Is Parts Hypnotherapy the answer?

Parts Hypotherapy is a gentle & advanced combination of Neuro-linguistic-programming with Hypnosis.

Communication with the subconsious mind can help to alleviate a wide variety of issues.

Hypnotherapy & the subconscious mind



Have you been trying out different therapies for a while? And haven’t found the answer yet?

Maybe you’ve tried different techniques, different therapists, but nothing has changed?

Integrated Parts Hypnotherapy might be the answer.


“Everything is about something else” – Dr Brian Roet

Parts Hypnotherapy can gently take you to the ‘Inner World’ of your subconscious mind. And it’s often described as the key to resolving stubborn issues. 

Do you have a persistent internal image or story that you want to be free of?

Do you need to make a change and while it should be easy, you just can’t escape old habits?

Does it feel that something on a deeper level is holding you back?

Perhaps it feels like one part of you is saying Yes while the other is saying No?


You don’t need to book your Parts hypnotherapy separately. This is yet another hypnotic tool I have to help bring about calm, find resolution or help you choose the right path. Just tell me if this sounds useful? And this will be seamlessly woven into your hypnotherapy sessions.

What is Integrated Parts Hypnotherapy?

Our internal worlds sends us messages in the form of thoughts, feelings, self talk, metaphors & images.

And whilst these messages always start out as helpful? When they are not updated, they can become less helpful. Sometimes even problematic. 

Many psychological symptoms are the result of internal messages being inaccurate, out of date or unhelpful. The aim of this therapy is to identify the internal messages and improve them so they are giving appropriate, useful information.

We all have an internal world (everything inside us) and an external world (everything outside us), each of which, is very real. What happens in our internal world can determine our attitudes, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions towards the external world.

Integrated Parts Hypnotherapy uses direct communication with your subconscious mind to first find, then resolve the inner messages that are out of date, or no longer helpful. 


“I first approached Steph after 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles. Throughout the whole IVF process I’d been anxious and unhappy. And the more I thought about my lack of pregnancy the more these negative feelings increased. I knew something had to change but I wasn’t sure what? After working with Steph, everything feels different. I just feel ready. ” – Sofie


Let Hypnotherapy be your success story

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