Calm c-section when my cervix wouldn’t fully dilate

baby oscars moment of birth by cesarean section

Steph McGee

I’m a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist on a mission to help. And hypnosis feels like a magic wand. But in truth? The real magic is you.

Jayne thought she might go into labour before the end of her Hypnobirthing course.

But she thought it through & hopped onto the last class of the course before hand. Such a good choice – because she was right!

Here’s her birth story:


Hi Steph,

Been meaning to message you & let you know how amazing my birth was.

My little boy arrived via emergency c-section on Monday 1st!

Labour was going so well but in the end a part of my cervix would not fully dilate.

Baby was fine and his heartbeat stayed strong. But I was getting tired of being in active labour for 12 hours and trying to let him come out.

I survived on gas and air until I had to go into theatre and have a spinal anaesthetic. It was a relief when I stopped feeling the surges, I was getting so tired. Everyone had been so surprised I managed so long in active labour just on gas and air.

Plus I was having vaginal examinations in hospital to try to move the lip on my cervix which wouldn’t allow baby to come out naturally. Ouch.

But the Hypnobirthing helped me though it all so much! It helped me to focus and not stress. My husband was so proud of me.

Since I was in the Cotswold birth centre, I had to be transferred to the JR, which I agreed was the best thing to do.

From the point of being put on a stretcher for the ambulance, I just closed my eyes and focused on the breathing and getting through each surge.


Then when I got to the hospital the midwife and doctors were waiting.

It happened so quickly from them examining me to deciding a c-section would be happen. At one point I heard forceps. I thought noooo. All the time I just had my eyes closed and focused on breathing. Soon I would meet my baby. Everything is happening so he would arrive safely.

I have a fear of needles and c-section so I just wanted to stay calm, with no stress, just focusing on my mind.

cesarean birth baby being born

My HypnoBaby!

My husband was so proud of me and kept telling me how brave I was.

I have added some photos from over the last week and a bit. He was a very healthy 3.945kg and arrived at 16.28. My active labour started around 3am.

Thank you so much for everything, and hopefully I should make it to the last class tonight!

Jayne xxx

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