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What does Hypnobirthing do? Read these positive birth stories!

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I just breathed our baby out!

Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy & birth! It put me in a positive, calm & accepting state of mind which was so important. Especially because this was my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to expect from labour! Steph worked with me in the final months pregnancy, guiding me through the Hypnobirthing exercises and what I might expect of childbirth. Her gentle, positive & loving manner was so helpful – making me feel excited and relaxed about my pregnancy & birth.

My partner was great during at helping me with the Hypnobirthing exercises. During labour I found the element of time disappeared. My partners voice led me through surges calmly & confidently. I just kept telling myself to surrender, that each surge was nudging our baby closer to us. I visualised water flowing downwards & flowers opening. My labour was relatively short for a first timer ( just 9 hours) and the midwife was surprised at how calm my birth was. There was just a 3 minute gap between delivering my baby’s head and body – which was the easiest part!

Namvula Renee


Hypnobirthing prepared me with the tools to go!

Having been in a birth room before with my sister, this was my second experience! I felt like hypnobirthing prepped me with the tools to go. As a result, it made me feel more confident & efficient during my partners labour. Meeting Steph taught me that a calm environment is essential for birth. I know the process helped my partner as her labour was only just over 8 hours but in real time it felt like 5 minutes! Thank you Steph

Jerome Arab  

I delivered on my back (and loved it!)!


 Super quick note to say we had our little boy this evening in the lovely dark room at the JR Spires. I had no pain relief (including no gas & air or paracetamol!). The first half of labour was back to back which was incredibly challenging. I laboured in the birth pool then wanted to deliver lying on my back(!!).   I loved the whole experience and can’t thank you enough for helping us prepare. Within half an hour I said I wanted to do it again!




Kirsty was flipping amazing!

Credit where it’s due – the midwives were also amazing. When the second midwife turned up – presumably incase the first onefainted I awe of Kirsty’s awesomeness, I could read the body language between them. They too were both clearly amazed by first – both her physical & mental strength.

I mostly sounded like a broken record “calm & relaxed Kirst – relax your shoulders” & ” remember your breathing, in…out…” But I could see it was helping! We had thought the back massage was going to our thing. But by the time Kirst’s skin hit the warm birth pool water it was all hands on deck (or rather under it!) A relaxed calm mum resulted in a complication free birth. We’re so proud! And grateful of the Wallingford Midwives & your great antenatal KGH classes – they really helped me get on board with the Hypnobirthing which Kirsty clearly knew was right for her! What I’m trying to say is thank you!




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