Hypnotherapy Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions before booking a session and please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.


All bookings will start with an initial consultation. Clients returning with a different concern or who’s medical circumstances have changed should book a new initial session.


Initial Consultation

An initial consultation must be booked before proceeding with therapy. It has several purposes including to:

  • provide you with an opportunity to meet me on Zoom to familiarise yourself with the process
  • establish if you have any contraindications to hypnosis
  • ensure you understand what hypnotherapy & hypnosis are before proceeding
  • give you the opportunity to ask me any questions
  • check that I am the right therapist for you
  • ensure all consent forms are in place before therapeutic sessions begin

Please do not book a hypnotherapy session until after your initial consultation. You will be sent consent forms by email (or post) which need to be returned before hypnosis can be used. If these forms are not returned before your first therapeutic session I reserve the right to postpone your online session.


Bookings are secured via my online booking system BLAB which is accessed via the Book buttons on stephmcgeehypnotherapy.com. You will receive an automated email from BLAB (noreply@mg.bookme.name) confirming your booking date, time and unique Zoom link.

You can cancel or reschedule your session (when you give at the required 24hrs notice) via the second section of this email entitled Date & Time and you can email or text me with questions. And you might like to read the Zoom privacy policy and the BLAB privacy policy.

Sessions can be booked individually and a pace of your choosing. My recommendation is every one to two weeks.



Fees and payment methods

Prices vary between therapy types, booking types and courses, so please see the individual website pages or booking pages for details.

Payment is required at the point of booking in order to secure your appointment. Payment can be made online via Paypal or by credit/debit card via Stripe. You might like to read the Paypal privacy policy and Stripe privacy policy.

Payment plans are not available.


You will receive an automated (receipt from my booking site) via email on booking. If you require a duplicate please make a request via email. If you require a detailed receipt for your insurance/employer please make a request via email listing the requirements to be included.

Reschedule or cancellation

A minimum of 24hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel a session or sessions. You can do this yourself via your booking email (see link in section entitled Date & Time). Refunds cannot be given for cancellations with less than 24hrs notice given and refunds are not given for missed sessions, or session attended.

Requests for me to process refunds (rather than doing it yourself via your booking email) will be done in line with these terms and conditions and minus the booking fee – irrespective of whether your request is for a full or partial refund.


Arriving late for a session

I will remain in your unique Zoom meeting for your full allotted session time so late is better than not at all. Session times are fixed so late arrivals (and missed sessions) will end at the allotted time. Refunds are not given. And please tell me as soon as possible if you are running late.


Consultation fee changes

Prices are subject to biannual review and any increase will only apply to new clients booking after the changes are made.

Existing clients are not effected by price increases and stay on their current rate whilst they continue to book regular sessions and will only stop when they have not re-booked for more than one month.



All therapy sessions are held online via Zoom. Your unique Zoom link is automatically created when you secure a booking. Your Zoom camera & microphone are set to off in order to provide you an additional layer of privacy. Please turn your camera and microphone on when you are fully ready to start your session.

Costs and payment methods



Disclosure of all information, emails & communications during therapy and consultations remains confidential, unless the therapist (Steph McGee) believes there is a risk of harm to yourself or others. All emails and session notes will be kept on record.

To ensure best practice, I engage in regular clinical supervision and training. During these sessions scenarios or cases may be discussed but no personal data is ever shared.

Boundaries outside of therapy session

Email & text

If you need to contact me (Steph McGee) outside of your appointment or session please email on me at info@stephmcgeehypnotherapy.com Emails & texts are only read Monday-Friday in office ours. For clients outside of the UK, please use email only.

In cases where I am contacted about therapy via other mediums (such as facebook messenger) I will ask you to move over to email or text at your earliest convenience.


If you need to contact me more urgently you are welcome to telephone (via whatsapp for my non uk clients). If I am outside my office I will tell you before you decide if you would like to talk.

I do not store clients phone numbers on my phone so please be aware that I will not immediately know who I am talking to.

In person

If you happen to see me outside of therapy sessions please do not expect me to react. I will be guided your response and please be reassured it is perfectly acceptable to not acknowledge me.

My contact with you

I will not contact you to ask how you are or how your therapy is progressing or has progressed. Assessment will only take place in your therapy sessions, is ongoing and this assessment will take place in every session.

I will contact you to forward any resources (e.g relaxation MP3 or breathing guide) or information as discussed in your session and I will answer any questions I receive from you. I also reserve the right to contact you in relation to your session bookings if I need to.


Please consult your doctor before using complementary therapies, including hypnotherapy. It is always advised that you consult your midwife or obstetrician before starting any type of Hypnobirthing. Even if self learning.

Medical Conditions

Your initial consultation will include my asking if you suffer from certain medical conditions. I do not need nor want a full medical history but it is important to establish if you suffer any from any conditions that may be contraindicate the use of hypnosis, visualisation work or relaxations. These conditions include psychosis, epilepsy and vasovagal phobias, but please notify me of any other psychiatric condition.

It’s important to note that results may vary from person to person and that no guarantees of therapy success can be given.

I understand how to use any relaxation recording I may have been given and not to listen whilst driving, in the bath or whilst operating any heavy machinery.

Respect for the client and therapist will be constantly maintained. I have read the agreement above and accept the treatment on those terms.

Contact in session

Working online I need a contact number for you. This is incase you fall asleep in a session, your internet or mike drops out, or for any other reason that might affect your session. For these same reasons I ask that you leave your phone on during sessions and/or provide me with a phone number for someone else in your household.


All information, content and resources on stephmcgeehypnotherapy.com are for informational purposes and should not be used without consulting your physician first in case of medical contradictions. This applies to all stephmceehypnotherapy.com information on all media.

Standards of Behaviour

I adhere to best practice as stated by my governing bodies at all times for our mutual benefit.

In return, you undertake not to harm yourself, me, or another person, or any property belonging either to me or another person and understand that if I am concerned that this has or may happen I will speak to you in the first instance and where necessary, contact the appropriate authorities.

I reserve the right to end a session and refuse further sessions if i believe you are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs, with the exception of medically prescribed drugs from your doctor.

I require appropriate and lawful behaviour during all sessions, paid or unpaid and all communications. Unlawful behaviour and actions will be reported to the police.



The following in relation to child hypnotherapy is in addition to the terms and conditions above.

Age restrictions

Children under the age of 8 years old cannot attend hypnotherapy and I work with the parent or guardian instead.

Children under 16 years must have a suitable adult with them at all times during therapy and that adult must remain visible on screen to ensure the continuity of their presence.

Children 16yrs and over can attend online hypnotherapy alone but I reserve the right to ask for adult to be present if I feel it would be helpful.

Child Consents

When a parent or guardian is required in session, both the child and parent are required to review and sign all therapy consent forms. Parents are asked to explain the forms to their child and an explanation will be given in the initial consultation.