Up Breathing Script

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Steph McGee

I’m a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist on a mission to help. And hypnosis feels like a magic wand. But in truth? The real magic is you.

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If Hypnobirthing had a Queen it would be Up Breathing.

Because if Hypnobirthing is your life jacket, your rescue team, your comfort blanket AND your emergency exit?

Up breathing is the safety net you will always need.

Because whilst Up Breathing might not sound like much?

Everyone is glad to have it.

And EVERYONE uses it…

What is Up Breathing?

A birth breathing technique that was first popularised by the fabulous Katherine Graves, Up Breathing is now included in some of the UKs biggest online Hypnobirthing courses. Up breathing is a long slow breath in through the nose. And a longer, slower breath out through the mouth…(breathing in to the count of 3 and out to the count of 5 if it helps you find your pace)

While you think about your uterine muscles drawing UP!

Up Breathing is helpful in latent labour and invaluable in established labour.

It’s as helpful for physiological birth as it is cesarean birth.

Popular alternatives are:

  • Rectangular breathing
  • Surge Breathing
  • Ribbon breathing (or golden ribbon breathing)
  • 7-11 or 5-8 breathing

And while we are going to focus on up breathing, let’s not forget down breathing which you can read about here!


What does Up Breathing do?

Body and mind are linked. So the same state is replicated between them and they respond to each other.

And what do we want during birth? A calm birthing body and a calm mind.

So a clever hypnobirthing tip is to calm your breathing to calm your body.

Because a calm breath sends a message to body & mind that all is safe. All is well. And let’s face it….

No ones breathing is calm when they are in danger!



We produce more Oxytocin on the out breath. So by allowing your out breath to lengthen you help your body produce more of this lovely birth hormone that moves your surges along and helps you feel calm.

Calm Jaw, Calm Floor

The jaw is linked to the pelvis (long story – ask me sometime!) So by breathing out of your mouth and letting your jaw relax during your Up Breathing visualisations? You actually help your pelvis & pelvic floor relax too!

Are you teaching yourself Hypnobirthing?

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How to use this Up Breathing Script

The most important things to do with any Hypnobirthing script or MP3 are:

  1. Golden rule – Avoid use if your consultant has said that visualisations or relaxations are medically unsafe for you
  2. Check you like the script before you start practising with it – so just read it first
  3. Ask someone to read this script to you or record it for yourself (this is written for personal use only)
  4. Practice the breathing before you add in the visualisations
  5. Make yourself comfortable so you can really switch off, tune in and relax
  6. Never use whilst driving or doing anything else that requires you to be fully attentive


Up Breathing Script

Settle yourself nicely and let your breath just find its gentle…natural…pace.

Breathing…nice and soft…nice and slow…

And as you breath in this gentle way…you’ll start to find…perhaps…without…even trying…

That your out breath starts to become…longer…and slower…longer…and slower…

Just breathing in through your nose…and out through your mouth

Long… and slow…

Softly…and gently…

Your jaw…and your shoulders…nice and relaxed

As you just breath… in this pleasant way…

And allow your thoughts to drift up

So you might like to imagine…

A beautiful sunrise – as the sun starts to gently rise upon the horizon… The subtle swell of new light as the pinks and oranges grow as bands of light across the horizon. The warm colours lifting with the gentle rising of the sun…. And as the sun lifts. Turning warm pinks and oranges to warm yellows and golds. Breath up as the sun grows and rises. As the sun lifts from the horizon into the sky. As the sun lifts higher and higher…higher and higher…with each gentle breath…as you imagine your body drawing gently up…gently up with the sun as it lifts up and up into the sky.

Geese on a lake about to take flight – relaxed and settled and all as one…all confident and ready…about to take flight from a beautiful lake…graceful geese all taking flight…rising easily and effortlessly into the sky…together as one…taking flight…forming together way up high…drifting and dancing…way up high…as they fly off…way off…across the sky…

A brightly coloured hot air balloon that’s about to be blown up – the flame rising as it’s lit…the balloon gently filling…the balloon gently lifting to form it’s shape…the beautiful bright colours becoming even more visible…the balloon filling gently and…fully inflating…fully in place…lifting from the ground…as basket and balloon lift…gently from the ground…slowly at first…up and up…lifting higher…lifting faster…drifting up…and up…way up high in the sky…drifting way up…off across the sky

Your body just drifting up with every easy breath – with each easy breath you take…imagine as your body softens and settles…imagine your muscles drawing up…fundus thickening, majestically growing in strength and capacity, body and mind focused as one…each easy breath…breathing up…softening you…and calming you…as your body draws up…and your breathing draws up…and your body draws gently up…

Up Breathing Script Extras

Don’t like birds? Or balloons? Visualise something else!

Up breathing visualisations are only limited by your imagination. So here are a few ideas – and let me know if you create your own!

Imagine yourself holding a dandelion – Picking it and gently lifting it up towards you… perhaps a gentle breeze starts to lift a seed or two…gazing at the fluffy white seeds…already imagining…in your mind…how the seeds will fly up and off, caught by the breeze…and as you start to blow upwards to wards the dandelion…seeds swaying…gently lifting away…gently drifting up…so delicate…so soft….floating up and away…up and away…with each upward breath….up and away…

Imagine a beautiful rainbow…colours reaching way up high…into the clouds…into the sky…the ground based colours soft and faint at first…yet with all the subtle colours…of…red…orange…yellow and green…getting stronger…more brighter…more vivid…more beautiful…as the rainbow reaches up…stretching up…blue…indigo…violet…lifting up…up into the sky…

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