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Steph was amazing. She made me feel totally at ease and was able to help me through a difficult time with hypnosis, I thoroughly recommend her.

Michelle Richards

Fashion House, Oxford

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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Book one session at time, at a pace thats right for you.

Investment: £75

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5 Session Pack

For longer term clients.

Investment: £350

I was worried about seeing my ex at a big event. But (with hypnosis) I felt a million dollars & felt nothing but that lovely lightness of being which I have to say has continued!
Katie R

An all round inspiration, Oxford

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a communication therapy that can help create wonderful change in perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours with the skilful use of solution focused therapy & the power of hypnosis

People will tell you it’s magic, but the real magic’s in you.

And putting my practical boots on…because there are different types of hypnotherapy, please do your research before deciding who to work with.

I want to work with the right people too.

And what I most love about my work, is that we don’t have to talk about your past…unless you want to!

“When therapy shifts from becoming a “less of” to a “more of” approach, building on what’s working, everything changes” – Evan George

Life throws us stress

Work problems, weight worries, health issues, relationship stress, and deadline after deadline.

And no matter what any of us do, I’m sorry to say. 

Life just keeps throwing us surprises.

But whatever is going on, whatever you’ve been through or are going through now, these external factors and your internal responses to them  – needn’t define you.

And those internal thoughts, feelings and physical responses due to whatever is effecting you?

Can Change

And living your best life, your happiest life, your most successful life. Whatever life throws you way…


How to prepare for a Hypnotherapy session

  1. Start with the Initial Consultation
  2. Returning your therapy consent forms
  3. Book Hypnotherapy Sessions at a pace that feels right for you
  4. Look out for an email with your unique Zoom login when you book
  5. Session times can be adjusted when you give 24hrs notice or more

Hypnotherapy is valuable self care, and this is online, so check your diary is clear & that you are unlikely to be disturbed. You might like to have a glass of water, and be in a comfortable chair. And because our body temperature can drop a little when we relax, you might find a blanket useful.


Relax, this is Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the best of Hypnotherapy.

By choosing a Clinical Hypnotherapist – like me, you have the reassurance of my advanced training & my ability to work with more complex conditions and medical issues.

So in addition to stress, I can also specialise in hypnosis for the menopause, fertility, chronic illness, trauma, and more.

But it’s also worth knowing that I am not a doctor, so I cannot use terms like ‘treat’ or ‘cure’.

And I ask that you keep seeing your GP as normal.

“Problem talk creates problems, Solution talk creates solutions” – Steve de Shazer

What happens in the Initial Consultation?

An Online Initial Consultation is required before booking a new course of Hypnotherapy or Rewind Therapy.

During this session I will:

  • Take basic details, including contact information
  • Ask why you want Hypnotherapy
  • Establish if there are any medical reasons not have hypnotherapy
  • Describe how the therapeutic process works
  • Start to formulate a therapeutic plan
  • Answer your questions

Afterwards you will receive my client consent forms (via email or post) which should be returned before your first Online Hypnotherapy Session.


What you need to know about Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a deeply relaxing state of focused awareness, that’s described as a trance-like state. The hypnotic state helps to quieten the critical mind and help the creative power of the subconscious mind to create positive change.

Key hypnosis need to knows:

  • you are in always control
  • you can come out of hypnosis whenever you want
  • there is no physical touch
  • different people prefer different types of hypnosis, so feedback is important

See the CNHC quote below for the formal description of Hypnotherapy.

What does the CNHC say about Hypnotherapy?

The Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) is  the independent UK regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners.

They say Hypnotherapy is:

Hypnotherapy is a skilled communication aimed at directing a person’s imagination in a way that helps elicit changes in some perceptions, sensations, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

In a typical hypnotherapy session the hypnotherapist and client will discuss the intended alterations or therapeutic goals desired. The hypnotherapist will ask questions about previous medical history, general health and lifestyle to decide on the best approach for the individual.

Hypnotherapy may be found to be helpful for those seeking relief from a range of problems and is used alongside a person’s own willpower and motivation to seek a desired goal. It is often used to help relieve anxiety, aid sleeping, help to address bedwetting, address attitudes to weight, and help clients achieve behavioural change to stop smoking. It may also help with minor skin conditions that are exacerbated by stress and confidence issues, and may also be used to enhance performance in areas such as sport and public speaking. Hypnotherapy may help people to cope with and manage the relief of perceived pain.

Hypnotherapy has also been used with both adults and children to help manage the pain associated with irritable bowel. There is evidence to support its use in this condition for both adults and children and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Guidance (NICE) recommends the NHS should consider referring patients for hypnotherapy if their irritable bowel is persistent and has failed to respond to simple prescribed medicine.


How much is Hypnotherapy?

Clinical Hypnotherapy is £75 per session and prices for other hypnotherapies vary.

How long is a session?

Up to 60mins.

How often do I have to see you?

Weekly or fortnightly is most usual. For most issues, I recommend you book one session at a time and stop when you feel you’ve made enough change.

What happens in the Initial Consultation?

We will:

  • Establish your priorities – what do you want to work on first?
  • Discuss a therapeutic plan – that can always be changed
  • Gauge how often & when to might like your sessions
  • Build a picture of your best hopes
  • Check for medical contraindications – contact me if you feel this applies
  • Provide you with consent forms & explain my policies

How often do I have to see you?

Weekly or fortnightly is most usual, but it’s up to you. For most issues, I recommend you book one session at a time and stop whenever you feel you’ve made enough change.

What is a Hypnotherapy session like?

Relaxed and hope filled. We will talk about what is most important to and I shall assess the effectiveness of your hypnotherapy in each session. 

What does Hypnosis feel like?

Deeply relaxing. It’s like being on a spa day but without any stress!

What do you help with?

Hypnotherapy can help with anything – from sport to stage fright! But the focus on my practice is on women & teens and I have a particular passion for fertility, pregnancy & the menopause. As well as disordered eating, weight and body related problems, and of course – trauma.

 So if you’re reading this thinking:

“My life is great. But there’s one problem I can’t fix by myself”

“I’ve been struggling with this for ages and I’m sick & tired of it”

“I know I’m amazing, so why do I always X, Y and/or Z”

“My family would be so happy if I could just get control of this one thing”


So let’s start making some changes, shall we?

This is where Hypnotherapy is bespoke to you.

You have your own hopes and goals, and I’m here to get it done.

Most of my clients have tried other therapies before but they find the help they need here.

Hypnotherapy can help with a range of issues from anxieties, low mood, addictions, bad habits, to sleep, fertility, childbirth and more. If you feel that your mindset (or subconscious) is holding you back, then hypnotherapy can help. And positive change is easier with advanced hypnosis.

When we talk about problems and focus on problems?

We get better at problems!

Solution focused, Clinical Hypnotherapy is different.

Ready for change?

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Rewind Technique

Described as ‘Closure without disclosure’, the updated Rewind Technique (RT) is a fast and effective way of helping with trauma, PTS, PTSD & CPTSD. This technique is helpful if you have experienced and are struggling to move on from a traumatic, life threatening or extremely stressful event.

The Rewind Technique has the benefit of non-disclosure. So you don’t need to tell me what heppened for this to help.

And only a few sessions are required. Sometimes one session might be enough. This can be booked alongside other hypnotherapy sessions or as a standalone therapy. Contact me to book.