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Your Initial Consultation is the first important first step before working with me. Whatever your hopes or chosen Hypnotherapy – start here!

Prices and Booking

Prices for Hypnotherapy sessions and packages are below! Want to know my availability? Just click the relevant BOOK button. Questions? Scroll down for Frequently Asked Questions. And questions, contact me!

Initial Consultation

New client? Start here and click Book to see my availability. This short session is a lovely starting point to your therapy. It’s important for us to meet first, talk through the foundations of our work together and give you time to decide if I’m the therapist for you.

Investment: £60

Time: 45mins

Hypnotherapy – Single Session

Hypnotherapy includes a world of fabulous techniques ranging from restoratortive and transformative to specific, targetted and artful. Each client is as individual as the methods we select for you.

Investment: £95

Time: 60mins

Rewind Therapy

Closure without disclosure, Rewind therapy is quite possibly the ‘cleanest’ way to resolve trauma & phobias. Minimum of 2 sessions required, so if wanting to book more, you might like to consider my Therapy session pack below.

Investment: £95

Time: 60mins

Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy is an ‘inner world’, therapy often useful where other therpies have failed, when you feel like the ‘something’ is about something else or when you feel a ‘part’ of you is standing in your way. Minimum of 2 sessions required, so if wanting to book more, you might like to consider my Therapy session pack below.

Investment: £150

Time: 60mins

Hypnotherapy Session Pack

A session pack of 4-6 sessions that includes any of the hypnotherapies above.

Investment: £85

Time: 60mins

Mini Session

Already a client and just want Hypnosis? Or just to talk? This mini session is perfect when you just want to talk something through, or lie back for pure hypnosis.

Investment: £60

Time: 35mins

IVF Hypnosis Session Pack

Session pack of 4 sessions that includes 2 (in session) recordings of IVF hypnosis.

Investment: £100

Time: 60mins

Hypnosis Recording

In session recording of your own Hypnosis.

Investment: £40

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we play email ping pong for weeks…see if your questions are answered here…

How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need?

I suggest planning for 4-6 sessions but if you have a deadline we will work to that!

How often should I book sessions?

Weekly or fortnightly is usual to begin with.

Is hypnotherapy a quick fix?

Yes, Hypnotherapy might be quicker than you expect. But there is no evidence that hypnosis works instantly. Even the typically ‘quick’ things like a simple phobia, single incident trauma and certain fears usually need a good 3-4 sessions.

And some things takes longer…

Complex issues & long standing problems, phobias or habits can take time. Whilst I’ve worked with people who’ve lifted crippling anxiety in just a few sessions, most time a little time. Complex phobias such as emetophobia or agoraphobia and stubborn habits such as hair pulling (trichotillomania), nail biting or skin picking (dermatollimania) tend to take longer.

You know you best. So if you are really struggling and have been for a while, then putting yourself under pressure to instantly  transform, or allowing anyone else to push you quicker than you are ready? Well, it’s unhelpful and unfair.

Research has shown:

  • Menopause benefits from a defined programme of 5 hypnotherapy sessions
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) benefits from 6 or 12 sessions.

All problems have unique complexity and we are all different so one size rarely fits all.

But I always work hard to help and suggest that you book as many sessions as you need and not a session more!

Can you help me with more than one problem at the same time?

Yes! I work hollistically, so even if we only work on one thing, you might find that other things improve as well. But tell me your priorities and we’ll get started.

Do you do in-person Hypnotherapy in Oxford?

I am an Online Hypnotherapist in Oxford, UK. I am registered in the UK, hold UK insurance and am the member of various UK professional bodies including the:

  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • National Hypnotherapy Council (NHC)
  • International Association of rewind Trauma Therapists (IARTT)
  • Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH)

I don’t routinely offer in-person hypnotherapy sessions and because I am an Online Hypnotherapist, any requests for in person therapy must be specifically discussed with me in advance by phone.

Do you send me details when I book?

Yes. As an Online Hypnotherapist, my booking system is entirely online.

Click any of the book buttons above to see my diary and availability.

On booking, you will automatically receive an email with your unique zoom session linked and your computer or phone should allow you to put that straight into your online calendar.

30mins before your booked session time, you will autoatically receive a helpful email reminder containing your unique zoom link.

New clients will be asked to complete my online privacy form straight after booking.

What happens if I miss a session?

Payment is made on booking and I require 24hours notice of any changes.  You can reschedule your session date or time yourself via your booking link as long as you do it more than 24hrs ahead of time. If you are late to session I will make very effort to contact you and will stay in your session for the full duration in case you are running late. Refunds are not given if you do not attend.

Do you do discounts?

Yes. I try to keep space for one discounted therapy session a week which is always on a Wednesday morning, GMT. As I am only able to take one client on at this rate at anytime, please let me know if you are interested I shall give you an idea of the waiting time.  In line with by IARTT memberships, war veterans can have Rewind Therapy for free.