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Create a Positive Birth with Hypnobirthing

Would you like to enjoy your baby’s birth? Or for labour to be calm, comfortable & confident? Have you seen serene & beautiful youtube births and want that for yourself? However you plan to birth… It’s possible with Mindful Hypnobirthing. So believe the gorgeous birth stories. Trust your instinct. And discover how much KG Hypnobirthing can help & how I shall support you.

Pregnancy is a special time when we invest in good nutrition, pregnancy reflexology, yoga, the best Chiropractor or even gorgeous pregnancy photographyBut what about baby’s birth? You memories will stay with you and memories matter!hypnobirthing can take it to the next level!

My mamas & partners say they become relaxed in pregnancy. They trust their bodies & their babies. And are excited to give birth!

Because Mindful Hypnobirthing always makes a difference.

My name is Steph & I am on a mission to help Oxford’s nicest new parents create a smooth passage though pregnancy and birth. Because everyone deserves to feel calm & confident during pregnancy & birth.


Hypnobirthing Benefits mother & baby

Hypnobirthing Classes

Choose online, group, or private classes.

Positive birth is about information, knowledge and choice. So I offer you choice!

  • Group Classes – In Horspath, Wheatley, Thame & Witney (with new plans for Headington & Abingdon courses!)
  • Evening or weekend classes
  • Private classes in your own home, my relaxed Horspath Hypnotherapy practice
  • Not in the UK? Choose online classes with me via Skype or WhatsApp
  • KG Hypnobirthing Online learning


 Hypnobirthing Works!

“Have a Hypnobirth” was the best advice I ever had!

I used hypnosis for fertility and it worked!. So when my hypnotherapist told me to have a Hypnobirth I instantly followed her advice. And I’m so glad! I did my hypnobirthing practice and it all payed off. Relaxed & in bed, I stayed in a deep Hypnobirthing trance. Whilst aware of the work my body was doing I was calm, quiet and stayed completely undisturbed until I reached established labour. Following my instinct, I suggested a trip to Chipping Norton maternity unit & my baby was born within the hour. Lovely!


Katharine Graves Hypnobirthing Online course

An online Hypnobirthing course in your own home, at your own pace that you can revisit again & again.

Pregnancy Therapies

As well as Mindful Hypnobirthing & fabulous ongoing support, I offer therapies for pregnancy issues, birth & your postnatal transitions.  Plus new Mindful Breastfeeding classes! 


For Calm, Confident Births


For Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, Parenthood & LIFE

Rewind Technique

The quick solution for Birth Trauma

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