Hypnotherapy for Children & Teens

It’s not easy being a parent. And you want your child to be happy & settled.  So let’s talk.


Hypnotherapy for children is a little different. After all, children aren’t mini adults.

Children usually respond to Hypnotherapy faster than adults. And because children are like sponges, solution focused therapy is a particularly positive route forwards.

Parent’s typically seek help for their child’s fear, phobia, sleep or other anxiety based issue.

Some parents/carers like to start with a session just for them. You play a key role in supporting your child  therapy. And you know your child best.

So understanding how you can best support your child is a good place to start.

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A few things to know

Younger children relax differently to adults. Rather than using formal hypnosis, children are more easily drawn into a waking trance/ hypnosis with conversation and practical exercises.

In person, or via Zoom, a parent or guardian needs to be present during each session.

You are a valuable part of this wonderful change work. 

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Hypnotherpy for older children

It’s not easy being a teenager. And life has so many more pressures than it used to. So again, hypnotherapy is a positive step forward.

Hypnotherapy for older children and teens is focused on solution focused conversation. Some older teens also find formal hypnosis helpful.

And a parent/guardian needs to be present during sessions.

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Are you ready to get started?

Positive change just takes one first step. So let’s start.

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