Hypnobirthing at Home – An En Caul Birth

hannah and sean at home with their large pet dog beside sean and hannah holding their newborn daughter

Steph McGee

I’m a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist on a mission to help. And hypnosis feels like a magic wand. But in truth? The real magic is you.

 This is what I LOVE about online Hypnobirthing. It doesnt matter where you are in the world.  We can still work togther. And you can still learn Autonomous Hypnobirthing with all the benefits of real hypnosis for birth.

Hannah and Shaun were amazing. Working through their practice. Juggling busy lives. Big dog always by their side.

And this was the result!

Have a hanky ready. This calm home birth might have you in tears of joy!

Hannah’s Hypnobirthing Story – Connie’s Hypnobirth

Introducing Connie Mable Stelfox. Born in the birthing pool at home, at 6:42am on 18/02/22 weighing 7lbs3.

My first contractions started at 0:40am on the 18th and I just my up breathing and the mp3s you sent to keep me relaxed. Our midwife joined us at 3:45am and I was 4cm. At 5:20 the down stage started and I accepted the gas and air. Got into the pool at 6:20 and controlled my pushing with down breathing and more relaxing music. The final push saw her out in one – born in the sack which popped as I pulled her to the surface!

The whole experience was so magical and I didn’t tear or need any stitches , which my midwife said was down to how calmly we got her out. Also a bonus of me being so relaxed throughout – baby came out looking for the boob and had a feed within the first 10/15 minutes!

I can not thank you enough for giving me the tools I needed to safely and calmly bring our precious little girl into the world! I am so grateful for the knowledge of what was happening and what I needed to do at each stage. And for not only teaching me but Shaun as well, who was the best birth partner I could have asked for!

I have attached some pictures of our new family unit. Thank you again Steph! We will be forever grateful.

Love from Hannah, Shaun, Connie and fur sister – Indi!

caucasian newborn baby just born in a birth pool at home and looking up at mother, mother out of camera shot only one arm visable

And please feel free to share away!

If my journey can help another family to choose hypnobirthing then it’s so worth it! And I’ve loved telling my story to my friends and family. They’re all so shocked by how quick my birth was and how I had no stitches. And that’s all down to the hypnobirthing techniques I used! 

Breastfeeding is going well so far – she had her 5 day weigh in on Wednesday and only lost 1% of her birth weight! Nearly out of tiny baby onesies already!

Thank you xx


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