Hypnobirthing Script – Find your perfect colour anchor!

pastel colouring crayons to demonstrate possible hypnobirthing colour anchors

Steph McGee

I’m a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist on a mission to help. And hypnosis feels like a magic wand. But in truth? The real magic is you.

As soon as you start learning Hypnobirthing, you will find Hypnobirthing anchors flowing as freely through your practice as your breathing techniques and birth confidence!

And whilst most hypnobirthing methods will just slip a colour or three into your techniques without so much as murmur?

I believe that knowing the WHY is as useful as the HOW.

So I want to share how (and why!) all your hypnobirthing anchors work… Including why hypnobirthing touch anchors are so popular, why scent anchors are so fast, and why colour anchors are so good at helping with PAIN!

So if you haven’t found your hypnobirthing colour anchor yet?

Use my free hypnobirthing script below!

What are Hypnobirthing Anchors?

Hypnobirthing anchors are any one of your five senses, that when activated, automatically bring back a gorgeous (physical and emotional) connection to a pleasant memory, feeling or sense of self:

  • Sight
  • Sound
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch

In other words, any one of these 5 anchors can instantly make you feel safe, calm, relaxed, happy, confident, loved, supported, nurtured, protected, cared for, cherished, comforted, content, comfortable and/or peaceful.

And once you’ve built your anchor, it can happen instantly. So using your hypnobirthing practice on your BIG DAY just got a whole lot easier!


Read my Complete Guide to Hypnobirthing Anchors to learn even more.

How do Hypnobirthing Colour Anchors work?

Creating a colour anchor gives you a deep and automatic connection between the way you really do want to feel about birth (or during birth) and a colour that is chosen by your subconscious mind. 

Usually it is just one colour, though some people occasionally find they have 2.

And the colour is always a surprise. So you may love blue, but find your hypnbirthing colour is yellow. And you may like purple to find your colour is gold!

What is the colour connection?


But when you’re not working with a hypnotherapist?

A relaxation script is the next best thing!

So I’ve put together this Free Hypnobirthing Script incase you’re not in my tribe yet!

And for those already signed up to work with me? This is a quick and easy place to start…before my Autonomous Hypnobirthing course gives you super powers!


Hypnobirthing relaxations, hypnosis, meditation, mindfuness or visualisations etc may not be suitable for people suffering with certain conditions such as psychosis, dissociation, epilepsy or certain phobias so please speak to your midwife or consultant before practicing Hypnobirthing.

How to use a Hypnobirthing Script

1. It’s a nice idea to read a new script before using it for the first time. Knowing it’s content in advance will help you relax more deeply on a subconscious level.

2. Your body temperature drops when you relax, and it’s so slight, you may never have noticed it. But considering how RELAXING hypnobirthing is, you might like to have a blanket to hand just incase!

3. Whether recording this for you own use or someone is this script reading to you? Read slowly. Very slowly. And giggles are normal at first!

4. Use whilst relaxing. Evening or bedtime is a popular. And never use whilst driving!


Hypnobirthing Confidence Colour Anchor Script

I’d like you to start by just making yourself nicely comfortable.

Settling down. And breathing slowly. And gently. Nice long steady breaths.

And you can start by just casting your eyes gently upwards…. Allowing yourself to find something to softly gaze upon….

It doesn’t matter what you find yourself gazing at…. Simplicity is natural… So it can be as simple as a corner of the ceiling or a shadow on a wall…. And just allow yourself to gently gaze at that spot… Eyes & mind gently focused on that spot.

And as your gaze lengthens so your eyes begin to gently tire…And you can follow that almost irresistible desire to start letting your eye lids close gently down,

So with your eyelids now gently closed I’d like you to take three easy breaths… Perhaps breathing in through your nose & out through your mouth. Allowing your breaths to slow and lengthen to their natural pace.

And I want you to imagine that you and your baby are completely relaxed. Noticing the air moving into your lungs…Filling them nicely…then breathing out…perhaps noticing that the gentle air is cooler on the in breath….and warmer on the out breath…just noticing

And whilst you’re relaxing in this pleasant way…I want you to bring to mind a colour. A colour that is exactly right for the way that you are feeling…a beautiful colour that can represent this relaxing moment…

The first colour feels right…or your mind may drift…through several colours… before making it’s choice….and if you can’t see a colour…relax…just knowing it’s there is enough… a colour that’s right for the way that you are feeling

A colour that represents calmness…that represents comfort…represents contentment…represents confidence…for you and your baby…connecting you and your baby…

Now allow your colour to grow…the calming feelings to grow…and see or feel it surrounding you…comforting you…cushioning you…like a soft blanket…see how intense it is…how it can increase your feeling of calm…increase your feeling of relaxation…increase your feeling of confidence…

Now breathe your colour in…feeling it moving all through you…relaxing all of you…calming you… both of you… you and your baby

Comforting your baby…calming your baby….cushioning your baby…supporting you and you baby….always there for you and your baby

Now say to yourself (or insert your own affirmations here) I feel relaxed and calm as my baby grows
I have complete faith in my birthing ability
My body is strong & capable

My body softens and opens for birth My body is capable of amazing things I trust myself & my instincts

Each time you want to relax…to become calm…to feel cushioned…just make yourself comfortable…sitting upright…or on your side…and cast your gaze gently upwards…find a spot…somewhere in the room…and gazing gently at that spot…take three easy breaths…in through your nose…and out through your mouth…allowing your eyes to close down…and bring your colour around you…letting it surround you…breathing it in…feeling it relaxing you…calming you…cushioning you…a beautiful colour…chosen by you…just for you…exactly right…

Each time you practice this…deciding on certain times on the day…just two or three minutes…knowing that the more regularly you practice, the quicker the feelings will grow, the stronger the feelings can grow and you’ll find you can start to do this anywhere…just closing your eyes is enough…and you can bring back those feelings on calm…relaxing comfort…whenever you need to…wherever you need to…

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