Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Lighten your journey to conception with Fertility Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Your mindset & emotional wellbeing play a powerful role in fertility and conception. And stress, low mood, worry, or even subconscious blocks and traumas could be part of the problem.

Hypnotherapy for fertility can help when you want to:

  • Optimise your emotional balance
  • Find your fertile self
  • Soften your responses to infertility stress
  • Find space to breath
  • Start living again
  • Gain emotional control
  • Support your IVF journey
  • Still your uterus during embryo transfer
  • Let go of stress & negativity
  • Move on from trauma

Or when you have been advised to resolve medical issues before conception such as:

  • High BMI
  • Disordered eating or eating disorders
  • Compulsive exercise
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

So your reasons for choosing Fertility Hypnotherapy will be unique to you. And whether you feel like your mind is holding you back from natural conception, that you need a calmer state or want a programme of hypnosis for IVF that is evidence based…

You’re in the right place!

Body & Mind

Fertility is usually considered a physical or medical event, but I see it as a holistic event that needs a gentle balance between body & mind.

And modern studies now evidence the negative effects of depression and stress on conception, as well as the astonishing benefits of hypnosis during in-vitro fertilisation.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all…

  • They went on holiday and Boom!
  • She changed her job and Success!
  • Hypnotherapy and Hallelujah!


The subconscious mind can hold out of date beliefs about conception, pregnancy or even birth & parenthood. Many of my clients describe how they feared pregnancy while building their career or spent much of their life believing that a pregnancy would hold them back in some way. Of course, these feelings are completely normal. But for some, these pregnancy fears seem to run a little deeper or be hanging around long after they are needed.

“Problem talk creates problems, Solution talk creates solutions” – Steve de Shazer 

I make it easy for you. My peaceful Horspath Hypnotherapy practice is on the edge of Oxford. Parking is private and plentiful. And because I don’t book clients back to back, there is no need to wait! The number of sessions required depends on you. And every hypnotherapy sessions is bespoke to you & where you are at. Online Fertility Hypnotherapy is also available.

fertility hypnotherapist Steph McGee smiling as she looks out of the window, seated in a vintage brown leather chair

My intriguing route to motherhood

During my own prolonged fertility journey I started to believe that I would never get pregnant. My marriage was happy & my career was flourishing but I saw colleague after colleague getting pregnant, and it hurt.

We had all the fertility tests, used the normal natural fertility tricks and some of the stranger ones.

But after being told my body was probably fine, and my stress increasing day by day, I started to wonder if my mind could be holding me back?

You can read how I got pregnant with unexplained infertility, but for me?

Hypnosis for conception was the ULTIMATE KEY.

Because within a  few sessions of hypnotherapy I felt different:

  • My anxiety had gone
  • I felt a sense of contentment and quiet faith
  • I could smile again and actually mean it.
  • And I wasn’t triggered by pregnant women!

Hypnotherapy gave me confidence in the fertility of my body and mind. And best of all, I became successfully pregnant. A few years later, following my psychology background, I trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy & fertility.

How does this work?

Start by booking an Initial Consultation:

Your initial consultation is a chance to talk about what you want and how you would like me to help. Any assessments required will be done in this session so that you have a clear therapeutic plan ahead.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapythe truly holistic approach
  • IVF Hypnosisa 6 week programme for embryo transfer 
  • Parts Hypnotherapywhen your unconscious mind is holding you back
  • Rewind Therapywhen fertility is effected by trauma


All Hypnotherapies can be booked flexibly & interchangeably to suit your diary, with the Initial Consultation being the place to start.

Ready to get started?

Book your Initial Consultation here

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Subconscious Blocks

Your mind might be the only thing you need

The Infertility Mindset

Whether you’re preparing to try, have just starting trying, or have been trying to get pregnant for a while. It’s normal to stress or worry but if left unsupported on a long fertility journey it can start to get worse.

And the subconscious mind can even hold out of date beliefs about conception, pregnancy or even birth & parenthood.

After all, most of us have spent most of our lives trying not to get pregnant!

My clients have busy lives & accomplished careers. But with so much successes, it can be a shock when getting pregnant isn’t easy. Fertility worries start to rise.  And perhaps blame or regret starts to kick in.

Infertility becomes a grief that doesn’t heal with time & a pain that doesn’t heal.

Relationships change and attitudes alter. And you just need a hand in the right direction…

“I first approached Steph after 2 unsuccessful IVF cycles. Throughout the whole IVF process I’d been anxious and unhappy. And the more I thought about my lack of pregnancy the more these negative feelings increased. I knew something had to change but I wasn’t sure what? After working with Steph, everything feels different. I just feel ready. ” – Sofie (mum of a baby girl after ICSI & IVF)

Hypnotherapy can help bring about balance. Hypnosis is a gentle, relaxed state of concentration in which relaxation become achievable again.


Fertility Hypnotherapy Options

It may seem like a lot, but I want you to find my range of fertility options reassuring rather than confusing.

Most people just opt for Clinical Hypnotherapy, IVF Hypnosis or a combination of both. And those that feel there is an emotional block, opt for Clinical Hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy or a combination of both!


IVF Hypnosis

A 4 week hypnosis programme based on the study by E.Levitas in which the pregnancy rate was shown to more than double with hypnosis.

You will learn to confidently take yourself into a deep state of calm hypnosis to welcome your 9 month guest during embryo transfer. Techniques include adapting beautifully to all those little annoyances that we just can’t control!


Integrated Parts Hypnosis for Fertility

Parts hypnotherapy is a light state of hypnosis in which we communicate directly on the subconscious mind. The subconscious can represent itself in the form metaphors, and connections, which can be the key to changing deeply held beliefs that have become unhelpful.

My only ‘woo woo’ offering, parts hypnotherapy can be hugely helpful for stubborn issues and deeply routed beliefs. But it is not suitable for everyone.  A minimum of 2 sessions need to be booked after your initial consultation.

Trauma Rewind Therapy

A past traumatic birth, a history of abuse or coercion all take their toll and can result in extreme stress responses.

Trauma Rewind Therapy is a fast and effective way to help you move on from trauma that might be affecting your fertility, helping you find balance again. A minimum of 2 sessions need to be booked after your initial consultation.


Let Hypnotherapy be part of your success story