I found the ultimate key to fertility in the strangest place. But this key needs a name doesn’t it? So lets call it Henry. Hypnotherapy Henry…


Getting pregnant is supposed to be easy


We are all warned how easy it is to get pregnant and how careful we need to be. We spend so long trying not to get pregnant that when we want to conceive, it can come as quite a shock if it doesn’t happen instantly! When you do eventually start talking about it, the more you realise how common infertility is. Everyone has a story to tell. They’ve been there, struggling with fertility or they know someone who’s still trying to conceive.


There’s a lot of advice available about fertility and I followed it all. Time kept passing by and we started to investigate why. After sitting on various waiting lists for what seemed like an eternity, after the usual tests and drugs we still had no answers…so amidst discussions of IVF I wanted to try one last thing…


Is hypnotherapy the missing link in fertility?


I’d had the idea of hypnotherapy floating around for sometime and I’d already tried some seriously weird fertility tips so hypnotherapy for fertility wasn’t that much of a leap. Of course we tried the alcohol free zone, the super food diet and several decidedly less mainstream tips that I believe

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