My calm birth after a painful miscarriage

Mother holding her healthy daughter's hand after a positive and calmer birth

Steph McGee

I’m a Trauma Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist on a mission to help. And hypnosis feels like a magic wand. But in truth? The real magic is you.

Following five failed rounds of fertility treatment, including a late miscarriage, we were very anxious about our baby during pregnancy and turned to hypnobirthing classes to help.

Hypnobirthing quickly became a highlight

Hypnobirthing quickly became a highlight of our routine and provided much needed relaxation and positivity. It also enabled us to approach the birth feeling more confident than we had thought possible.

The Hypnobirthing practice equipped us with really effective breathing and visualization techniques. As well as helping my husband understand the best way to support me as my birthing partner.

Without Hypnobirthing this would have been stressful

This all proved invaluable as very little about the birth went as we were expecting.

Our baby was showing signs of distress and we needed a delivery ward birth with a paediatrician rather than the midwife led water birth we had hoped for.

Without the hypnobirthing this news would have been very stressful but our positive preparation allowed us to stay calm and in control throughout.

Thank you to hypnobirthing for helping to make our daughter’s birth such an empowering and positive experience.

Different to my late miscarriage

I’ve actually been thinking back on it quite a lot.

Going into labour the previous experience I had was the late miscarriage. And I was told a few times that (my second) labour would be similar but worse as the baby is larger at full term.

But all I remember from the miscarriage is searing pain and feeling scared.

Where as for Hannah’s hypnobirth; although it was much longer and more effort to get her out I don’t remember the pain being as bad. And I felt much calmer (even though much more was at stake).

I think a lot of the difference was down to the hypnobirthing breathing, birth visualisations and positive attitude so thank you.

Katy x

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