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Wahoo! You’re pregnant!

Welcome to the rollercoaster of excitement, joy and glorious day dreams….but maybe you’ve also noticed it’s the green light for someone sharing really unhelpful birth stories, perhaps a few a niggling worries (or whoppers?) and all those ‘safety dates’. 

And now you’re here. Which is a good thing!

Because it means you are starting to plan for your birth, thinking about antennal classes & hypnobirthing…and how you really DO want to feel on the day you birth your baby (instead of how you don’t!)


And wherever you are at, however many weeks you are? You’re in the right place. Years of experience, unstoppable passion, and the REAL science of hypnosis for birth in your Hypnobirthing classes.

Oxford Hypnobirthing Classes are taught by Steph McGee, pictured in a beautifully light attic room on the left of shot, head and shoulders visible wearing a pale grey jumper. Steph is smiling at her blonde haired toddler whoo's face is partially hidden by a black and white panda he is holding up to camera

 Hey I’m Steph! I love birth and I love supporting you!

Pregnant with my first, all I was worried about were epidurals and the head coming out, but thankfully someone suggested Hypnobirthing. So when I went into labour I knew how to switch off, rest up and give all my energy to birth. And WOW it was good!

So I want to help you dial down pain, find your inner space, that quietness of mind and navigate your birth choices with confidence.


pregnant woman adds notes to her birth plan after her hypnobirthing classes

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing  is an antenatal course with a focus on how EVERYTHING works. While your usual antenatal classes focus almost entirely on the practicalities of birth (with just a nod to the mindset) hypnobirthing focuses on the role your mind and body play in how you feel when you give birth and how you can use that knowledge to your advantage!

Sociable, practical classes

“I’m doing nct to make friends and hypnobirthing to learn about birth!” said one of my clients before she booked up… But Hypnobirthing classes are as reassuring as they are sociable. So make friends, learn the science (I call it the WHY) behind a bunch of evidence based techniques to create calm, release muscle tension and find your flow. You’re welcome to come alone or bring a birth partner. And YES, you can do nct as well. All birth education is encouraged!

heavily pregnant woman standing alongside her partner at an antenatal class
heavily pregnant woman standing alongside her partner at an antenatal class

Sociable, practical classes

“I’m doing nct to make friends and hypnobirthing to learn about birth!” said one of my clients…until she met her class mates! Because these antenatal classes are as reassuring as they are sociable. So make friends, and learn a bunch of evidence based techniques to create calm, release muscle tension and find your flow. You’re welcome to come alone or bring a birth partner. And YES, you can do nct as well. All birth education is worth it!

steph mcgee, pregnancy hypnotherapist working online as she supports a pregnant client in Oxford by talking through her mode of birth plans


Birth rarely goes to plan so when you sign up to my hypnobirthing course, my support is included if your plans change. So if baby’s breech and you’re refered to the mode of birth team, you decide to choose an induction, or some other curve ball has meant your plans have changed? You can phone, email or book a free zoom chat to talk through your new birth plan and how to keeo your birth positive.

What makes Oxford Hypnobirthing different?

I know we all feel differently about birth. But whether you’re brimming with confidence or brimming with concerns?

Hypnobirthing is the perfect way to nurture yourself emotionally and physically. And it’s time for you to focus on making birth better for you!

I’m a hypnosis geek, a biology graduate. And I have a background in trauma and pain (in a good way!). I know the science of Hypnobirthing, the evidence, how to put a relaxation or pain relief technique together for BEST EFFECT. And I have completed 5 separate Hypnobirthing methods, so I know what works – and what doesn’t.

So my birth preperation classes are full of nifty mind-body tools and techniques for birth. Giving you the luxury of autonomy and choice so you can relax and focus, as you make your way through labour and birth.

And because I’m all in on hypnotherapy & medical hypnosis?

Included in this good solid Hypnobirthing course?

Are ingenious extras so you know how to:

  • Locate to space for quick calm on arrival to hospital or maternity unit
  • Deeply relax in spite of distractions
  • Turn down worry, pain or muscular tension in 3,2,1
  • Learn the ultimate technique for reducing pain
  • Sooth the fight/flight/freeze mechanism in a few simple steps
  • Connect deeply with your hypnobirthing relaxations
  • Choose the best birth affirmations, knowing how they work
  • Ask your midwife questions with confidence and calm
  • Express freely yourself without sounding like birthzilla (unless you want to!)
  • Positively prepare body & mind from your very first class

So whilst the modern hypnobirthing machines describe hypnosis as ‘weird’ or ‘woo woo’? When you get right down to it, the techniques of real hypnobirthing are so deliciously good, you’d be mad to leave it out.

You need it in your birth bag!

Does hypnobirthing help with pain?

Ever heard Hypnobirthing described as a pain relief method?  


Because unlike analgesics that damped down pain, or anaesthetics that block pain…

Hypnobirthing works to help you:

  1. Reduce the chance of you needing pain relief
  2. Reduce the amount you want (if you do want it)
  3. Stay more comfortable for longer so if you do reach for pain relief later, it’s later in labour

And most of what you know about pain is probably wrong. There is no such thing as a pain signal, pain doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong and in some cases your pain levels are determined even before labour starts:

Pain is a multi-sensory experience and it is unique to you. It is affected by your past, your present, your expectations, your environment, your mood and even the people around you. 

So by fully understanding your pain mechanisms, you will be in a better position to stop pain or discomfort before it even starts, be in a better position to cope, and make decisions about pain relief that you feel comfortable with.

So you will learn the science of what pain is, why we experience it and why pain doesn’t always mean something is wrong. And Hypnobirthing helps you take birth back to what it should be, a normal (amazing!) event that you can look fondly back to in the years to come.

When you’re expecting a baby, it’s normal normal to feel a bit apprehensive or under prepared. And it’s perfectly normal to be worried about pain.

You have a right to agency.  Autonomy. To find your voice.  Create the kind of birth you want and know where you will find your inner quiet on the day. 

You need Hypnobirthing!

Birth plans, preparation and knowledge lead to better births

Your baby will be born! So let’s stack the good birth odds in your favour and get informed about birth, your options and your instincts. Learn how birth works. And if you have a partner who’s coming to class, let’s help them feel more confident & better equipped to help.

Hypnobirthing is more than just a pain relief method. It’s your mind-body birthing know how. It’s everything you want to know about birth plus:



Birth is rarely perfect and plans can often change. So when you sign up to one of my courses, you can phone or email any time.

If your Birth plans change, I offer a free follow up service, so we can have a chat, a zoom meet or play ’email ping pong’ for as long as you like. So if baby’s breech, you’ve chosen an induction, or some other curve ball has come your way? I’m here to talk through your new birth plan.


  • Birth hypnosis tips & tricks
  • Relaxation & comfort measures
  • Breathing techniques
  • Massage
  • Tearing prevention
  • Hypnobirthing Anchors
  • Positive birth preparation & management
  • Affirmations, scripts, congruency
  • And more!

On your Oxford Hypnobirthing courses we cover all types of birth. So whether you’re planning a home birth, obstetric birth, water birth, C-section or getting an epidural as fast as you can.

Hypnobirthing needs to be in your tool kit.


Hypnobirthing Classes in Oxford

Be birth ready & feel birth steady

Small group classes in Oxford (photo taken in the Spires 10 minutes before birth!)

What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing (with me) combines antenatal logic, brain-birth insights & the techniques behind self hypnosis for child birth. Plus a full tool kit of relaxation techniques, comfort measures and reframing of fear. Course content combines to reframe birth fears or worries, rebuilds your own natural birthing techniques & provides you with a confident route forward. Hypnobirthing can ultimately help you to have a more comfortable, calm & empowered pregnancy, labour & birth. 

Signed up for nct?

Perfect! Hypnobirthing is the perfect addition!


Hypnobirthing is a no-brainer. If you want to drive, get a driving license. Parachuting, do the pre jump course. Having a baby, do hypnobirthing!

Hypnobirthing is that good!

My Promise to you

Golden hour, mother with her newborn after birth
I care what happens to you. And I’m here to help. When you book one of my courses my support is ongoing. Because you never know when your ‘plan’ might change or baby will throw a curve ball.

Or you just need to talk to someone who can see the bigger picture and reframe things…It’s really helpful!

And your Hypnobirthing should be easy. So if you want a group course, but can’t make a class? If your course is full?

Hopping between group Hypnobirthing courses is possible. Booking a mix of private & group classes is easy.

Is Hypnobirthing worth it?

You will remember your baby’s birth forever. So feeling more relaxed during your pregnancy & stacking the good birth odds in your favour makes sense. With endless advanced hypnosis, a diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy & 3 hypnobirthing methods under my belt. I want to help you.

If you’re researching safe sleep options, measuring prams to see which will fit your car or trying out Oxford sling library in advance – Hypnobirthing can help you. Because being prepared. Knowing your options. Understanding your body & mind. Knowing how to stay calm & confident. And enjoying your birth. Really helps.

You can find good information about babies and birth in many places, but Hypnobirthing is the only thing I know that actually makes a difference to your experience of giving birth.
Katharine Graves

Hypnotherapist, Doula & KGH founder

Your hypnobirthing course content

5-6 hours of Hypnobirthing Oxford gold.

2 evening classes – see my Group Class dates. And for full flexibility & bespoke courses see my Private Hypnobirthing courses.

Class One

  • How Hypnobirthing works
  • Mindset of birth
  • Birth hormones
  • How birth works (well)
  • 3 birth must haves
  • Surges
  • Hypnobirthing effect
  • Mind-Body-Birth
  • Hypnobirthing relaxation
  • Birth affirmations
  • How to use birth relaxations (or turn them into birth hypnosis)
  • Hypnobirthing practice
  • Mindful Practice
  • Surge breathing (inc up breathing)
  • Visualisations for surges
  • Relaxation scripts
  • Glove aneasthesia
  • Short cuts to calmness
  • Anchors
  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Comfort measures
  • Perineal massage/Epi-No
  • Reduce Tearing
  • Optimum position
  • Breech babies
  • Back to back babies

 Class Two

  • Due date fallacy
  • Informed birth & consent
  • Navigating the system
  • BRAINs & risk
  • Tens machine
  • Water birth
  • Gas & air (entenox)
  • Opioids & Epidural
  • Stretch & Sweep
  • Induction of labour
  • Instrumental birth
  • Gentle C-section
  • Confidence Relaxation
  • Hypnosis for a busy birth environment
  • Signs of labour
  • Birth place choices
  • Home birth
  • Early labour signs
  • Fake false labour
  • Birth environment
  • The car journey
  • Vaginal examination
  • Established labour
  • Mobile, rest & wee
  • I want to go home
  • Transition & Crowning
  • Adrenaline
  • Down breathing
  • Golden hour & bonding

Group Hypnobirthing Classes

Evening or Weekend courses. Classes in Oxford & Witney. Thame group classes available on demand.

A few Key Hypnobirthing points


When should I start Hypnobirthing?

Most people book after 20 weeks and start before 35 weeks. The sooner you start, the more practice time you have. But it’s never too late. I’ve been booked as late as 41 weeks!

Is your Hypnobirthing support for everyone?

Yes. I’m fairly unique in offering ongoing support to everyone – private or group. Please don’t underestimate the value of this. If you need it? It’s invaluable!

If this an antenatal course?

Yes. With a lot of Hypnosis & Hypnobirthing! I’ve heard people say hypnosis is just a small part of Hypnobirthing.  And it worries concerns me. My promise is that I’ll share the clever hypnosis stuff. And the misconception that Hypnobirthing is just for home birth & water birth? We’ll demistify that & cover Hypnobirthing for all other types of birth as well.

A little about me

Hi I’m Steph.

I love my work. I love learning. I love doing things the RIGHT way. And I LOVE my hypnobabies!!

I’m a Clinical Hypnotherapist & a Hypnobirthing Teacher. I have worked with some of the leading names in Hypnobirthing & Hypnotherapy. Trained by Katharine Graves herself, I also hold a diploma in Medical Hypnotherapy & a degree in Biology & Psychology.

I’ve had 3 fabulous hypnobirths. And on top of loving my births? It undoubtedly made a difference to my babies.

My skills attract lovely people. My therapies help lift birth & breastfeeding trauma. Build confidence. Release fear, anxieties, phobias and more. If something bothers you & your mind is a factor – Hypnotherapy / Hypnobirthing can help.

Don’t fear birth.

Your body knows what to do & your baby isn’t worried! But there’s a whole system to navigate. And often it’s a case of don’t ask, don’t get. Many people are OK with this. And that’s fine. But if you want more?

You’re in the right place.

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hypnobirthing oxford steph mcgee and her 3 hypnobabies

Free Hypnobirthing Classes


Join my next Free Online Hypnobirthing class. Just for pregnant people & your partners. So if you’re interested in working with me? Sign up and I’ll see you at my next freebie!

Sign up and you’ll also receive tips & inspiration for a positive birth.

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pregnant woman doing free online hypnobirthing and meditation

Group Hypnobirthing

 The sociable to learn Hypnobirthing.

A full day or 2 full evening classes. Pre-pandemic classes were running in Oxford, Thame & Witney. Currently running locally in Horspath, Wheatley or Online, so check my group classes page for details.

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oxford hypnobirthing group class practising hypnobirthing massage

Self Hypnosis for Birth

Older than Hypnobirthing & taught only by specialist hypnotherapists.

Discover the power of hypnosis for birth. We’ll work to your natural pattern matches & best birth hopes, giving your the ultimate in inner mindset control.

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self hypnosis for child birth in oxford client online

Clinical Hypnotherapy

A good quality Hypnobirthing course (like mine) can help with birth anxieties and trauma.

But sometimes you need more.

Hypnotherapy can help with birth trauma, prenatal anxiety, hyperemesis gravidarum, postnatal depression, toccophobia and it can help your partner too.

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steph mcgee hypnotherapy oxford hypnobirthing clinical room