Online Hypnobirthing classes – Flourish & Flow through birth

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Give yourself a Good Birth

How are you feeling honey?

If you have niggling doubts about birth, are scared of the unknown or just want to get through labour in one piece?

You’re not alone

(I’ve been there too!)

But if you’re reading this?


You’ve finally found the HYPNO in Hypnobirthing

I’m Steph. I am here for the birth scared. The pain terrified. The overthinkers, the overworkers & the overachievers.

You can do anything you put your mind to. And you need MORE than the ‘play me an MP3’ mainstream hypnobirthing.

Because whilst I LOVE that Hypnobirthing is as BIG as it is?

I can’t bare what mainstream Hypnobirthing has taken away from you.


So I’ve put the Magic back into Hypnobirthing

Because when you have full confidence in YOURSELF?


When you learn to relax and feel calm – even without MP3s and scripts?



The one thing you know you’ll have during birth?

IS YOU! (And baby obvs!)

Your one true constant is you




And once you’ve got it in you. We build the rest too.

So where most modern Hypnobirthing methods have taken the hypnosis out of birth?

It’s like someone taking the ice out of ice cream! (It’s just warm milk!)

Here we put the hypnosis back.

And you get the real deal. Bells & whistles.

All the hypnobirthing techniques included


This is Hypnobirthing with Hypnosis




I keep reflecting on my labour and realise it was the most empowering moment I’ve ever experienced. I’ve never walked into anything with the confidence I did that day.
It was the most calm, loving and empowering experience of my life.

This is Autonomous Hypnobirthing

  • Hypnosis for birth to train body and mind in quiet & calm.
  • Pain science geekery to resolve discomfort & pain.
  • Mindset insights to increase confidence (soothing those doubts or fears).
  • Autonomy & freedom of needing nothing but you.
  • Freedom of all your other Hypnobirthing techniques too!
  • Feeling your good birth even if you don’t believe in yourself yet.
  • Owning a ‘focus’ that flows through all births
  • Sleeping well (weird I know, but this its a thing here!)

Whatever happens you can rely on you


 Relaxation tracks feel like work. But with hypnosis I can get lost in my own little world and completely switch off!


Hypnobirthing Classes

Online Hypnobirthing Classes:

  • Bells & Whistles Group Classes
  • Luxury Private Classes
  • Free Classes

Empowered birth is information, knowledge and choice. Calm and Control is hypnosis and flow.

 Birth is a spa day

Ok. So that’s a bit tongue in cheek. But birth WAS like a spa day for me.

Deeply relaxed and someone hogging the pool…

I tuned out of distractions, discomfort & pain.

Tuned inwards. Into my hypnosis. Into my own internal world. And discovered I could trust it implicitly.

Just noticing the movement. Keeping my mind quiet & still. Controlling the sensations.

Much to the astonishment of my Midwife!


KG Hypnobirthing Online pack

Don’t want my ongoing support?

Don’t want a clinical therapist guiding you through this hypnobirthing jungle?

Don’t want Hypnosis?

Don’t want the gold dust geekery of how pain hypnosis really works?

Then buy this digital Hypnobirthing course instead!

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Pregnancy Therapies

Are you struggling with something else?

Then relax.

Because I also offer hypnotherapy for: anxiety in pregnancy; toccophobia; fear of pain (or death); hyperemesis gravidarum; natural induction of labour; birth trauma (including Rewind Therapy) and anxious partners who want to get their heads straight before parenthood.

Group Hypnobirthing

Full Bells & Whistles and more affordable

Private Classes

Luxury. Hypnobirthing when you want it. Choose from 1hr to 10hrs to refresher classes.

Rewind Technique

The gentle & non-intrusive solution for Birth Trauma