Private Hypnobirthing Classes

Online or In Person

Make birth easier on yourself


Hypnobirthing just for you, when you need it.


Private Hypnobirthing is the Perfect Solution

Perfect when you need:

  • Flexible classes because your diary is busy
  • Focused learning because a self paced digital course won’t get done
  • Personalised support because you deserve it
  • Hypnobirthing FAST when you are 35+ weeks
  • Trauma Informed Hypnobirthing after a previous birth experience
  • Hypnobirthing for a cesarean section
  • Refresher Classes when you’ve used hypnobirthing before
  • Bespoke techniques especially for you


What’s involved?

Hypnobirthing is a modern antenatal course that combines birth education, neuroscience, mindfulness and hypnosis for birth.

And the essence of Hypnobirthing is holding your mind gently focused through birth, in a positive and useful way.

Hypnbirthing is:

  • Having confidence in your ability to give birth
  • Using the power of your mind and body to have a better experience and reduce pain
  • Birthing in a way that feels right for you

Hypnobirthing includes:

Autonomous Hypnobirthing® is my multilayered approach of beautiful techniques & flexible methods, meaning that your hypnobirthing can be what you need, when you need it most.


Because if you can’t do this easily – how can you expect anyone else to?

steph mcgee teaching an online private hypnobirthing class in which she demonstates the rotation of the baby in the second stage of labour with a brown antenatal doll, steph is seated and facing the computer screen as she talks


Can Partners join?

Yes. Birth Partner are welcome! And if you have more than one birth supporter, they are also welcome.

Can I book a weekend?

Yes. But you won’t see weekends on my booking system so speak to me to see what’s available.

Can I spread payments out?

Yes. Give yourself time so payments are complete 2 weeks before your private sessions start.


What you get

This is my full 4 classes course. For shorter courses, we will focus on whatever you need most in the time we have! So just pop me an email and get ready for a fast and lovely reply!


4 Themed classes

Class 1 – First steps

A lesson if life!

Let’s demystify Hypnobirthing & birth and get you fired up for a fabulous birth. The way the mind works and how it affects your life, not just birth! This is your time to relax and reset, build your confidence, knowing where birth fear and pain come from, and prepare yourself with the techniques to stop them in their tracks.


Class 2 – The Big Easy

The class you’ll want to do again and again!

You’ll learn everything from Hypnobirthing Anchors, affirmations, your subconsious colour, to Glove Anaesthesia and the Breathing Queen. This is about deep connection with your Hypnobirthing skills and deep connection with your partner and baby. And I’ll teach you the medical hypnosis pain techniques as they apply to hypnobirthing that ‘the modern hypnobirthing machine‘ won’t teach you.

Class 3 – The Game Changer

You’ve got skills honey!

You have your Hypnobirthing foundations. And your physical & emotional needs are THE SAME however you birth. So now we’ll apply the principles of physiological birth to supported birth, cesarean birth, induction of labour & augmentation as you learn to use your hypnobirthing however you choose to birth. And we’ll talk right to choice, your right to decline, how to speak up without being birthzilla and being good with being one as well! Be empowered and content to birth your way on your day, even when medical surprises arise.

Class 4 – Your Big Day!

And it all comes together beautifully

Let’s put this all together – how birth works on the day, how to use your hypnobirthing through the stages of labour, all the wonderful things your partner can do too. If you don’t know already (and even if you do!) let’s think birth location. After all, this is the one birthday when surprises aren’t fun. But being prepared can make such a difference. And let’s talk about baby! This is your baby’s journey too, so learn how to get even more out your Hypnobirthing and nurture those first precious moments together.

Plus hypnobirthing relaxations & birth hypnosis techniques each week. So you can be confident with your decisions, techniques, affirmations, breathing, Hypnobirthing MP3s, and free flow hypnosis.

I just breathed my baby out! Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy & birth! It put me in a positive, calm & accepting state of mind which was so important. Especially because this was my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to expect from labour!

Namvula Renee

Singer, Oxford

And More

Ongoing support

Not to be sniffed at and you might not need it…but it’s priceless if you do!

Hypnosis for Birth Techniques

You’ll get all the usual Hypnobirthing relaxations. But I’ll share tips & tricks straight out of hypnosis for birth & medical hypnosis as well. Develop skills, that you’ll have for life.

The Hypnobirthing Book by Katherine Graves (Optional)

Not essential. Just an optional extra. We’ll move on to the real HYPNO your in class!

Course folder of notes & posters

I’ll email these pdfs before you start. The folder contains useful links so please have a browse!

Email Drop

Throughout your course I’ll send you gems like:

The calm email: A list of all the gorgeousness you conjur up in class 2

The birth film email: Confidence boosting (hand selected) positive births films with everything from free birth to hospital birth & positive epidurals

The cesarean hypnobirthing email: Inspiring natural cesarean births & person centred cesareans

The Resources email: Links to birth knowledge bases no one should be without without

All this an essential antenatal hypnobirthing course.

I whole heartedly say there is no way my birth would have turned out the way it did without you. I can’t thank you enough for your support at such a vulnerable time being pregnant. Thank you Steph, for empowering me to tap into my instincts and being an amazing teacher.



This course is for you if you:

Like to know why?

Are an over-thinker, over-worker or over-achiever

Procrastinate or worry

Fear pain (or birth)

Want to feel better than the best

Or LOVE to be proactive!



If you’re ready to invest in your birth experience?


Hypnobirthing Content

10 hours, over 4 classes.

For full flexibility of class times & dates? Take a look at my private hypnobirthing course options.

  Class One

  • Hypnosis, Mindfulness & Relaxation
  • Hypnobirthing logic
  • Mindset of birth
  • Birth hormones
  • How births works
  • Stages of labour
  • Surges
  • Hypnobirthing effect
  • Colour Anchor for pain
  • Birth environment
  • Neuroscience of fear/stress
  • How to get better at birthing right now!
  • Your first Hypnosis

 Class Two

  • The power of breath
  • Up breathing
  • Vagal Tone
  • Visualisations during surges
  • Relaxations & Visualisations
  • Glove anaesthesia
  • Anchors
  • Instinctive Pain Relief
  • Comfort measures
  • Birth environment
  • Hypnobirthing in hospital
  • Optimal position
  • Breech babies
  • Back to back babies

 Class Three

  • Due date fallacy
  • Knowledge is power
  • Water birth
  • Pain relief options
  • Membrane Sweep
  • Induction of labour
  • Instrumental birth
  • Gentle C-section
  • Congruency – the secret to good birth in hospital! busy birth environment
  • Observational looking
  • Sequencing for pain reduction
  • Reduce Tearing
  • Gentle fear release hypnosis

 Class Four

  • Birth place choices
  • Home birth
  • Early labour signs
  • Fake false labour
  • Birth environment
  • The car journey
  • Vaginal examinations
  • Established labour
  • Mobility & instinct
  • Why wee wee
  • I want to go home
  • Transition & Crowning
  • Why Adrenaline is good!
  • Down breathing
  • Golden hour & bonding
  • Mindful Breastfeeding taster

Private Classes

private online hypnobirthing class in progress, white pregnant woman wearing a white vest top and blue maternity jeans as she relaxes on her bed and logs into her live online hypnobirthing class

Mini Hypnobirthing

A short Online Hypnobirthing course to cover your main need-to-knows. And although it’s rarely too late for my full hypnobirthing course, you may feel differently. This is not a full hypnobirthing course. Contact me for in-person classes.

Please contact me if you can’t see space in my diary.

Course length: 5 hours over 2 classes

Investment: £400

white pregnant woman from shoulders down making notes after her private hypnobirthing class as she relaxes on her bed in grey leggings and a pink maternity top

Full Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing online via zoom (contact me for in-person classes in Oxfordshire).

Discover the secrets of a calm, connected birth over 4 deeply relaxing classes. Keep positivity & confidence with you through any type of birth.

Please contact me if you can’t see space in my diary.

Course length: 10 hours over 4 classes

Investment: £700

black toddler sitting on a wicker chair is wearing a white cardigan and looking at a white ipad while her parents prepare for their hypnobirthing refresher class

Hypnobirthing Refresher

Perfect if you’re confident and have done a Hypnobirthing Course in a previous pregnancy. Your baby or toddler is welcome!

Course length: 2 hour class

Investment: £170

Want something a bit different?

Singer Jerome Arab nurturing his newborn son

Birth hour

Hypnobirthing top up, or eager of up skill?

Call me if you need a session fast!

Session length: 1 hour

Investment: £95

Hypnosis for Birth

This luxury option is pure birth hypnosis that’s created just for you!

Hypnosis for birth is POWERFUL technique for those who want ultimate control.

Click ‘Book’ below to see my availability.

Course length: 4 one hour sessions

Investment: £400

confident breastfeeding mother who did a mindful breastfeeding course in pregnancy from shoulders down carrying her baby close in a brown sling

Private Mindful Breastfeeding

An antenatal breastfeeding course to help you feel connected with yourself, connected with baby and connected with your infant feeding journey. Includes lashings of mindfulness to enhance your breastfeeding journey! Make a confident start to breastfeeding before you give birth!

Discover the self paced Mindful Breastfeeding School’s Digital Course £80

Course length: 3 hours over 2 classes

Investment: £299