Why I chose Hypnobirthing

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Steph McGee

I’m a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist on a mission to help. And hypnosis feels like a magic wand. But in truth? The real magic is you.

Have a Hypnobirth was the best advice I’d ever had. 

So have a Hypnobirth

Seriously honey. Do it. You only get to birth your baby once and you wanna make it good, right?

All I said to my Hypnotherapist was I don’t want an epidural. And she told me to have a hypnobirth.

So I did. And I trusted her. Because I’d only had 3 hypnotherapy sessions with Sharron (Hypnotherapy for Fertility) and BOOM. I was pregnant! So when I asked how a hypnobirth could help?  Her “If you think Hypnotherapy for Fertility is good – have a Hypnobirth!” reply was enough for me.

Why have a hypnobirth?

At the time I didn’t know. But not wanting a needle in my spine, it had to be worth a try? But now that I’ve had that birth? Here are a few thoughts.


  • I was calm through labour
  • Relaxation was easy
  • Glove anaesthesia made my contractions painless
  • I got to established labour while my husband slept beside me
  • Most of labour was really easy
  • I didn’t need an epidural
  • Had no pain relief at all
  • My perineum didn’t tear!!!

So my Hypnotherapist did me a massive favour. She helped get me pregnant. And by recommending a Hypnobirth? Gave me a very positive birth.


Want to create a positive birth?

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