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Hypnosis for insomia

After a couple of hypnosis sessions with Steph I can sleep through the night! I feel great again. Thanks Steph.

Sean H

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Steph helped me tremendously during my IVF journey. After a recent miscarriage is was hard to be positive for the next round. Steph gave me the tools to feel relaxed & calm. It helped me feel a lot less stressed in all areas of my life.

Steph helped me think more positively about my journey and her fertility MP3 was wonderful for a positive nights sleep. I found this really effective! Steph’s hypnotherapy treatment was very powerful going through my 2nd round of IVF treatment. I felt really chilled and had a positive pregnancy (and birth).


Hypnotherapy for driving fears

My old fear of motorways has slowly, but steadily got better! I feel less flighty & less scared. Now I’m able to drive and feel more comfortable & content. As a passenger I’m less aware of the ‘what ifs’. So I’m able to focus elsewhere. Motorway journeys can now pass by quickly. Even arriving at a destination without me giving it a second thought!


Hypnotherapy for Stress

Steph’s hypnotherapy for anxiety & depression made a significant difference in my wellbeing. I believe it would have taken much longer to face decisions and to overcome my depressive state without hypnosis. I felt more at ease with daily challenges and best of all – my doctor didn’t have to increase the dose of my medication as initially planned.

Steph is a very knowledgeable and empathetic hypnotherapist who allows you to take centre stage while she facilitates the changes you want to make. An amazing experience!


Stress in Pregnancy

Steph supported me to manage stress and anxiety through some complexities within my pregnancy. I felt the results after our first session. Steph’s approach is compassionate, thorough & I felt comfortable and at ease. The information & therapeutic knowledge she provided was easy to understand. She helped me to feel more in control of the situation. I was able to take what I had learnt & apply not at home which was brilliant.


Hypnotherapy for IVF

I approached Steph after 2 x unsuccessful IVF cycles. Throughout the whole process I’d been anxious & unhappy. The more I thought about my lack of pregnancy the more the fears increased. I knew something had to change.

This third cycle everything feels different. It’s difficult to describe but I just feel ready. I’ve resolved so many inner conflicts (some I’d carried for years but didn’t realise I had!!!) I’m calm, content & excited about the future. 


Hypnobirthing after birth trauma

We’re ecstatic and don’t have another birth trauma to get over! Our daughter arrived today at 14:07 and it was the perfect hypnobirthing experince! I had her at home in 2 hours with no pain relief. I’m over joyed I was able to do it & can’t send enough thanks to you for helping me. It made the world of difference!


Hypnotherapy for confidence

Here are the benefits I have experienced since attending hypnotherapy sessions with Steph: 

  • Calmer
  • Career confidence
  • Reilience
  • Sales confidence (increased 3 fold!)
  • Positive outlook
  • Increased self awareness
  • Dramatic relationship improvement


Hypnotherapy for exam stress

I went to Steph for hypnotherapy when (as an adult) I decided to re-take my maths GCSE. For years, it felt like shutters had been closing me off whenever I experienced anything new or complicated. I therefore wanted hypnosis to calm my nerves and enable me to learn. I found Steph’s sessions thought provoking & calming. And I highly recommend it to anyone. I only wish that I went to Steph sooner!


Hypnotherapy for cancer

After cancer, Hypnotherapy helped me stop thining about my mortality & worrying about a reoccurence of cancer. I let go of old draining thought & fears. These had been hourly. With hypnosis my mind became freer. And I started to think positively. I felt more relaxed and playful. Whilst others around me even started commenting on the positive changes in me.


Hypnotherapy for natural fertility

Hypnotherapy changed everything. After a few sessions, I left the constant fears & worrying behind. Hypnosis brought me a sense of calm. A quiet hope. And it was like I could breath again – balance restored.


Public speaking

With a book launch approaching I was apprehensive. Apprehensive of PR events, media interviews & presentations. After a few hypnosis sessions with Steph I let go of the fears. (Fears fo my face going red, shaking or not getting my words out). My confidence increased. I adopted a new “I’ll give it a go” attitude. And I was able to focus beyone the events ahead of me.

It was all absolutely fine! I even noticed that my audience were listening to me & definately not judging me!!


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