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Hypnobirthing Classes in Oxford

 Hypnobirthing helps you create a better birth and a positive birth.

Do you want to feel confident about GIVING BIRTH? Have you ever wondered why other women look forward to childbirth? Or do you want to feel CALM & EMPOWERED after a past birth trauma?

Have you bought the buggy, the car seat, doing the pregnancy yoga or pilates, perhaps even started browsing for a doula or independent midwife?

Then now is the time to think about a good birth.

My name is Steph & I am on a mission to help women & their partners create a smooth passage through fertility, birth & the postnatal period. I did a hypnobirthing course in all 3 of my pregnancies which led to 3 strong, confident and wonderful births!

Oxford Hypnobirthing classes are a perfect way to build birth confidence & calm. And of course, learn the secrets to a first class Hypnobirth!

Classes are just outside Oxford in Horspath Hub or Wheatley Merry Bells – both close to the Oxford Eastern by-pass and A40 – so convenient for Headington, Littlemore, Summertown & more.

Your full KG Hypnobirthing is 10-12 hours long. Group classes are spread over 4 Wednesday or Monday evenings and you can even hop between courses!  Plus, I offer private courses that can be at a time to suit you!

More classes are available in Thame or Witney.


For better births

Mamas tell me they want a CALM & CONFIDENT birth experience. Which of course, means building your BIRTH knowledge, Hypnobirthing techniques, Mindfulness skills & creating calm. Plus, you will learn to release fear & trust your body’s ability to birth. This helps you can create the best birth experience for you – Whatever type of birth you choose.

Hypnobirthing is designed for all types of birth – NATURAL birth, INDUCTION, assisted delivery and C-SECTION. Because a calm mind leads to a calm body. So both mum, baby & birth partners can benefit.

All your Hypnobirthing classes are taught by me – Steph  – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Practioner, 3 x Hypnobirthing mama and LOVER OF BIRTH!

I know how important it is to have ongoing support, a group of new mama friends and professional support for specific issues such as birth fears (toccophobia), previous birth traumas or niggling self doubts.


Hypnobirthing Class Options

Let’s find your perfect course!

I offer a range of course options so your can get what they need. Choose from:

  • Group classes
  • Private 1:1
  • Private group
  • Online Hypnobirthing
  • A digital learning Hypnobirthing pack

By choosing hypnobirthing classes you are choosing support.

Ley’s face it. You never know what might crop up in pregnancy. And you never know how your birth plans may change. So I’m always here to help.

Up Breathing Script

Up Breathing Script

If Hypnobirthing had a Queen it would be Up Breathing. Because if Hypnobirthing is your life jacket, your rescue team, your comfort blanket AND your emergency exit? Up breathing is the safety net you will always need. Because whilst Up Breathing might not sound like...

How to Have a Calm Birth

How to Have a Calm Birth

Whether you want a Calm birth, a Positive birth or a Hypnobirth - the sooner you start preparing the better you'll feel and WOW will you be glad you did! Because whilst some people can wander into a labour ward with nothing more than the thought of 'it will be fine',...

Best Pregnancy Classes in Oxford

Best Pregnancy Classes in Oxford

Quick heads up: My March Hypnobirthing class dates are now available! Still just £170 and you are just in time! Join me in Wheatley Merry Bells (the village hall) on 2nd March... Or carry on reading...Pregnant, and just moved back to Oxford. Could I find a good...

Glove Anaesthesia for Hypnobirthing

Glove Anaesthesia for Hypnobirthing

 I promise this is about hypnobirthing, but I need to explain something amazing first... When we talk 'pain relief' options, analgesia is the reduction of pain and anaesthesia is a complete loss of sensation i.e. no pain! So when you hear that HYPNOBIRTHING includes...

Hypnobirthing Techniques for Pain

Hypnobirthing Techniques for Pain

Hypnobirthing is often described as a pain relief method. But it's not Hypnobirthing is the most proactive way to prepare for a better birth. And hypnobirthing aims to stop before it even starts! And while birth hypnosis has been shown to reduce the use of pain relief...


More than Hypnobirthing & ongoing support, I offer a range of therapies that can help with all aspects of pregnancy, birth & past traumas. Here are just a few!


For Calm, Confident Births


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Rewind Technique

The quick solution for Birth Trauma

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