Integrated Parts Therapy

Have you been seeking help for months or years? You may have tried numerous techniques and therapies but are still looking for the key to your problems? Advanced Hypnotherapy can help.

Advanced Hypnotherapy

Integrated Parts Therapy is an advanced form of Hypnotherapy. I will take you to the ‘Inner World’ of your subconscious mind. Integrated Parts Therapy is often described as the key that can resolve issues that have otherwise proved challenging or relentless.

We all have an internal world (everything inside us) and an external world (everything outside us), each of which, is very real. What happens in our internal world can determine our attitudes, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions towards the external world.

The Internal World

Our internal worlds sends us messages in the form of thoughts, feelings, self talk, metaphors and images so it is very important that these messages are accurate, up to date and helpful. When they have become out of date and no longer helpful, I can help you.
Many psychological symptoms are the result of internal messages being inaccurate, out of date or unhelpful. The aim of this therapy is to identify the internal messages and improve them so they are giving appropriate, useful information.

Find inner solutions with

Often the problem that clients are seeking help for is in fact caused by something else. With Integrated Parts Therapy I can help you resolve the ‘something else’.

Address the workings of your subconscious mind with

The mind is like an iceberg. The conscious mind, the part you are aware of is only a small part of the mind. Beneath lies the large expanse of the subconscious mind and with Integrated Parts Therapy, an Advanced Hypnotherapy technique for can find your key to change.

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