Pregnancy Relaxation Classes


Your pregnancy is a special time

No matter how beautifully you are blooming, pregnancy can be a challenging time. You may be feeling overwhelmed, suffering with morning sickness or may be in shock that your sleep is being disrupted even before baby arrives! Your life has probably got a whole lot busier as you try to get everything ready for your new arrival. All this, at a time when you feel you ought to be slowing down a little? Pregnancy relaxation classes enable you to take time out – just for you.


When you relax, so does your baby!

During the first half of each of these classes, you will learn how the brain/body connection works, how anxiety & stress develop and how they are perpetuated. More crucially, you will learn how that knowledge can help reduce stress and improve sleep. You will learn breathing techniques, visualisations & many other tips I have gained from my years of hypnobirthing experience and training.

During the second half of each class you will learn how to enter self-hypnosis, an enhanced state of relaxation. You will learn to switch off to all external pressures & worries and visualise the birth (and life) you want. While these sessions are not clinically therapeutic, we will use elements of hypnotherapy, hypnobirthing, mindfulness and neuro linguist programming. After all, why have a tool bag and not share your tools?!


When are the classes?

The courses run half termly.
Thursdays 10.30-11.30
The next course starts on Thursday 8th June and runs for six weeks.
Location: The Treetops Practice, Horspath, Oxford.


How much are the classes?

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