Hypnotherapy for Pain


Pain is a multi-sensory experience that is unique to you. No one can truly understand what you are feeling or how you are suffering, because they simply can’t feel your pain. And words are rarely enough to describe just how bad it can be.

We all experience pain differently.

So if you & I were to suffer exactly the same injury? Our pain would not be identical.

Which means empathising with pain is hard, and putting in someone else’s shoes is impossible.

Pain is a multi-sensory experience

Pain is affected by all the senses. And it’s why, at times for no obvious reason, some days can feel worse than others.

So when I ask “When have you noticed that the pain is better?” I’m often told:

  • When I’ve got a day off work
  • I’m nicely busy
  • On holiday
  • Out with the family
  • Relaxing with a book
  • Eating out
  • Cuddling the dog

Pain is affected by how you feel, time of day, stress levels and even your expectations.


steph mcgee hypnotherapist wearing a white top with black horizontal stripes and relaxing in the therapy chair

Pain perception

How much pain you feel is affected by perception.  And just to be sure we are on the same page? I’m focusing on chronic (persistent) pain here rather than acute pain.

Because when you have been suffering pain for 3 months or more. It starts to change the way the mind deals with it.

So the phrase that doctors often throw out…

It’s all in your head

Isn’t quite the insult it might seem.

Because instead of it’s all in your head, it might be more helpful to say that when the mind has been focusing on pain for so long? It can struggle to switch off, even after the initial problem has gone. And it needs help.

That help may come from prescribed pain killers that give your body and mind a chance to stop the cycle of pain. But in some cases the subconscious mind needs a bit more persuasion.

Hypnosis for Pain

Hypnosis for pain is powerful. And understanding how pain works can be a game changer.

Hypnosis can teach you to tone down the perception of pain. Adjust your noticing biases. Even give you subconscious mind a direct instruction to do some heaalthier and more helpful.