of Hypnosis astonishes...

High Speed Hypnobirthing

High Speed Hypnobirthing

My Hypnobirthing journey really started I would say as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Eliot. I had already decided that I wanted and needed my birth experience to be different from the fairly awful time I had had with my first son. I joined an aqua-natal...

This is my Good Baby

This is my Good Baby

I did the school run. I know, right? Two weeks ago I was having my third glorious hypnobirth and this week I'm back at work and taking on the school run (the latter being far more "Wow, you're not are you? So soon?" than the former in my mind. So on this dreaded...

Share your positive birth story!

Like it or not we’re surrounded by birth negativity. And it’s easy to be scared, because everyone’s telling us to be! But by telling our good birth stories and talking about our birth confidence we can start to turn to turn opinions around and help other people to talk fondly about their births too.

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