An investment in yourself

How many hypnotherapy sessions do I need?

4-6 sessions is most usual, although some of the complex or longer term issues may benefit from more.

Is hypnosis a quick fix?

Some issues tend to be resolved in just a couple of hypnotherapy sessions; such as stop smoking (when there are no underlying issues), ‘simple’ phobias and single incident traumas. Even more complex traumas may only require 4 or 5 sessions. Beyond that, there is no evidence to suggest hypnosis is a click your fingers and ‘ job done’ therapy.

All problems have unique complexity and variation so one size rarely fits all, and there is often more than one thing that needs addressing.

After reaching their goal, some of my clients go on to join the ‘fix me’ brigade, meaning that after resolving the bigger problems, they pop back once or twice a year to ‘top up’ or ‘tweak’ their mindset when something has happened.

Which issues takes longer?

Complex issues & longer histories may take longer. But not always. So whilst I’ve worked with people who’ve lifted crippling anxiety in just 2 or 3 sessions, most find they need a good 4-6 sessions, with complex phobias such as emetophobia or agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder related conditions (OCD) such as hair pulling (trichotillomania) or skin picking (dermatollimania) needing specific support.

Research has shown that the menopause benefits from a defined programme of 5 hypnotherapy sessions, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) benefits from a defined programme of 6 gut directed hypnosis sessions.

And food related problems such as eating disorders, binge eating or other forms of disordered eating need a gentle approach which takes time. And of course, with food related problems you can’t just stop, its about building a more comfortable relationship with food and helping with the commonly associated problems such as shame, overwhelm, negative self talk and anxiety.

Can you help me with more than one problem?

Yes. We will establish your therapeutic priorities in your Initial Consultation, but because we will work hollistically.

How often should I have sessions?

Weekly or fortnightly is most usual.

In person or online Hypnotherapy?

I am an Online Hypnotherapist in Oxford, UK. I am registered in the UK, hold UK insurance and am the member of various UK professional bodies such as the CNHC and NCH. My clients are in the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.  On booking, you will automatically receive an email containing your unique Zoom login details, and you received a helpful reminder 30mins before your session as well.

In-person hypnotherapy sessions need to be specifically agreed before booking & spaces are limited. Please contact me direct to ask about in-person availability. 

I'm doing a Price Review...

Nothing is changing yet, and only people starting after the price change will be effected….phew!

Initial Consultation - £50, Book this first if you are a new client

£50 for a 45min session

This is the starting place when you are thinking of working with me so start by booking your initial consultation here.

Your Initial Consultation is a short session that enables us to put all the admin in place before using hypnosis, hypnotherapy or rewind therapy. This means we can check that hypnotherapy is right for you, get your consent forms in place, and just check that there are no medical reasons that would stop you from working with me. We shall also talk through how much time you might need, and if you are unsure, what to book. And of course, if you decide that hypnotherapy is not for you, you are not obliged to book anything else!

Hypnotherapy - £75

£75 for a 60min session.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the classic combination of Therapy and Hypnosis, hence the name – Hypnotherapy!  My most popular option, book your hypnotherapy sessions one at a time, to suit your diary and timescale, but please start with an Initial Consultation if you are a new client or have not worked with me recently.

Hypnotherapy session pack - £65

Book 4, 5 or 6 sessions – £65 per session.

Created upon client requests – this option allows you to block book 4-6 Hypnotherapy sessions at £65 per session instead of £75. Please be aware this is a commitment to your purchased sessions, so if you are new to hypnotherapy or feel you can resolve things more quickly, please book single sessions instead.

If you are a new client, please book an Initial Consultation first (otherwise we will have to use your first session of 5 for admin) then book your Hypnotherapy 5 session pack here.

Lightening session - £40

Just 30mins. Online only.

Just for existing clients – this is 30mins just for talk OR 30mins of just hypnosis. If you just want to talk, or you just want hypnosis. This is perfect!

If you are a new client, please book an Initial Consultation first and use this lightening option alongside your normal therapy sessions.

Rewind Therapy - £90

£180 for 2 x 60min sessions.

Rewind Therapy always requires a follow up assessment session so please book a minimum of 2 sessions.

The number of sessions required will depend on how your traumatic or stressful event presents itself and is not necessarily determined by how long the trauma went on for or how many separate events you experienced.

Please leave a minimum of 2 weeks between your Rewind sessions. And if you want hypnotherapy as well, you can just book it in for the intervening weeks or later on.

As per all my therapies, please book an Initial Consultation before we start, and then book your Rewind Therapy sessions here.

Integrated Parts Hypnotherapy - £150

£300 for 2 x 60mins.

Parts Hypnotherapy requires a follow up session so please book a minimum of 2 sessions. The number of sessions required will depend on  what you are struggling with and what you want to achieve. I suggest leaving one to two weeks between sessions, and where I feel you are more suitable for Clinical Hypnotherapy I will tell you.

Integrated Parts Hypnotherapy can feel like the key to unlocking some of the more stubborn conscious or subconscious and whilst not limited to fertility, is a popular technique for fertility fears, doubts or perceived blocks and is usually used in conjunction with clinical hypnotherapy as well.

Please book an Initial Consultation and then book your Integrated Parts Hypnotherapy sessions here.

Hypnosis 4 session pack- £100 (for IVF or Birth)

£400 for 4 x 60mins.

Self Hypnosis is a 4 week programme of creating and developing your own internal journey of hypnosis that is perfectly designed for you.

Once you have booked your Initial Consultation;

Choose from: Hypnosis for IVF, or if over 20 weeks pregnant, Hypnosis for Birth.

A programme of self hypnosis can also be helpful for chronic pain, insomnia or anything else when you don’t feel you ‘need’ the therapy bit but think you would benefit from a powerful programme of learning to harness the mind in a positive, focused and deeply restful way.

Practice is required between sessions but with commitment, it should should start to feel like a joy, rather than work, and having this level of deep, inner control is worth its weight in gold!


Wednesday Offer –  Ask me about my offer for online sessions on Wednesday mornings. Ask for details.

Unless otherwise requested all sessions booked are online and you will be sent a unique zoom login for your session. Since covid, I moved to online hypnotherapy, but based in a leafy corner of Oxford, Oxfordshire, if you need in person sessions, please speak to me before booking.