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Mindful hypnobirthing for a calm, confident pregnancy & birth

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Hypnobirthing Classes in Thame

Are you dreaming of a calm, graceful & confident birth experience? Or are you a bit anxious about GIVING BIRTH? And what it might be like?

Has someone told that a hypnobirth can be enjoyable, relaxing, fun and the best night of your life?!

You deserve to feel CALM & CONFIDENT during your baby’s birth. Which means having BIRTH knowledge, Hypnobirthing skills, Mindfulness & calm. And trusting your body to give birth.


So you can sit back. Enjoy your pregnancy. And be excited by labour. Whatever birth you plan.

Because hypnobirthing is designed for all types of birth. Natural birth, induction, assisted delivery and c-section.

A calm mind creates a calm body. Which builds a better experience. So both of you benefit.

This full Hypnobirthing course is 10-12 hours long. Group classes are available locally in Thame, Horspath & Wheatley – convenient for Haddenham & Watlington.

For better births

My name is Steph.

I’m on a mission to help you create a smooth passage through fertility, birth & the postnatal period.

So all your Hypnobirthing classes are taught by me – Steph  – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Practioner, 3 x Hypnobirthing mama, lover of birth & your biggest fan!

I know how much you want a good birth.

important it is to have ongoing support, a group of new mama friends and professional support for specific issues such as birth fears (toccophobia), previous birth traumas or niggling self doubts.

I offer different course options to make your life easier:

  • Group classes
  • Private 1:1 in your home
  • Private Online Hypnobirthing
  • Group online Hypnobirthing

By choosing my hypnobirthing classes you are choosing support and a fast track to likeminded pregnant friends.


About Thame classes!

All Hypnobirthing classes are currently online.

Hypnobirthing classes are now available in Thame. They will help you build birth confidence & calm. And of course learn to secrets to a mindful hypnobirth.

  • Classes are in the Thame Barns Centre or Thame Guide Hut
  • This full Hypnobirthing course is 10-12 hours long
  • No extra charge for birth partners

Group classes are also available in Horspath & Wheatley – also convenient for Haddenham & Thame.





Your Antennal Hypnobirthing classes are kept nicely small.

Your birth partner if you can. They will learn as much as you. And your partner’s Hypnobirthing knowledge & confidence matters too!

Start Hypnobirthing anytime from 20 weeks onward. And aim to finish by 37 weeks if you can.

You can request antennal leave to attend these classes!

You’re not sitting on the fence are you?

It’s ok to be dubious. Investing in yourself doesn’t come naturally for most of us!

We’ve been primed to think that having ‘stuff’ is more important than our experiences. We’ve even been primed to believe that our bodies will fail (cue perineal massage oil & nipple cream!).

And Hypnobirthing is about you!

You, your partner, your baby or babies.

So knowing who you are working with matters. And knowing that you gel is helpful. So if you’re not feeling that already? 

Sign up to one of my free classes. And come meet me. Online of course! Learn a bit about hypnobirthing. And why your first memories of being with baby? Matter to me too.