The Ultimate Key to Fertility

I found the strangest way to get pregnant. And it lay deep inside my subconscious mind. Parts Hypnotherapy helped me find a part of my subconscious that ‘said’ it was controlling my ability to get pregnant. And it needed my help to help me conceive.

I couldn’t get pregnant

And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how that feels.

I did it all. The charts. Recording my BBT & Ovulation. ‘Looking after myself’.  I won’t go on – I’m sure you know.

But with nothing happening. And IVF the next logical step…

I felt there was something else….

Was my mind holding me back?

So I googled Hypnotherapy 

Because whether we chose IVF or not? I wanted to know my mind was onside.

Can infertility be caused by the mind?

I can’t answer that.  But after all the disappointments. I’d been told by the Herbalist Michael MacIntyre, that there was nothing stopping me from getting pregnant. He even said my body was ready for pregnancy. My nutrition was good. My cycles regular. And my uterine lining now thick & nutritious (apparently).

So why wasn’t I pregnant?

But as time went on, I kept grieving for the baby I’d never have. And wondered whether I could be a good mother at all. And did I even deserve to be a mother.

I couldn’t switch off.

It got so bad, I was afraid of bumps.

I couldn’t be around pregnant women. Not even from a distance. It was like a phobia. And when you don’t want to see bumps – you see them everywhere.

Was fear making me infertile?

Seriously. We all know that stress affects our body. Fear in the short term helps us survive. But fear that keeps going, turns to stress. And stress can effect our immune system, digestive system, sleep, fertility and more.

Is Hypnotherapy for Fertility the key?

These days Hypnotherapy for fertility is pretty standard. Zita West saw to that! But back in 2007 I did well to even find a Hypnotherapist.

It started with EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) was not what I had in mind. I wanted Hypnotherapy. But EFT gave me a tool to use around pregnant women. And it did help a bit.But the next session was the game changer.

Parts Hypnotherapy was the key

Next was an advanced hypnotic technique called Parts therapy. And that’s when it happened.

As I drifted off into a deep & relaxed state my Hypnotherapist asked questions. She asked my subconscious about my fertility and to my surprise I found that I had answers.

My answers made no sense to me but she reassured me to say whatever came into my mind.

Then she asked if there was a part of my subconscious that was stopping me from getting pregnant? My thinking mind was saying this was stupid. But from somewhere else I heard a Yes.

The next question. “Will that part come forward and talk to us?” Again it felt strange, so the “NO” I was a relief.

But my hypnotherapist continued. She told this ‘Part’ that I wanted a baby, how sad I was. What a baby would mean to me. And somewhere I heard a YES.

I’ve never jumped out of an aeroplane but I imagine it feels just like I did in that moment. No going back.

Say hello to your fertility!

But then it got stranger. “What is your name?” And somewhere in the depths of my mind came the word.

We talked with this part. What was their job?

The answer make no sense. But my hypnotherapist thanked this part & then tried to strike a deal. This deal may have been the key to my fertility.

She asked this part to stop work and take a back seat for nine months whilst I grew my baby. Then the part could do his job again.  A deal was struck and I felt a weight lift.

In the coming days those feelings became more noticeable. Not brave enough for hope, but quietly content. Occasional doubts. (I wasn’t going to delude myself) But I put them to one side. And tried find a balance between optimism and doubt.

I got Pregnant with Hypnotherapy!

During my next hypnotherapy session, my Hypnotherapy session took me through my body, looking inside and describing how it felt. If it was happy? How it looked? The colours?

It was uneventful until we got to my uterus. I described it as warm and cosy. Did it need any work, any improvement? I didn’t think so. But it felt uneasy. Because I had the feeling that I was being watched. 

I’d been disappointed too many times to say. But I didn’t feel alone.

A couple of weeks later I realised that I could have told my Hypnotherapist. I wish I had. Because there had been someone in my uterus. Because almost straight after my  Parts Therapy my meeting with Henry, I fell pregnant! I just hadn’t know it yet.

Skipping back to Sharron to tell her the good news, she suggested that if I thought hypnotherapy for fertility was good…I should try hypnobirthing. (Which is another wonderful story)

But Parts Hypnotherapy changed me. It led to motherhood & a career in hypnotherapy helping other women conceive. Parts hypnotherapy finds the strangest things. And while I think I’ve worked out my part’s metaphor. I can often only guess at what my client’s internal metaphors might mean.

Deep in my client’s subconscious minds we’ve found colours, shapes, and things so specific I can’t share. 

And if you think I’m holding back on the details of my part? I am. I’ve left out the details because I don’t want to influence you. Or create unhelpful biases. I can tell when I’m talking to you, not your subconscious.

And it’s your subconscious we need to talk to.

Contact me here if you’d like to talk.



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