Private Hypnobirthing Classes

Online or In Person

Make birth easier on yourself


Hypnobirthing just for you, when you need it.


Let Private Hypnobirthing be your Perfect Solution

Perfect when you need:

  • Flexible classes because you can’t make my group classes
  • Hypnobirthing N.O.W. (because you are 35 weeks pregnant or more)
  • Personalised support because you are struggling with birth anxiety
  • Trauma Informed Hypnobirthing after a previous birth experience
  • Hypnobirthing for a planned cesarean section
  • A hypnobirthing refresher because you used hypnobirthing techniques before
  • Bespoke techniques just for you


What’s involved?

Hypnobirthing is a modern antenatal course that combines with the principles of mindfulness and hypnosis for birth.

The essence of Hypnobirthing is holding your mind gently focused through birth, in a positive and useful way. Hypnbirthing is:

  • Having confidence in your ability to give birth
  • Using the power of your mind (and body) to enhance your experience and reduce pain
  • Birthing in a way that feels right for you

Hypnobirthing includes:

Autonomous Hypnobirthing uses a multilayered approach of beautiful techniques & flexible methods to give you what you need – when you need it.


Because if you can’t do it – how can you expect anyone else to?

steph mcgee teaching an online private hypnobirthing class in which she demonstates the rotation of the baby in the second stage of labour with a brown antenatal doll, steph is seated and facing the computer screen as she talks


Can Partners join?

Yes. Birth Partner are welcome! And if you have more than one birth supporter, they are also welcome.

Can I book a weekend?

Yes. Just speak to me to check I’m available.

Can I spread payments out?

Yes. Give yourself time so payments are complete 2 weeks before your private sessions start.


Private Classes

private online hypnobirthing class in progress, white pregnant woman wearing a white vest top and blue maternity jeans as she relaxes on her bed and logs into her live online hypnobirthing class

Mini Hypnobirthing

A short Hypnobirthing course to cover your main need-to-knows. And although it’s rarely too late for my full hypnobirthing course, you may feel differently. This is not a full hypnobirthing course. Online only at the moment.

Please contact me here to confirm your chosen dates & times before making payment below.

Course length: 5 hours over 2 classes

Investment: £400

white pregnant woman from shoulders down making notes after her private hypnobirthing class as she relaxes on her bed in grey leggings and a pink maternity top

Full Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing online or in the convenience of your own home.

Discover the secrets of a calm, connected birth over 4 deeply relaxing classes. Keep positivity & confidence with you through any type of birth.

Please send me your preferred dates & times if you can’t see them in the link below.

Course length: 10 hours over 4 classes

Investment: £700

black toddler sitting on a wicker chair is wearing a white cardigan and looking at a white ipad while her parents prepare for their hypnobirthing refresher class

Hypnobirthing Refresher

Perfect if you’re confident and have done a Hypnobirthing Course in a previous pregnancy. Your baby or toddler is welcome!

Course length: 2 hour class

Investment: £120

Want something a bit different?

Singer Jerome Arab nurturing his newborn son

Birth hour

Birth coaching, hypnobirthing top up or time to talk through your birth plan.

Call me if you need a session fast!

Session length: 1 hour

Investment: £75

Hypnosis for Birth

This luxury option is pure birth hypnosis that’s created just for you!

Hypnosis for birth is POWERFUL technique for those who want ultimate control.

Click ‘Book’ below to see my availability.

Course length: 4 one hour sessions

Investment: £400

confident breastfeeding mother who did a mindful breastfeeding course in pregnancy from shoulders down carrying her baby close in a brown sling

Private Mindful Breastfeeding

An antenatal breastfeeding class that recognises the need for self awareness, connection with baby and mindfulness to enhance your breastfeeding journey. Make a confident start to breastfeeding!

Online group courses available

Course length: 3 hours over 2 classes

Investment: £299