Hypnobirthing classes in Oxford – learn the tricks to a calmer, happier birth!

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Give yourself a Good Birth

How are you feeling honey?

If you have niggling doubts about birth, are scared of the unknown or just want to get through labour in one piece?

You’re not alone

(And I’ve been there too!)

But if you’re reading this?

Something good is about to happen!

Because you’ve heard about Hypnobirthing. You’ve heard that birth can be GOOD! And deep down, you know it’s possible to feel calm & confident when you go into labour. And you can even enjoy giving birth!

Yep. You read that right. Birth can be the most exciting & enjoyable day of your life! A quick google search or a mooch around birth photos on instagram will instantly show you that birth can be beautiful.

And you deserve that too. However you birth. And it’s possible – with Mindful Hypnobirthing. So believe the gorgeous birth stories. Trust your instinct. And invest in your birth.

And learn from the one & only teacher who gives the same level of support everyone she works with. Me!

Pregnancy is a one off time for you to really invest in yourself & your experiences. Perhaps you’re already focusing on good nutrition & exercise. But what about baby’s birth?

Good memories matter. They last forever. will stay with you and hypnobirthing can help make them magical!

My mamas & partners say they become relaxed in pregnancy. They trust their bodies & their babies. And are excited to give birth!

Because Mindful Hypnobirthing always makes a difference.

My name is Steph & I am on a mission to help Oxford’s nicest new parents have a good pregnancy and birth. And everyone deserves a good birth. Especially you.

Hypnobirthing Classes

Online Hypnobirthing – Group & Private classes

Positive birth is about information, knowledge and choice:


 Hypnobirthing Works!

“Have a Hypnobirth” is the best advice ever!

I has hypnotherapy for fertility and it worked! So when my hypnotherapist told me Hypnobirthing works?

I listened

I did my hypnobirthing practice and payed off.

Relaxed in bed and in a deep Hypnobirthing trance. 

I new my body was in labour but I was calm, quiet and stayed completely undisturbed until established labour.

When it was time to go, I listened to my instinct. And my first baby was born within an hour of getting to the Cotswold birth centre.

No tears. No pain relief. Amazing!


KG Hypnobirthing Online pack

Don’t want my love, admiration & support?

Don’t want a clinical therapist guiding you through this hypnobirthing jungle?

Don’t want me on speed dial?

And don’t want to learn the gold dust knowledge that isn’t in main stream hypnobirthing?

Then try this online digital Hypnobirthing course by KG Hypnobirthing!

Pregnancy Therapies

Are you struggling with something else? I also offer hypnotherapy for pregnancy issues, birth & your fourth trimester.

Hypnotherapy can help with hyperemesis gravidarum, pregancy anxiety, toccophobia, pain, birth trauma rewind for you or your partner and more.


For Calm, Confident Births


Fertility, Pregnancy, Post Birth & onwards

Rewind Technique

The quick solution for Birth Trauma

What are you waiting for?

Discover the benefits of expert self-hypnosis for birth, Hypnobirthing & on going support

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