Rewind Trauma Therapy

Healing without Revealing

Freedom from Trauma starts here

Trauma is a normal response to an abnormal event. Your reaction to what you have experienced is understandable. But the trouble is?

Trauma feels like hell


At best? The effects of trauma are irritating rather than debilitating. But these effects can last for years without treatment.

At worst? Trauma can turn life upside down.

Trauma changes people

white woman in a brown leather chair wearing black jeans, grey jumper and a blue robot mask which represents the distressing symptoms caused by PTSD

Trauma can feel like the real you has been lost

Like all normal life has ended. And there’s no way back. You might not even remember what ‘normal’ feels like.

But some traumas can be more subtle. Life may seem good. But an unresolved trauma can lead to more subtle long term changes in emotions & behaviour.

Either way? All these normal trauma symptoms make life harder than it needs to be.

So given the strong and complex emotional responses a traumatic experience can lead to?

It’s only natural to want change

“Everything’s changed – I feel so much better!”

– Jo (Traffic Collision)


mid 40s woman with long blonde curly hair, wearing a grey sweatshirt and blue leggings relaxing whilst hugging one knee on a luxurious brown leather recliner during a rewind trauma therapy session with steph mcgee

Rewind Trauma Therapy is Freedom from Trauma

Most people associate trauma with years of therapy. They expect sessions to be emotional, draining and painful. And that’s just for one traumatic event…


The rewind trauma technique (RTT) is fast and effective. You don’t even need to talk about the trauma for Rewind to be successful.

I had some serious PTSD around my 4 year old son almost drowning. It happened so fast and I couldn’t process how it could have even happened. I had flashbacks for months afterwards (and) I struggled to fall asleep because those flashbacks would play over and over when I closed my eyes. After a few sessions with Steph the flashbacks and fears and even anxiety feelings in my chest just kind of dissipated. Even now when I think about it, it seems like a fact instead of a trauma. Steph is unreal. I don’t know how it works, I just know it does.
Mara Riopel


“I feel much better. Those niggling negative thoughts are less and less frequent, I find I am not self-sabotaging. Or when I do go to do this, I am more aware and stop myself.”

– SB (Bullying)


When Rewind combines with Hypnotherapy the ‘head based’ work of Rewind is balanced with the somatic & calming qualities of soothing Hypnotherapy.

And whilst the old ‘map it out’ style reframe is rightly regarded as outdated? The confidence building methods of solution focused therapy & hypnotherapy can naturally rebuild your self perception in a truly comfortable way.

I didn’t cope well after a car accident. Like there was lot’s of stuff going on in my head.  I was scared of roundabouts and avoided the crash site.
I felt normal again after seeing Steph. My family told me how much better I seemed. It was nice to not have the stress & worry in the front of my mind. I was able to drive past the crash site without even noticing it. Roundabouts were fine. I could handle everything better. I felt in control again.


“I am amazed that your Rewind sessions could make such a difference!”

– PK

trauma therapist steph mcgee smiling at camera and resting her face on her left hand

I help traumatised clients who are:

  1. Effected after a single trauma
  2. Struggling with 2 or 3 separate traumas
  3. Symptomatic following years of trauma
  4. Overwhelmed by the complexities of trauma
  5. Suffering from common symptoms of anxiety, low mood, fear, phobic responses or avoidance. But are unsure if these symptoms are caused by a known trauma
  6. Undiagnosed
  7. Diagnosed with Post-traumatic stress disorder, Complex PTSD or birth trauma
  8. Seeking therapy after a recent trauma
  9. Seeking therapy decades after the trauma

Whatever the reason?


Freedom from Trauma starts here

“I felt really good. Everything was better”

– Saif  K (War Trauma)


For 7 months since my son’s birth I was constantly going over what happened. I was easily triggered & had very intense emotions when anything to do with birth was mentioned.

Since our sessions it’s been very different. It is not that I haven’t thought about what happened (although much less). But I have not had the same intense emotional response or been triggered. It feels like the storm has passed and I can look at the landscape with a sense of peace & calm. Thank you so much for your empathy & support.



What is Rewind Trauma Therapy?

Rewind Trauma Therapy helps the mind to recognise a trauma as a past event. This means the mind can view the event or events from a controlled, non-threatening perspective without connecting to the emotions. Rather than its current state of fear and danger.

The Rewind is different from other imaginal exposure therapies because details do not need to be disclosed to the therapist.

And there’s no need to talk about your past.

Originating from NLP Rewind is also often described as a visual-kinaesthetic dissociation technique. Rewind has been updated with the most effective method being the Dr David Muss Rewind – Rewind Trauma Therapy.

Suffering with birth trauma, I was sceptical. I didn’t know if trauma therapy would actually help me move on from the thoughts that kept replaying in my mind. But working with Steph meant I moved forward and reduced my anxiety significantly. It wasn’t at the forefront of my mind or all consuming anymore.
B. Berry


How does Hypnotherapy help trauma?

Think of hypnotherapy as a holistic continuum. When you set out to positively change one thing? Other things start improving as well.

So whilst Rewind helps to file away past trauma into long term memory. Hypnotherapy helps with the knock on effect of all the other problems caused by trauma.

Because trauma doesn’t just cause flashbacks, fear and intrusive memories.


In my 30 years of living through the trauma of war, there were plenty of stories in my head. I was angry. I felt guilty. Scenes I just kept seeing again and again. After just one session I felt calmer and much better. By session 4 I knew I was getting better. By the end I felt really good. Everything was better. Way better!

Saif K


How does the rewind technique work?

First let’s look at how non-threatening memories vs traumatic memories are processed.

Normal events are passed from short-term memory to long-term memory through part of the brain called the hippocampus.

During a traumatic experience the natural survival mechanism (fight/flight/freeze response) activates and floods the body and mind with stress hormones.

Stress hormones can stop the hippocampus from processing disturbing events in the same way as normal events. This means the event can get stuck in short-term memory where it continues to feel present or like a threat. This means the memory of the traumatising event keeps triggering the stress responses.

Rewind is a logical technique that allows the mind to see the traumatic incident from a calm, dissociative perspective.

So the trauma stops feeling like a threat.

Rewind helps the brain process the trauma like a normal event.  So the trauma memory passes into long term memory where the mind has emotional control (as it does all other non-traumatic memories) and helps to calm the central nervous system.

I felt so guilty after a car crash. I was anxious. Not sleeping. I kept thinking I’d hurt someone even when I knew it wasn’t my fault. No one even got hurt!
After working with Steph, I definitely felt better. I felt normal. Like myself. I was enthusiastic about things again and back to my usual activities. It was nice to not have the stress and worry in the front of my mind.  I felt in control.


The Rewind Technique is nuanced

Establishing your role is one of the keys to rewinds success. So we will establish if you were the:

  • Victim
  • Onlooker
  • First responder
  • Offender
  • 3rd party after the event
  • Therapist





Book an Initial Consultation

If you are new client, please start by booking initial consultation

What can you expect in your first session?

Events: If you have experienced multiple traumas we will prioritise what to rewind and in what order. Lifting the emotional & psychological effects of the most ‘triggering’ events is the key to success.

IES: I will read you a series of statements on a form called an IES (impact of events) form. Your answers will help us decide if rewind is helpful and which events to rewind first.

Role: Establishing whether you are the victim, onlooker or other will inform our methods within the rewind technique.

Rewind: I will talk through the technique and explain how to do it from a non-emotional perspective. Staying non-emotional is not needed for therapy to be successful – it is for your comfort.

Repetition: We will repeat it several times until you are happy that you completed fully. After each repetition, you can expect to find it easier and more calming.

Assessment: I will ask you a series of simple questions after each rewind to check that you followed instructions. I shall give you feed back and offer to repeat the rewind.

Repetition: Be reassured that everyone needs to repeat this at least 4 or 5 times in a session to be sure that we have done enough. And the technique takes just 2 minutes.

It’s explaining what to do that takes the time

What happens in the Rewind?

During Rewind I will ask you to:

  • Imagine the trauma as a film on a screen
  • Play that film through a fast forward and a faster rewind
  • Start the film from a ‘good’ moment before the usual start of the traumatic intrusions ( I will help you identify this good starting place)
  • Stop the film at the worst possible point
  • Include what you imagined as well as what happened
  • Enjoy the increasing sense of calm you will experience
  • Do enough repetitions to get it right

“The guilt has gone”

– CG (Birth trauma)


Before working with me clients say they are:

  • Sick and tired of feeling this way
  • Haunted by memories, dreams or reoccurring thoughts
  • Triggered by everyday things
  • Triggered by any reminder
  • Struggling with the way it made them feel
  • Over thinking things
  • Unable to trust
  • Struggling with other issues as well


After working with me clients say they have:

  • Got their right mind back
  • Started living again
  • Lifted the weight from their shoulders
  • Found the joy again
  • Lost the fear & anxiousness
  • Lifted the guilt
  • Lost the short temper
  • Stopped the angry outbursts
  • Enjoyed good sleep again

“The joy has come back”

– Jess

Healing without Revealing

This is about healing – not raking over the past.

So tell me what happened. Or don’t. Do what feels right for you.

Don’t dig into the trauma. Don’t relive the trauma.

Because unlike other therapies?

You don’t need to:

  • Describe the trauma over and over…
  • Share all the traumatic details….
  • Focus on all the triggers…
  • Relive the events

And I won’t ask you to tell me about your childhood!

This is healing without revealing.

Time to leave trauma behind


Therapy shouldn’t be traumatic

Unlike other trauma therapies. You don’t need to ‘build yourself up’ before sessions. You don’t have to talk about the traumatic event for this to work. Unless of course you want to.

Because therapy should be comfortable.

And Rewind Trauma Therapy is certainly comfortable

So this is a gentle process. That does involve work. But you can come to therapy feeling reassured. Knowing that sessions will get easier and easier.

Are you ready to start living again?

“It feels completely different. I know we did a good job!”

– LW (Birth trauma)


Book Rewind Therapy

A single event can be lifted surprisingly quickly. Complex events or multiple traumas usually benefit from more sessions. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to talk through your therapy options.



Single Incident trauma, Multiple Incident or complex PTSD

Investment from: £180

A minimum of 2 sessions is required to include Rewind, and follow up Assessment, but you can book up to 6 sessions here if we know that you need them.

Set Yourself Free

Symptoms of trauma are resolvable.

A calm mind is just a few sessions away.

Expect to feel better after every single session.

And look out for the positive changes – they might surprise you!

Because holistic approach combines the best of multiple trauma therapies to help regulate body & mind to a renewed normal.

When the mind experiences something deeply stressful it goes into emergency mode (fight/flight/freeze). Most people will naturally find their mind settles within a few weeks. But when the mind get’s stuck in the trauma leads to symptoms of hyper-stimulation, avoidance, flash backs, intrusive thoughts, anxiety, fear and more. 

Long term unresolved trauma can lead to chronic anxiety, anger, guilt, low mood or depression, including post natal depression. And can be linked to disordered eating, eating disorders & addictions.


It’s normal – but not helpful.


So let’s start lifting this with a therapeutic transformation therapy that helps to resolve even the little things.

Rewind trauma therapy & trauma informed hypnotherapy gently combine to help lift the symptoms of trauma, sooth the central nervous system and reprogram the mind to a state of calm.

Are you ready to come alive again?


Online Trauma Therapy

Book a chat to talk through your options

There’s no need to struggle

Trauma is one of the most damaging and stressful conditions a person can suffer.

And whilst almost everyone will experience trauma in their life time, for most it gets filed away into long term memory and ‘parked’. But for a small unfortunate few, this doesn’t happen.

This can lead to symptoms of trauma, anxiety, fear, anger, guilt and more. For some it leads to increased anxiety or fear across all aspects of life. For others the traumatic event stays vivid and real. Trauma can leave a person in a constant spiral of fight/flight/freeze, making the normal ‘you’ feel like a world away.

How to lift trauma

Trauma can be lifted. And we can do it fast.

Trauma is resolvable. And you can be free of it.

Rewind Trauma Therapy and Hypnotherapy are a fast and highly effective combination that help to release the symptoms of trauma and the longer term (trauma related) problems other therapies can over look


Pregnant with my second child, I was diagnosed with birth trauma. I asked Steph to help with anxieties about my impending birth.

I was amazed at how my traumatic birth experience and memory were no longer constantly at the forefront of my mind. It was much harder to focus on the details of my previous birth when thinking about it and it was no longer raw.




Can trauma really be fixed?

It’s easy to think there’s no way out. That said, no therapy can guarantee results. But Rewind Trauma therapy reports 90% success rates and as your therapist, my client success rate is even higher.

Which session pack should I book?

Single incident traumas can usually be resolved with the 4 session pack. I recommend the 8 or 12 session pack for Complex trauma/CPTSD so we can resolve the effects of experiencing multiple traumatic events and dedicate at least one session to each event. Book a 15min chat here to talk through your options.

What if I need more sessions?

Choose any session pack with the flexibility to book single sessions or another session pack if you need it.

Does online therapy work?

Yes. By being in your own home, in a nice familiar space you can relax even more than you might in clinic. And you have the benefit of zero travelling!

Do I need a PTSD diagnosis?

No and I’m not here to diagnose you. PTSD is often mis diagnosed as anxiety or depression so it’s common not to have had a diagnosis and it’s definately not needed for our successful  working together. That said, I do recommend you speak to your GP before starting any new complimentary therapy. And please continue with any medical treatments you are currently having.

Do I have to have the Rewind bit?

No.  In your first session, I will read you a list of reactions that trauma victims commonly report. It’s called an IES assessment and is used in most mainstream trauma therapies. Your score will tell us if Rewind is useful for you. If it’s not we can continue with trauma informed hypnotherapy and solution focused therapy.

Can I book one session & see if it helps?

This is therapeutic approach is a game changer. So whilst one session would help? It wouldn’t do justice to you or the therapeutic transformation you deserve to get.

Can I move my session?

Rescheule any session 24hrs in advance via your booking email.

Trauma symptoms range from unbearable to horrific. When your everyday life has been turned upside down, you’ve forgotten what ‘normal’ feels like and symptom are triggered by the most ‘ordinary’ of things?


Healing without Revealing

There is light at the end of the tunnel. And being free from Trauma is easier than you think.

We can start getting the ‘real you’ back from the very first session. And best of all, you don’t need to give me details of what happened. So unlike other therapies? There’s no need to talk about the trauma over, and over, and over.


How does Rewind work?

Rewind Trauma Therapy helps the mind view the trauma from a calmer perspective. Where the trauma is no longer seen as a direct threat. And can be processed into the long term memory where it stops feeling so ‘present’. This is like pressing the stop button on trauma.

Healing Trauma without Revealing Trauma

There is light at the end of the tunnel. And being free from Trauma is easier than you think.

We can do this quickly and easily. And we can start getting the ‘real you’ back from the very first session.


Healing without Revealing

I describe my therapeutic methods as healing without revealing because unlike other therapies you don’t need to talk about what happened for Rewind Trauma Therapy to be successful.

This means you don’t need to spend session after session talking about all the traumatic details. You don’t need to ‘build yourself up’ before your sessions. And you can expect to feel better and more like yourself – quickly.

Set yourself free from the symptoms of trauma and PTSD and lets start getting the real YOU back.


Rewind Trauma Therapy (RTT)

RTT is a fastest & effective way to lift the symptoms of trauma without having to relive the event (or events) and without having to disclose painful details during sessions.

Rewind therapy helps move memories of traumatic events from the short term memory to the long term memory. So the events no longer feel present or overwhelming and the longer term problems they cause can start to lift away.

I’m here to help you get free from the struggles of flashbacks, insomnia, hyper-arousal, avoidance and intrusive memories.

My clients are amazed. You can expect to notice positive change from the very first session. And Rewind Trauma Therapy works for most people.

Key benefits include:

  • Minimal sessions required
  • Healing without revealing the details of your trauma
  • Recovery from symptoms can be fast


Rewind Technique

Believe me when I say – nothing surprises me.

I’ve worked in various trauma focused frontline roles and supported people through the most challenging moments of their lives.

I know how unfair life can be. How things can go wrong & how horrid people can be to each other.

But suffering long after the event does no one good.

So let’s do this. Shall we?