Hypnosis for Birth

Hypnosis for birth is your very own, bespoke birth preparation. Your hypnosis techniques are created just for you. So perfect if you want to do everything your own way!

Different to hypnobirthing, hypnosis for birth is where hypnobirthing began. And most research quoted as evidencing the benefits of hypnobirthing, is based purely on hypnosis for birth!

So while Hypnobirthing should be in everyone’s birth bag?

Hypnosis for Birth might feel like a better fit for some.


Is Hypnosis for Birth different to Hypnobirthing?



Offered only by birth trained Clinical Hypnotherapists self hypnosis for birth teaches you deep hypnotic techniques & breathing techniques for birth. Unlike hypnobirthing, hypnosis for birth contains just key antenatal education to enhance your existing knowledge. And unlike Hypnobirthing, this is not prescriptive. So no listening to someone else’s idea of relaxation for birth. Because we create your very own!

Hypnosis for birth takes you deeper into hypnotic birthing techniques. And creates techniques just for you. So your own:

  • Safe place
  • Visualisations
  • Hypnotic pain relief techniques
  • Breathing for birth
  • Surge (or contraction) control
  • Hypnotherapy (if you need it)

The focus of this Oxford Hypnobirthing package is on hypnosis & mind-body techniques. And so sits beautifully alongside any high quality antenatal course. Or better still, consider this a luxury – to submerse yourself in after one of my Oxford Hypnobirthing courses.

pregnant woman practising self hypnosis for birth whilst sitting is a gentle yoga pose at home with her partner

Discover the unique benefits of Self hypnosis for birth 


Over four positive & solution focused hypnosis sessions you will discover:

  • What childbirth really entails & why fear has sadly become so entwined with birth
  • How your body births & the vital role of your mind
  • A beautifully deep state of relaxed, self hypnosis for childbirth
  • Your own unique ‘safe place’ with your hypnosis
  • How to release fears or anxieties you may have about birth
  • Confident self hypnosis for birth practise
  • Hypnosis without the use of a hypnobirthing MP3 (relieving you of time restrictions or MP3s that stop too soon)
  • Glove anaesthesia techniques bespoke to you
  • Surge control techniques
  • Your favourite breathing for birth techniques

This self hypnosis for birth package can help you develop your own birthing tools & put you back in control of your birthing experience.

As your Hypnotherapist, I give you a wealth of hypnobirthing teaching experience. And it’s reassuring to know that I’m a registered Clinical & Medical Hypnotherapist. So you can tailor your self hypnosis for birth sessions to your needs, and I can guide you as you wish. If we identify elements of other programmes or therapies that you will benefit from, in most cases, we can simply incorporate them for you.

 About your bespoke Hypnosis for birth

Your first session is an opportunity for you to discover more about child birth and self hypnosis for child birth.  We will also discuss what you would like to achieve. We shall start to construct your ‘safe place’, your own hypnotic induction and your own guided visualisations. And then I will guide you through your first self hypnosis practice.

I suggest that you practice your self hypnosis for birth every day between each of your sessions with me. This will give you the opportunity to fine tune your hypnosis skills with my help.

During the following three sessions you will develop the ability to reach a deep & luxurious state of hypnosis during birth. You will learn to maintain your hypnotic state for as long as you wish and learn to enter in and out of your hypnosis as you wish.

We will develop and advance your self hypnosis techniques each week. Until you have a full tool kit of breathing techniques & hypnosis techniques bespoke to your needs. Bespoke to your birth.

 Some key points

  • This is a course of 4 one hour sessions.
  • Ideally spaced about a week apart.
  • Hypnobirthing course attendees might find 3 self hypnosis sessions sufficient.
  • If you have a birth partner, they might like to come to the first session.
  • The remaining 3 are just for you. So that any therapeutic elements are private to you.
  • This can be used as a luxury add on to any of my oxford hypnobirthing courses.
  • If you want a hypnobirthing course as well? See group course dates here. And the full price list including private classes here.

Hypnobirthing vs Hypnosis for birth?


Hypnobirthing has a strong, modern and enlightening antenatal content. You are provided with a range of hypnobirthing techniques. Hypnobirthing breathing techniques. And your Oxford Hypnobirthing course provides you with The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves, hypnobirthing scripts and the Colour & Calmness MP3 for your hypnobirthing relaxations.

Hypnobirthing techniques are prescriptive. And there is a great range of content. So while I recommend you practice all your hypnobirthing techniques, you may find you are more drawn to some hypnobirthing scripts & MP3s than others.

If you need something a bit different I will show you how to mix & match to create your own perfect hypnobirthing relaxations. And we can draw in some elements from self hypnosis for birth.

What sets hypnobirthing apart from self hypnosis from birth is the antenatal education. You will have a whole medical system to navigate & hypnobirthing teaches you how find your way. It’s ok to change your birthing preferences. Information, risks & benefits are a vital part of decision making. Hypnobirthing empowers you to ask questions and say what you need.

Self hypnosis for birth

If hypnobirthing is 40-50% hypnosis for birth, self hypnosis for birth is 70-80% hypnosis for birth.

In almost every case if you can choose only one? My recommendation is that you choose hypnobirthing rather than self hypnosis for birth.

Self hypnosis for birth is perfect if you’ve had a good past birth experience. Want to do something really bespoke after your hypnobirthing course. Or have a very specific birth path ahead as such as cesarean section.

This is also a great option if you want flexibility. E.g. hypnobirthing techniques guide you to butterflies, the sea. or baby in a basket. hypnobirthing involves stroking the hand to invoke warm numbness, hand on bump and more. If you need something different & truly flexible – this is for you.

If you are short on time but are able to spread these 4 session a minimum of 5 days apart? Self hypnosis for birth is perfect.